Royhom Sectional Sofa Cover, Sectional Couch Covers, Sofa Seat Covers

Royhom is superior quality based sofa cover that is so soft and smooth to touch.

The environmental friendly printing and dyeing process makes the sectional cover not easy to fade.

It protect furniture from spills, stains, pet hair, damage and dust that is great for homes with kids and pets.

Features of products:

It made with high quality fabric and sold by rectangular piece not all set.

It is multi functional because it isn’t used only sofa cover, it suitable for baby play mate, bed room rug, floor page etc also.

It is machine washable that’s why it is easy to clean.

Design & Size:

This cover improved with Anti- slip design that still keeps the sofa cover after many wash.

Verities of color are available for this product like Blue. Brown, Coffee,

Cream, Dark Gray, Gray, Green, Grey.

Coffee color is available in 28× 28 inches size’s slipcover.

Size & Dimensions:

1 pc- 28˝×- 28˝( Armrest or Backrest Cover), 2 pc- 36˝×- 36˝( Armrest or Backrest Cover), 2pc- 28˝×- 28˝( Armrest or Backrest Cover), 2pc- 36˝×- 36˝( Armrest or Backrest Cover), 28˝×- 59˝( Rectangular), 36˝×- 47˝( Rectangular), ), 36˝×- 63˝( Rectangular), 36˝×- 70˝( Rectangular), 36˝×- 82˝( Rectangular), 36˝×- 94˝( Rectangular),43˝×- 43˝( Rectangular), 43˝×- 70˝( Rectangular), 43˝×- 82˝( Rectangular), 43˝×- 94˝( Rectangular) are available sizes.

Total dimensions of 2pc- 28˝×- 28˝( Armrest or Backrest Cover) are 15.16× 10.67×2.83 inches.

Materials & comfort:

100% cotton High-quality fabric with a little velvet made this cover soft and very smooth to touch.

The velvet is light and manageable, beautiful texture detail and lovely.

Durability & warranty:

Thick and heavy materials made this cover more durable.

Satisfactory service is given to all customers. They provide a three month service and satisfactory solution to the customers.


  • These covets are quilted in a soft, yet thick material that is super soft and lays very well.
  • Furniture protector and it is the beautiful way to keep clean sofa.


  • Good quality materials but sometimes the color is little bit different that is customer’s experience.
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