Beacon Pet L Shape Sofa Covers Sectional Sofa Cover

Beacon Pet L Shape Sofa Cover is sectional sofa covers that are done by Anti-mite process which gives your furniture an entire fresh new look. These are also good to human health.

This is definitely a game changer for old couches and protects your sofa have been damaged by pets.

Features of products:

This sofa cover is applicable to sofa which there is gap between seat with backrest and armrest.

L shape sofa with stretch slipcovers.

A white plastics bits help to hold it in place and push them down and under as far as you can.

High elastic fabric is used to make this cover and it is easy to set up.

Design and color:

This cover is comprised for sectional sofa includes 2 pieces covers and 2 pieces covers with some foam tubes.

This sofa covers available in verities of colors like red, candy purple, blue but this L-shape 3+4 seats size’s sofa covers are available in blue color only.

Size & Dimensions:

Around 4 sizes are available in these products. These are L-shape 2+2 seats, L-shape 2+3 seats, L-shape 3+3 seats and L-shape 3+4 seats.

L-shape 3+4 seat’s length is ( A+A part) between 74 to 90 inches and ( B+B part) 90 to 118 inches.

Package dimensions are 17×12.2×4.3 inches.

Materials & comfort:

The materials of this product are high- strength elastic polyester that is stretchable.

The fabric slipcovers are easy to fit and very soft.

This is so comfortable as well as gives a new look and it also good to health.


Fabric, polyethylene terephthalate materials make this slipcover more durable. And it can help to sofa from been damaged.


  • It keeps the foam pieces in the cushions for it to stay in place.
  • It is very stylish and create a new look of old furniture.


  • Some customers claimed that it doesn’t fit sometimes as described.
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