7 [Possible] Reasons Why You Never Feel Refreshed After Sleep?

Are you never feel refreshed after sleep? Only the people know how disgusting is that those have this kind of problem. Waking up exhausted even after a full night sleep is the worst thing a person has to face. It is very irritating and frustrating to wake up worn out even after keeping your eyes shut and sleeping for long eight hours.

Why You Never Feel Refreshed After Sleep?

The checklist why you never feel refreshed after sleep:

Below is a quick checklist of the reasons and solutions that may make you wake up not feeling refreshed:

1. You are stressing about something more than required

Possible Reason: Forgetting about all the tensions of the workplace and personal life just while sleeping is not at all easy. Stress is one of the major reasons behind many diseases these days. Anxiety-inducing thoughts or nightmares or work-stress may be keeping your mind busy and not let it relax while you are lying with your eyes shut. All these things need to be controlled in order to have a good night’s sleep.

Possible Solution: Try meditating for a few minutes before sleeping. These days many apps are available which lets you meditate, relax and sleep better. Or you can buy a journal, prepare chamomile tea and write down what’s worrying you in order to free your mind from stress.

2. You might be napping a lot

Possible Reason: Check your daily routine to find out how much time you are spending on taking a nap throughout the day. Along with the time see if you wake up refreshed after the day nap. If the answer is a “Yes” then, you seriously need to avoid taking the nap.

Possible Solution: If taking a nap is your habit, then try taking it for just 15-20 minutes. This will refresh you and will give you energy for around 3 hours giving you a better night sleep.

3. Spending too much time on smartphones in bed

Possible Reason: The latest addiction among the millennials and everybody at present is to not leave their electronic devices easily. Checking on last e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, and the most important Netflix is always on the mind of people and this causes them to wake up with exhausted mind and body. These devices emit blue light and other radiations which disrupt the sleep and don’t let the mind to relax peacefully.

Possible Solution: Avoiding the use of mobile phones at least 1 hour before you sleep is advised in order to have a perfect sleep. You can read a book or take a hot shower before sleeping as they have also worked in a positive way for many people.

4. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and pillow

Possible Reason: A mattress in a good condition lets the body to relax comfortably. And, a good pillow keeps the neck in a proper alignment giving a sound sleep. Mattresses and pillows also have an expiry date and if used for quite a long time, don’t let the users have a sound sleep. People usually don’t consider this to be a reason for disruptive sleep throughout the night.

Possible Solution: On an average, the life of a mattress is expected to be around 7-10 years and ideally, one should change the mattresses in that time and sleep on firmer ones that give proper support to the body while sleeping. Pillows too should be changed after 2-3 years to keep the neck in the right position while sleeping. Changing these after a few years will definitely prevent you from having disruptive sleep throughout the night.

5. Eating dinner just before sleeping

Possible Reason: Maintaining a good and healthy daily routine is very important to have a sound sleep. Working late hours and having dinner just before dinner also affects the sleep. Eating immediately before sleeping suppresses the hormone melatonin which makes the humans ready to have a good night’s sleep.

Possible Solution: It is highly recommended to take meals 3-4 hours before sleeping. It will give the stomach some time to digest the food and give you a sound sleep throughout the night.

6. Taking heavy meals before sleeping and caffeine in the late evening

Possible Reason: Taking heavy, spicy and citrusy meals too close to the sleeping time will definitely wake you in spurts throughout the night. Along with it, drinking alcohol too close to bedtime and caffeinated drinks as well contribute to minimizing the amount of deep sleep at night.

Possible Solution: One must avoid spicy and too oily food just a few hours before sleeping. Also, caffeinated drinks too should be consumed before 4-5 pm in the evening so that they do not affect the sleep at night.

7. Sleep with your mobile phones set on loud

Possible Reason: It is a habit of almost all the people to sleep with their mobile phones placed next to them on bed or bedside table. And, it is absolutely fine to do so unless the phone is in silent mode. Many e-mails or text messages keep on hitting the inbox throughout the night and this disrupts the sleep multiple times. Waking up a number of times while sleeping affects the sleep and prevents the person to enjoy a sound sleep.

Possible Solution: In order to have a sound sleep and wake up with a fresh mood, eliminate all the distractions in the bedroom. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode and place it next to you while sleeping.

A good night’s sleep keeps a person happy and energetic throughout the day. So, to have the same, try and follow the tips mentioned above and see for the positive change in your life yourself.


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