What Comes In A Mattress Set?

A mattress set is simply a mattress that comes with its own accompanying box spring. You can buy a mattress without necessarily having to buy a box spring to support it – but you would have to consider several issues first. Getting a support system to go with the mattress has its advantages. The mattress manufacturer will be happier to give you a warranty, the mattress will probably last longer, and you will probably sleep better.

The Parts of a Mattress Set

Example of Steel Box SpringNormally it is a coil-based mattress that needs firm support under it to make you sleep easier. At its base is a box spring. The box spring is some coils inside a wooden frame. Over the frame is some fabric that resembles the mattress. It is possible to fit a mattress inside the old-fashioned metal frames. The support system holds up the mattress just like a box spring. Some mattress sets include a bed foundation instead of a box spring. The bed frame does not come with the mattress set but can come at a discount when you buy the mattress set.

So essentially, a mattress set has two parts:

  1. The mattress,
  2. The accompanying box spring set.

The combination of above, you can also call “mattress and box spring set“.

Sometimes, you can add one more part. The third part is the bed base or the bed frame on which the mattress set rests. The box spring is the foundation of the mattress.

Types of Mattresses

There are different types of mattresses available in the market. Innersprings are old-fashioned, but a popular style of mattress, it is made of wound up coils, intertwined and covered with memory foam for cushioning. Better quality innerspring mattresses have a higher density of coils. Innerspring mattresses are stiffer but they are much cheaper than other mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are not stiff; they accommodate your body. A good one is ten inches thick or more. They are quite heavy. Latex mattresses use latex instead of memory foam. The latex used is hypoallergenic, and only people who have extreme allergies react to them. Latex mattresses are cooler than memory foam mattresses. They also cost more.

What Comes In A Mattress Set?

Types of Box Springs

There are two types of box springs. Single box spring and split box spring. A split box spring is made up of two pieces designed to lay next to each other. The split box springs are easier to ship and deliver. They can easily pass through doors, stairways, and hallways. They are also more expensive than regular foundations, so don’t choose this option unless it is necessary. King size mattresses use split box springs because of their large size. Queen size mattresses can have either a normal box spring or a split box spring.

Check this video with the slideshow of the box sprint and mattress:

How Parts of the Mattress Set Work Together

The box springs and the mattresses complement each other. While the mattress provides comfort, the box spring makes the mattress last longer by absorbing some of the wear and tear that comes with its nightly use. Every conventional mattress is designed to go with a matching box spring. The box springs are generally designed to work with any mattress. Some box springs fit with specific mattresses. Always make sure that the size and shape of a box spring match that of the mattress you want to use it with. The wrong foundation will make a mattress less comfortable for you and lessen its shelf life.

Mattress Sets and Warranties

Some mattress providers need that the mattress sits on top of a box spring or some other supportive foundation. If this condition is not met, they will not honor the warranty. The warranty may also stipulate the specific box spring that was included in the mattress sets. This is to prevent users from using an old box spring under a new mattress. An old box spring will do a poor job of supporting a new mattress. So, read/know the mattress setup instruction when you are purchasing a mattress.

When to Skip the Mattress Set

It is okay to skip buying the mattress set and just buy a mattress. But only if you are going to use the mattress on a platform bed. The platform bed gives the mattress enough support. You can buy the mattress without the foundation if it is cheaper without it and if you already have a platform bed. The slats on the bed are already serving that purpose. Just be sure to read the warranty of your mattress first, of course. Some manufacturers have developed the ability to produce mattresses that do well on most hard surfaces.


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