10 Best Air Mattress For Camping Reviews

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

An introduction:

Intex Classic Downy Airbed is comfortable sleeping surface and offers variety of facilities than other airbed such a low price.

It is great accessory for a tent and for a weekend. This airbed are mainly used for camping and hiking.

Features of products:

Cozy soft flocked improves comfort and helps keep bedding from slipping.

It is wave Beam construction and waterproof for campaign use.

Hi-output hand pump and inflatable pillows are included it.

2 in 1 valve with extra wide opening help to make inflation and deflation process easy and quick.

High quality full materials can help to relax over time and maintain its firmness.

Design and color:

This air bed designed with two inflatable pillows and a hand pump which great sound in theory.

Royal Blue color is available in Intex Classic Downy Airbed.

Size & Dimensions:

The size of this air mattress is standard queen sizes mattress.

Measurement of airbed varies based on customer’s inflation.

A dimension of this product is 60 W×8.75H×80L and mattress thickness for extra soft is 8 3/4 inches.

Materials & comfort:

This product crafted with heavy gauge vinyl materials for luxurious sleeping surface.

Soft flocked surface helps for easy cleaning.

For vinyl materials you shouldn’t issues with punctures.


Its quality full heavy materials make this airbed more durable.

Re-inflation helps to maintain its firmness when used it more than a few days because location, temperature and humidity will affect its firmness.


  • Inflation process is too good. After inflating it properly, it contains air for a couple days without needing to be topped off.
  • This mattress more useful for pain relief.


  • Customers have no issue about the mattress because it’s retained comfort until the morning and even after but the included pillows feel wooden logs under the head.

Intex Comfort plush Airbed

An introduction:

Intex Comfort plush Airbed engineered with fiber-Tech construction which for home use and for camping out.

The electric pump help to inflate it entirely around 8 minute connected with the car when you go outside.

This convenience portable airbed comes with the comfort of sleeping on a raised platform.

Features of products:

High powered electric pump work for hassle free inflation and deflation. And this inflation and deflation can also be inflated with an optional manual pump.

Intended side keep the sheets fitted from slipping and a carry bag helps for easy storage and transport.

Dual camber construction provides added firmness and support.

Design and color:

This airbed specially designed for comfort and reliability with electric pump inflates and deflates with touch of a Button.

Mid Rise (13˝) contains in Grey color only.

Size & Dimensions:

This airbed is available in Queen, Twin and full size only. The Mid Rise 13 inches size is Queen.

60W× 13H×80L inches are the dimension of this item. And total item package dimension is 8L×14.5W×15.5H inches. It raised 13 inches from the floor.

The measurement will vary based on manner in which it is inflated.

Materials & comfort:

High strength polyester fabric is its material which added enhances comfort, stability and support.

Plush flocking covered each bed which is soft to the touch.

Sides flocking are more puncture and abrasion resistant. The thousands of polyester fiber together to provided incredible strength, luxurious comfort, superior stability and decreases weight.


Standard interior construction and unique edge construction enhanced lightweight, sleeping comfort and high strength fiber for more durability and comfort.

This Dura-Beam series of airbed are providing amazing durability for years of lasting comfort.

The horizontal air camber also provides added stability and support for entire bed.


  •       High electric pump added easy inflation which does it job in a 3-1/2 minutes. If electrical power is not available then a separate manual pump help for inflation


  • The mattress are easy to inflate via pump but it slowly leaks air from somewhere.

Lightspeed Outdoors Mattress

An introduction:

Lightspeed Outdoors Mattress is is well known for high quality comfortable mattress, sleep pads and air mats.

It is easy to use products which are fun and functional so you can get what most important time is outside.

This mattress has held up incredibly well where you have less flexibility.

Features of products:

The patented stabilizing system can be adjust firmness easily and distributes weight evenly to keep the surface.

To minimize bouncing and movement disturbances for couple the stabilizers are connected the top and bottom of the mattress.

It uses battery- operated pump and built in Boston valve for easy inflation and deflation.

Design and color:

This mattress specially designed for camping, backpacking and traveling and the double Boston valve design allow inflation / deflation easy and also allows adjustable comfort.

Aqua, Green, Light Blue and Queen With Flex form׀ Marsale are avilaable color in this product.

Green color is available in this Lightspeed Outdoors air bed mattress for camping and travel.

Size & Dimensions:

This product fit to adult and Queen sized sheets. And also have oversized bag for free packing.

Standard queen sized sheets dimensions is 79×55×7 inches and pack size 18.4× 9.2 inches.

Materials & comfort:

Thermoplastics polyurethane is a PVC- free and phthalate-free material applicant which is abrasion resistant.

This material is light weight, less stretching or ballooning and more durable.

Durability & warranty:

This PVC free air mattress adjusts firmness that makes it more durable than regular PVC air beds. It is more temperature stable and abrasion resistant and get superior durability from TPU (Thermoplastics polyurethane) material.

They provide 1 year limited manufactures warranty.


  • This product can be providing with light weight, easy to inflate and give better comfortable.
  • The battery operated pump help to more or less air up the mattress and easily filled up with this pump.


  • Some customers commented that nice mattress but sometimes the pump can be defective for battery.

SoundAsleep Products

An introduction:

SoundAsleep camping series air mattress is eco- friendly comfortcoil technology with I- beam air coil.

This camping series mattress can be inflated anywhere, comfortable, compact and awesome pump that’s why it is the superior product than any other air mattress.

Features of products:

The rechargeable pump is fantastic and the mattress can full within some minutes.

Its heavy rechargeable battery can be charged either home before trip or car on the road.

For easy transport it gives carry bag which is very supportive for travel.

It’s external pump is include for easy inflation and deflation.

Design & Color:

This mattress mainly designed for outdoor use and this with extra thick materials for better outdoor setting or withstand object normally found.

This can comprised with Blue Top with Beige Body color.

Size & Dimensions:

This series mattress can be available on Twin and Queen Size only.

The dimension of Queen Size is 78×60×9 inches and the Twin is 75×42×9 inches.

Materials & comfort:

This mattress specially made for outdoor used for this the air materials come in with extra thick.

Its material is puncture resistant and waterproof flocked top adds comfort.

This high quality comfortable mattress help to quick sleep and it also easily pack able product.

Durability & warranty:

Its thick materials ensure its durability because it is specially designed for outdoor use.

Its ‘Sure- Grip’ bottom prevents bed from unwanted sliding.

Multiple layer of this product also ensure its durability than any other air product.

They are consumer friendly and they give 1-year limited warranty for this product.


  • This product maintains their materials quality which is comfort, easy to inflate and ensure sleep quality.

Its motor is detachable so technically you can use to inflate to other air bed or you can change this motor in future whenever you want.


  • Some customer commented that the little pump of this product loud but the comfort is worth it.

Legit Camping sleeping mat and pillow

An introduction:

Legit Camping Sleeping Pad a must have companion outdoor product that you can’t go without.

It is not the type of luxurious bed but the best inflatable camping mattress for sure.

Features of products:

Its double insulated camping pad and air supported cells provide comfort outdoor sleeping.

Very easy to inflate or deflate. It takes just 10 to 15 breaths for ready outside sleep and when need to deflate it, simply open the valve to deflate.

It is weatherproof and suitable for any temperature whether it hot or cold.

Design and color:

It constructed with ultra lightweight spacious design and ultra easy to compact.

It also contains camping gear design to stand up for outdoor survival or any amazing adventure.

This Legit Camping mattress provides midnight Blue color air pad.

Size & Dimensions:

When it packs down its size 10 inches× 3.5 inches and when expanded it 75×22.5×2 inches.

The total dimension is 3.4 L× 4.3 W×10.9 H inches.

Materials & comfort:

High quality Ripstop nylon fabrics ensure it stability to use it for outdoor again and again.

Its material created super comfortable overnight adventures and best chill out space to stop and relax.

Nylon materials with TUP layer proving you a worry free trip.

Durability & warranty:

The great valve system and high quality materials give facilities for long term uses. This lightweight sleeping mat holds the air for long hour need not to re-inflate it in the middle night.

It is suitable for any winter and summer camping because it can maintain cold and hot both.

Legit Camping are well known for their quality full customer services.

If the customer is disappointed for this product, they give them full refund and also provides 100% money back guarantee for product.


  • It deflated quickly and good rolled up. Also perfectly fit back in the bag.
  • Super valve and not overly noisy when rolling over.


  • Customer blamed that valve is awkward to use when inflating but work great to deflate.

Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

An introduction:

Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is a air rechargeable mattress which constructed with fourth generation technology.

It is Anti- skin based which keep the air mattress in place and also keeps your firmness all night long.

This mattress is non toxic and safe for whole family.

Features of products:

The flocked soft top surface gives a homey bed feeling.

Seamless welding help to keep all the air in and rest assured without air leaks.

It is firm yet flexible. Until inflate it up the air mattress is totally firm.

It’s solid accommodation with maintaining supportive sleep.

You can charge the pump into your home or your car while you’re out.

Design and color:

This product mainly designed for travel in flexible comfort. It also provides a solid place for gusts to rest.

Full design is comprised in Southern California.

Brown color is available in this Etekcity Camping Air Mattress.

Size & Dimensions:

Twin size and Queen Size is available for this inflatable airbed.

Bed size dimension when inflated 80×60×9 inches and deflated dimension 13×7×15 inches.

And item packet dimensions are 7.3 L×13.1W×14.4H inches.

Materials & comfort:

Eco friendly PVC material is safe and comfortable. The multi layer flocked top is waterproof and puncture resistant.

Supportive layer of material helps to gives snuggled feel to temporary guest in at home.

It is totally firm and settle for any degree softer.

Durability & warranty:

The inner air mattress construction is built with latest tech. this inner wave beam makes it more durable and stable.

Multi-use valve help quick inflation and help to reach your desired firmness.

They give 2-year return and refund warranty.


  •       Both inflation and deflation are easy for included pump and nozzle options.
  •       Cordless capability help to take the bed with you on a trip and charge up the pump beforehand is advantage of cordless use.


  • Sometimes it’s not safe to sleep because of it feel cold and lumpy but forget everything about this mattress ever you know about this, this mattress is absolutely amazing.


An introduction:

Therm-a-Rest camping mattress is comprised with camp royalty with the ultra- luxurious mattress.

It offers comfort and warmth for camping, home and travel. It makes an excellent guest bed at home.

It insures quality and minimizes environmental impact.

Features of products:

It constructed with 4 inches of stabilize loft for comfort of home anywhere.

It perfectly make and extra large sleeping pad for two people within a second.

When unpacked it the dual valves allow compressible foam core to expand and inflate.

The sleeping pad has dedicated ‘in’ and ‘out’ valves to make inflating and deflating the pad easier than ever.

Design and color:

This mattress is designed with various style such as Standard Valve (2018 Model), Standard Valve (2019 Model) and Twinlock Valve.

Blue Depths color is available this Standard Valve (2018 Model).

Size & Dimensions:

Large – 77×25 inches and XX-Large- 80×30 inches are the available size which made for this product.

The large size measure 77×25× 4 inches expanded and rolled 7×26 inches.

And total package dimension is 6.7×9×27.3 inches.

Materials & comfort:

Soft polyester materials make this product comfort and light weight so people can easily carry it.

The thick thermal foam and statecore construction uses continuous layer o thermal foam which offers and R value of 8.0 for maximum year round comfort.

Durability & warranty:

This stable mattress offers maximum stability for their customers. And it protecting from rocks, roots and uneven ground surfaces.

It always ready to provide limited lifetime warranty to the customers.


  •       It is the best comfortable solution with super light weight for any camping trip.
  •       It breathes- free easy inflation with easy set up and it is great when you’re sleeping on it.


  • Comfort is amazing when it’s inflated but this product is heat sensitive.


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