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Isotonic Memory Foam is one of the most popular and finest comfort product which manufacture by Isotonic, a trusted American brand in the world. Check below about this brand and their affordable memory foam products.

When it was first introduced, memory foam was considered a huge breakthrough in the mattress industry since the introduction of the innerspring coil more than a century ago. This material quickly became so popular as one of the best materials for mattresses and mattress toppers. However, the problem with memory foam products for average people is that they’re considered a bit costly.

Isotonic® is one of the most trusted brands of memory foam products in the market that’s also one of the earliest that offered memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers with cheaper prices. Nowadays actually there are many other brands that offer cheap prices, but what really sets Isotonic apart from its competitors is that it doesn’t sacrifice its products’ quality to lower the price.

Isotonic is focusing on reducing costs by having a small management layer and they also don’t spend much on marketing. They mostly rely on their retailers to persuade potential buyers instead of spending a lot of money on expensive marketing campaigns.

If you purchase an Isotonic memory foam mattress, you will get a high-quality mattress with three layers that are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and healthy sleep. The first layer is the comfort layer, which is a 1″ thick topper made of soft material. The second layer is a Visco-elastic foam that will provide an excellent support for the sleeper. The final layer is a highly resilient foam that will retain the shape of the mattress.

Isotonic memory foam is also temperature and weight sensitive. The warmer areas where your body is making contact will become softer while the rest will stay firm. It’s also softer than most memory foams in the market, so if you’re looking for a mattress or mattress pad that’s not too firm, Isotonic products would be a great option.

Best Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Twin memory foam mattress is a most popular type of mattress in the market. In this article, we will include the best twin memory foam mattresses reviews where you will get the idea to buy your next mattress.

Simply getting 8 hours of sleep every day doesn’t guarantee that you have a high-quality sleep. It takes the effort to get a deep sleep that provides you a total relaxation and gives you enough energy recharge to start your day in the morning. One of your best efforts to get this kind of sleep is by getting the right mattress that can properly support your body, like a twin memory foam mattress.

Editor’s Picks Top 5 Twin Memory Foam Mattress List

Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam, Twin
Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam, Twin
Price: $187.99
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What is Twin Memory Foam Mattress?

The twin memory foam mattress is a smart innovation in the “sleep industry” that aims to provide a total relaxation during your sleep. These mattresses are made of super elastic foam that can follow the shape of a person’s body and returns to its original shape when the person gets up.

That’s also what makes it being called “memory foam“, because it can “memorize” its original shape. Every time you get up in the morning, the mattress will go back to its original shape as good as new.

This type of mattress also can adapt and absorb any movement, so when you’re sleeping with your partner, you pretty much won’t feel anything even if he/she moves a lot when sleeping.

Besides supporting your body properly and helps to eliminate back pain, neck pain and your sleeping disorder problems, most of these mattresses are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites.

Although there are many manufacturers that produce twin memory foam mattresses with different materials, but mostly they can provide all the above advantages. They come in various sizes designs, so you won’t have any problem finding the one that really suits your mattress and personal style.

Investing in a good mattress is necessary to guarantee you to have a good quality sleep that will make you healthier and always fresh in the morning.

Editor’s choice Top Twin Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Some of the twin foam mattresses have surpassed the rest in terms of overall market popularity. Based on real user reviews and the expert reviews, we have listed here the top five twin size memory foam mattresses. Read on these memory foam mattress reviews to take a wise buying decision next time when you go shopping.

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

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  • Firm yet highly comfortable
  • Full vertebrae support
  • No chemical smell (only mattress smell that lasts for hardly 10 minutes)


  • Mattress takes unusually long to expand
  • Mattress loses its firmness too early
  • Gets hot at night

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin features, specs and description

The Signature Sleep 12 inch memory foam mattress reduces pressure on the body to a great extent. It provides full and balanced support to the entire body. The twin foam mattress supports full body weight and relieves pressure from hips, shoulders, feet and hips. It also eliminates motion disturbance like its cousin Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch twin size memory foam mattress. You can get a sound sleeping experience by hitting this mattress.

The memory foam mattress is flat on top and is more billowy than the traditional mattress. It has high-density memory foam inside and it eliminates any sort of distortion, turning and tossing, thereby giving you full comfort during your sleep. The flame resistant mattress works best when used with a box spring (recommended purchase). Signature Sleep cheap memory foam mattress is washable and you can remove the cover as well.


The Signature 12-inch twin mattress is an eco-friendly product that is manufactured in compliance with the Federal Flammability Standards. The dense foam lasts even a lifetime if properly maintained. You can place it on any big surface and use. It’s a no-flip mattress that comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty. The mattress is 39 inches wide and 75 inch long and it weighs 39.6 lbs.

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Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6-Inch Mattress, Twin

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  • Provides good comfort and support for kid sleepers
  • Made from natural components
  • Unique scent technology eliminates body odor of the user


  • Not really suitable for regular adult usage
  • May cause sweat
  • Not suitable for slatted bed frames

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin features, specs and description

The Zinus Ultima Comfort memory foam mattress twin is ideal for families that have kids. The mattress is exclusively designed for the lightweight and little sleepers and the 6-inch thickness of the mattress is just appropriate for the kiddies. However, occasionally, adults may also sleep on it. The 4.5 inch of high-density memory foam is wrapped with 1.5-inch memory.

The best thing about the Zinus Ultima Comfort mattress is the unique scent technology. A pleasant smelling scent is emitted by the mattress. The mattress also neutralizes and eliminates human body odor. The therapeutic foam that has been filled inside gives full vertebrae support, thereby giving adequate support to the backside of the growing kids.


Well-knitted jacquard cover is not even the second or third best thing about this memory foam mattress twin. The 4.5 inch base support foam has a therapeutic effect. In addition to that, Zinus (the manufacturing company) has used CertiPUR-US certified pure polyurethane to top the mattress, which makes it even more kid-friendly. The manufacturers have also used patented compression technology so that the foam mattress can be easily shipped and unfolded.

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LUCID 10-Inch Dual Layered Twin Memory Foam Mattress

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  • Self-regulated temperatures
  • Open-cell structure helps in keeping the body cool
  • Spiral alignment helps people to attain healthy sleeping posture


  • The smell is overwhelming for some people
  • Soft but not firm

LUCID 10-Inch Dual Layered Twin Memory Foam Mattress features, specs and description

The LinenSpa product has a firm feel. Many users have revealed that the mattress feels like a 6” or 8” thick mattress when they sleep on it, though the actual thickness is just 2.5”. The mattress has a unique mechanism that can align your spine and give robust support to your lower back. This way, your posture is improved and your lower back pain may go for a toss.

The open cell memory foam is undoubtedly the biggest plus of the twin size memory foam mattress. The unique open cell construction plays a great role in making the mattress flexible enough to conform to any body size and weight. This allows more air flow and you get a sound sleep through the night. In addition to that, the mattress is also environment friendly as no heavy metal, no formaldehyde or PBDEs were used in making the memory foam mattress twin.


CertiPUR-US® certified foam has been used by the manufacturers, which is eco-friendly and durable. The mattress weighs just 2.2 pounds and measures 29.5x15x3.9 inches. The manufacturers offer a whopping 25 years warranty on the foam and the cover. The mattress is 10 inch thick, with 2.5” memory foam and 7.5” foam base.

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Different Suggestion: Twin Mattress Outside of Memory Foam But You May Like

Now we will discuss on two mattresses, they are not true memory foam mattress but you may like. Let’s check them below.

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

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  • Very inexpensive
  • Quilted cover with soft padding inside
  • Soft yet supportive


  • Not good for regular use by weighty people
  • Side sleepers excessively firm
  • Mild odor comes out of the mattress

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress features, specs and description

The Signature Sleep 8-inch twin mattress is filled with quality foam and quilted with polyester for maximum comfort. The mattress can fit any twin bed frame. You will simply love the way it comes rolled. The separately encased coils help in equal weight distribution on both the ends. This way, your body curves are contoured and you get relief from neck pains, shoulder pains, back and hip pains.

The encased coils also eliminate motion disturbance, hence a peaceful night of deep sleep is rest assured for you. The coils are safeguarded by two layers, a non-woven fabric pad and a thick foam-built layer. It is advisable to allow the mattress to expand to its optimal shape and size for 48 hours after unpacking. The twin size mattress has a length of 75 inches and a width of 39 inches.


The premium-grade Jacquard cover is not the only USP of this mattress twin size. The mattress is stuffed with CertiPUR US®. The manufacturers have purposefully opted out from using TDCPP or TCEP ozone depleters, flame retardants, lead, mercury and other heavy metals that are commonplace in products in its category. The Volatile Organic Compound emission is only 0.5 parts every million, which can improve your indoor air quality. The mattress also complies with Consumer Safety product Commission guidelines and Federal Flammability Standards.

Note: This mattress is not a true memory foam mattress but Memory foam provides layers of balanced support and eliminates motion transfer and delivers exceptional sleep support.

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DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt with 7-Inch TriZone Mattress

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  • Superior quality quilted topper
  • Well-built mattress
  • Lightweight
  • No chemical odor comes out


  • Uneven foam filling
  • The middle part sags after a few days

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt with 7-Inch TriZone Mattress features, specs and description

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams twin size mattress which is arguably the best cheap twin mattress on the market right now. The mattress is ideal for day beds, trundle beds and bunk beds. Made in the USA, it’s a great value-for-money product that has a firm support core. The supportive foam provides great lumbar support and full support to neck, shoulders and hips. The depth of the mattress is 6.25 inches and the length is 75 inches.

The certified foam has no adverse effect and the mattress is one of those eco-friendly home improvement products on the market right now. The mattress can be easily rolled up and rolled out again. The quilted top adds to the comfort factor, whereas the design of the mattress is optimized for giving full support to the back and hips. You can completely relax and release your muscle pressure while sleeping on this mattress.


The thick foam ensures that the mattress can be used on hardest of hard surfaces, such as marbled lounge. It is soft and firm and it does not emit any chemical odor. It weighs only 23 lbs and measures 74x38x7 inches. The assembled depth is just 7 inches. It does not contain real foam, but foam like core.

Note: This mattress is not a true memory foam mattress but Memory foam provides layers of balanced support and eliminates motion transfer and delivers exceptional sleep support.

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Closing thoughts

There are both cheap and high-end twin memory foam mattress products on the market. You can buy DreamFoam Ultimate Bedding Twin Crazy mattress or you can go for more expensive ones such as the Signature Twin Size 12-inch mattress depending on your need and budget. However, there are few things you should check before buying mattresses. First off, you should check whether the quilt and the foam inside are manufactured in compliance with the federal guidelines and specifications. Secondly, you should check the thickness of the mattress as it is the single most important factor that levels up or down the comfort. All the products reviewed above are made in compliance with federal guidelines. Therefore, you can just buy any of them depending on your needs.

Happy shopping!


LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a unique medium firm feel due to its thick comfort layers. There are many reviews stating that it is quite firm and some users are using it right side up claiming that the “soft squishy memory foam layer is right under”.

However, according to Lucid, the comfort layer is intended to align the spine and to reduce lower back pain. The memory foam allows the mattress to quickly adjust to the body’s weight and position. Moreover, the open cell structure allows the body to be kept cool and comfortable while sleeping. CertiPUR-USA tells us that this product is safe for the environment which means that it has been tested for hazardous materials content. One other thing Lucid offers us when buying this particular mattress is the 25-years warranty meaning you can be assured that it will resist in time.

Opinions vary and we will try to look at the PROs and CONs using memory foam mattress reviews.


  • It’s extremely comfortable. It’s so comfortable that people say they are actually being hugged by the bed itself. It’s a great feeling and I’m sure they fall asleep with a smile on their faces.
  • It helps reducing back pains by aligning the spine. Reviewers are describing themselves feeling like oldies with so many back discomforts and are impressed by the improvements they noticed from the first week of sleeping in their new beds.
  • Shipping is fast and easy. Though the delivery time is 2 weeks, several customers were nicely surprised receiving their orders within few days. There were cases where the product arrived within one day and right before Christmas. So even if you choose it as a gift, you can actually receive it earlier than expected.


  • It develops sags. Apparently, people have noticed sags even hours after getting out of bed. The question is: How many hours have they spent in bed?
  • Bad smell. Users claim that the product will keep a bothering smell for months. For example, one of the reviews says that a smell could still be felt 5 months after use. However, it is always a great idea to use a bit of lavender inside your bed sheets for smoother sleep. Lavender will give a good smell as well.
  • It is very firm. Most of the people who are using it, like sleeping on their tummies or on their backs. If you like to sleep on a side, like a cuddling position, this mattress might be a little bit to hard for you.
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