Where Can I Donate Used Mattresses?

A new mattress is far better for sleep than an old mattress. New mattresses bring happiness and comfort in your sleep. You can enjoy your sleep on the new mattress. Now it’s time to say goodbye to your old mattress.

So, what can you do with your previously used mattress? Generally, there are a few options available for you to fix that issue. You can throw your used mattress to the dustbins, recycle it, sell it or donate it. The final decision is all up to you.

This article will be helpful for those who want to donate their used mattress. Undoubtedly, it is great thinking. We appreciate it. There are lots of people sleeping on the floor which is not good for their health. Your used mattress can be a support for those people.

We know it is too much confusing for you to select the suitable places for donating your mattress. You don’t need to be tensed. Our will helps you to solve your confusion. In this article, we will share details with you about some charity organizations and online platforms where you can donate your used mattresses.

6 Place Where Can I Donate Used Mattresses?

Here the list with brief describes of our finding charity organizations and online platforms who have accepted your used mattress as a donation: 

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a good option for you to donate your used mattresses. They have charity shops across the 128 countries including the US, UK, and Europe. If you live near to a Salvation Army shop or depot then they will collect your use mattress from the doorsteps. Otherwise, you require to deliver it to their addresses by yourselves.

Salvation Army doesn’t accept any damaged mattresses. You can only donate there those mattresses which are free of damage and still useable. You cannot donate them such mattresses that you cannot like to sleep for yourselves. So, first of all, you should agree with them on those conditions before starting the further process for donating used mattresses.

In some countries donating the used mattress to Salvation Army is tax-deductible. Like in the USA, used mattresses donated to the Salvation Army of value between $15 and $75 for tax deduction intention. You also can donate your other used furniture to the Salvation Army.

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI)

HFHI works to offer sustainable and affordable accommodation for people all over the world. It is an international organization. HFHI helps those people who badly needed household furniture like bed, mattress, blanket, etc.

HFHI collects your old mattresses and then sold it to an in a ReStore center. Habitat for Humanity International arise their fund by selling donor’s used mattresses or other furniture. This fund completely spends to help low- incomes families. From this fund, HFHI purchases new household furniture to get along. You also can contact your nearest ReStore center for donating mattresses. They may pick up your mattress or you can drop it off yourself.

Your used mattresses can be helpful for those people who sleep on the floor. By selling your used mattress Habitat for Humanity International helps needy or homeless people. You don’t need to be worry if your mattress has any damage. It doesn’t matter which is the present condition of your used mattress that you want to donate. They accept all kinds of used mattresses. HFHI plays a great role to recycle used mattresses.

Furniture Bank Association of America

The Furniture Bank Association of America (FBA) is one of the best places for you to donate your used mattresses. FBA is an association that provides necessary items of home furnishings to those living in or below poverty. The FBA has more than 80 furniture banks to cover all of North America.

They will collect your used mattress directly to your doorstep if you live within 15-20 miles from the location of any ‘Furniture Banks’ branch. But if you don’t live within 15-20 miles from any of their branches, don’t worry just inform them. In the case of good condition mattresses, FBA is happy to collect it from long distance. So, you don’t need to take any manhandling for donating your used mattress in the Furniture Bank Association of America. You just need to contact the nearest local branches’ office to fix all the procedures of donating your used mattress.

Local Charities and Shelters

There are many local charities and shelters are located around you. You can contact any of them for donating your used mattresses. In our finding, most of them are accept your used mattress. Your used mattress can provide comfortable sleep for abused children, men, and women who sleep on the harder surface of the floor.

We requested you to donate them those used mattresses which are free of bed bugs and still in usable conditions. We hope you will keep our request.


Freecycle.org is now a popular online network to donate your used mattresses. In this platform, you can directly communicate with him/ her who wants your used mattress. When you enter your location on the Freecycle site then a list of free items in your city will come up. Now, you can list your mattress on this network. After that those who need it will contact you.

You can select the person whom you like to donate your used mattress. Fixed a good day for donating it to this selected person. Always show proper respect to who needs your used mattress. It is a good manner if you deliver your mattress direct to the acceptor’s doorsteps.

Donation Town

If you live in a small city then it might be difficult for you to find out a charity near you to donate the used mattress. In those cases, Donationtown.org will be helpful for you.  They work for the needy, homeless, and oppressed people.

When you make up your’ mind to donate your used mattress to donation town then they will also help you in the entire donating process. They pick up your used mattress direct to your home.  Donation town collects your used mattresses and then give it to a charity by its responsibility. You don’t need to spend a penny on donating your mattress in donation town.

You can easily donate your used mattress to our listed charity organizations and online platforms. We request you to donate your used mattresses before it comes to the end of its lifespan.



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