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bed-in-the-hotel-PWSJCAEWhen speaking about Swedish foam, one definitely cannot leave Tempur-Pedic out of the conversation. Tempur-Pedic is a highly reputed brand and remains the industry leader since they introduced their Swedish Foam mattresses back in the 90s. Today with so many brands in the market offering similar products, Tempur-Pedic still holds its reputation as the biggest and one of the best in the industry.

Used by Tempur-Pedic

Swedish foam used by Tempur-Pedic in their mattresses could respond really well to the sleeper’s body shape, temperature, and weight, providing the ultimate comfort and excellent support to your body whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

This material also can effectively reduce pressure points to the areas of your body that come in contact with the mattress. These pressure points can create discomfort, that’s why some sleepers move around a lot during their sleep. Not the only discomfort, this can also cause soreness and muscle aches in the morning.

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Sanalia Swedish Gel Memory Foam Top Mattress (King)
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Swedish foam can significantly decrease these pressure points making you feel like sleeping in the air. The foam texture will follow your body curves, distributing pressure points evenly all over your body. This is because Swedish foam reacts against your body temperature, so the areas that detect body heat will sink while the rest stays firm.

That’s why Swedish foam is also the perfect material for your mattress if you have a sleeping partner because Swedish foam can block motion transfer. That means even though one sleeper moves a lot, the other sleeper will not feel a thing.

There are so many types of mattresses from different brands nowadays in the market. But if you want something that can offer absolute comfort and the ultimate sleeping experience, choosing one of the Swedish foam mattress products from Tempur-Pedic is always a great option.


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