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Why does my back hurt when I first lay down?

Why does my back hurt when I…

Lots of people already have experienced back hurt. This pain is very common among people. A person has faced this type of pain during a lifetime for his/ her incognizance. To get the comfort you can sleep on a good quality floor mattress. In this article, we try to give you brief information about back […]

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Sleeping on the Floor Mattress : How…

The idea of sleeping on the floor is not so commendable. The floor is the dirtiest place of a room. In this perspective, it is not an ideal place for sleeping. If you asking your guests to sleep on the floor he/she might take it as an insult. But if there is not enough space […]

Eco friendly bedroom with floor bed

How to Make a Floor Bed (3…

There are so many reasons why we may need to use a floor bed in our homes. You may be thrilled by the feeling of camping and decide to make one in your living room, or you may have guests and you need to provide a place they can sleep. You may also have had […]

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Can you put a box spring on…

Box spring gives additional support to the mattress to keep it free from sagging. It also positing your mattress in a suitable height. As a result, you can able to sleep or rest on it more comfortably. Using box spring with mattresses is a common practice around the world. But when you use slats with your […]

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How To Go Back To Sleep When…

We live in an era where stress is a very common symptom of human emotion. Stress is a feeling mixed with nervousness and worries. Stress can be caused due to many reasons including our workplace, family, economics, and many more. Stress affects our everyday routine in which one of them is sleep. Stress mixes things […]

Sleep Apnea Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Sleep Apnea Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Sleep Apnea is categorized as a sleeping disorder during which the process of breathing pauses or leads to shallow breathing by the body. The major problem that arises is that these pauses can last from the span of a few seconds and sometimes up to a few minutes. Further, this can happen multiple times. Different […]

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How to make mattress firmer plywood?

Plywood is an engineered wood that is manufactured by artificially. It is made from the mix of thin layers and wood veneers. In modern times plywood is used as one of the substitutes of wood. They already reduce pressure from natural wood. Trees are the only supplier of natural wood. But we need to save […]

The Wooden Box Spring at home

4 Box Spring Alternative Ideas

If you are looking for box spring alternative ideas, then you’ve landed on the right page. The article discusses alternatives to one of the most purchased and common beds i.e. box spring. The post contains a few unique, easy and budget-friendly alternatives of the box spring beds which give equal comfort to the users as […]

Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain…

Sleeping well during pregnancy is very important to reduce lower back pain, therefore, we will discuss here the best sleeping position for lower back pain during pregnancy. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this. At different stages of pregnancy, almost all pregnant women […]

What Comes In A Mattress Set?

What Comes In A Mattress Set?

A mattress set is simply a mattress that comes with its own accompanying box spring. You can buy a mattress without necessarily having to buy a box spring to support it – but you would have to consider several issues first. Getting a support system to go with the mattress has its advantages. The mattress […]