How To Do Tuft and Needle Mattress Cover Replacement

It is wise to purchase mattress covers with new mattresses. Installing a mattress cover ensures a good night’s sleep for you. It is also very helpful for your mattress. Mattress cover increases the durability of the mattress by performing multi-tasks. They provide extra cushioning which helps your mattress to protect against bed bugs, dust, or other liquid damages.

Before going to our main discussion, we would like to share our review article on T&N mattress, if you are interested to know more about their products.

Tuft and Needle make their mattress cover with a super soft micro-polyester blend. The fabric has a flabby and breathable feel. Their mattress cover disperses your body heat. For this reason, you don’t get too warm while sleeping. Tuft and Needle covers are completely liquid-proof to protect the mattress. 

Tuft and Needle mattress cover are not removable, so you can’t replace it. The zipper on the lower part is only for assemblage purposes. They are unable to provide replacement covers. If you find any damages in the cover due to defects in materials and workmanship, then they change it or refund you. But it’s all depends on your warranty period. Generally, they give you 10 years of warranty facilities. This 10 years period started from the date of the original purchase. 

You cannot take off the Tuft and Needle cover from the mattress because they are not removable. They recommend you spot cleaning the cover with water and a mild detergent to remove any stains. During cleaning time you should gently dab rather than rub at the spot. You require to dry it in completely air before putting your cover back on the mattress. A clean cover keeps your mattress free from dust and germ. 

If you’ve had a warranty issue about the cover then you can inform Tuft and Needle by sending an email ( in this address. Explain to them briefly about your cover issue in detail. Tuft and Needle give feedback to you within a few hours. We hope they will help you to solve cover pertaining issues.


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