Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress Reviews

Firm yet comfortable to sleep in, the Beautyrest black mattress guarantees an excellent feel-good quality of sleep. Featuring exceptional technology including PCM and Tencel fiber to regulate body temperature during sleep, you’ll feel cool during summer and warm in winters.

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How much do you value your sleep? The mattress you sleep on every night can tell us that much; if nothing at all. Over the years, I have traveled a lot and I have seen more than a fair share of different mattresses. I have slept on waterbeds, memory foams, air beds and a number of traditional spring and coil beds. Currently, I (the writer) sleep on the Beautyrest Black mattress. And I can comfortably say that it’s one of the best mattresses I have ever slept in. This Alexia Extra Firm Mattress offers the right amount of foam atop for a truly luxurious feel. Not too little to pressure the back, yet not so much that you get trapped in it.

PROS and CONS of this Beautyrest black mattress


  • Sturdy yet soft surface
  • Indulgent back support and pressure relief
  • Good pressure distribution
  • Quality, Non-allergenic, soft surface fabric
  • PCM makes you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Low cost without compromise on quality
  • Top durability with an incredible warranty


  • Expect some sagging – though just slightly but sagging nonetheless
  • Some customers complain that the mattress can get too hot at times
  • The warrant terms are too strict
  • Lackluster customer support
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Features of the Beautyrest black mattress

For anyone who really values their sleep, the Beautyrest Black mattress is certainly the mattress to have. Not only does it promise a good night comfortable sleep, but also it is sure to last long and offer consistent quality sleep. It is one mattress you can rely on. And it comes with some really amazing features. Here are some of its outstanding features. Please check details of this product from Amazon.

Advanced Pocketed Coils

For a night of relaxing good night sleep, the Beautyrest Black mattress is the best you’ll ever have. It is designed with advanced pocketed coils – pre-compressed and triple-wrapped –to offer great support for your whole body. The coil is made of high carbon steel springs for durability and optimal functionality. This means increased sturdiness, enhanced conformity and better motion separation for a relaxed comfortable sleep.

Advanced Pocketed CoilsThis is perhaps the closest you will get to a perfect night sleep. The Beautyrest places this coil technology between a durable – firm yet soft – non-allergenic fabric to deliver an exceptional indulgent back support and conforming pressure relief.

Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam:

Mattress manufacturers are striving hard to come up with innovative technology and designs to support you correctly. They blend different methods, technologies, and materials to ensure you have quality sleep every night. Manufacturers of the Beautyrest hit the cord right with the dynamic response memory foam on the Beautyrest black mattress.

Even if you are not big on foam, you’ll surely love this one. The Beautyrest black mattress has enough foam for you to feel, but it’s essentially a spring mattress. The resultant effect is a nice feel. It will breathe just well and it will certainly be cooler and better than any all-foam mattress you’ll ever sleep on. What’s more, this specialized foam on the Beautyrest works with the advanced pocketed coils technology to produce exceptional back support and pressure relief.

The Beautyrest Black mattress is designed to maintain the perfect sleeping temperature regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions. Phase change technology used on the fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters.

The surface layer features a special sleep climate technology that helps dissipate body heat; keeping you cool for nice and comfy night sleep. Modal Yarn on the fabric provides an adoring soft surface. And phase change technology creates an indulgent temperature control. All these ensure a comfortable, cool night sleep.

Nice and cozy luxurious fabric

The fabric used on any mattress is as essential as the foam or any other part of the mattress. Every part works in concert with the others to ensure you get a good quality sleep. Beautyrest black mattresses are designed with a cozy and luxurious fabric that is finished with a unique phase change material that helps create an indulgent temperature control. This helps maintain the perfect sleeping temperature.

Nice and cozy luxurious fabricA natural fiber called Tencel fibers – made from wood pulp- is infused with Modal Yarn and PCM to help maintain comfortable sleep temperature. They dissipate body heat when you sleep and keep you cool. These fibers are vertically oriented providing better aeration for a comfortable good night sleep.

Exceptional surface conformity

Beautyrest black mattress provides a smooth surface that makes every night a soft night to remember. The advanced technology used to make the surface material improves support and enhanced the quality of sleep. It provides a relaxing comfort and helps sooth the pressure contact point. It offers excellent surface conformity and contouring, exceptional back support and other health benefits.

Durability & warranty

This Beautyrest mattress can actually support up to 2,000lbs comfortably. This speaks volumes about the type of quality you get – top class quality. The technology used to enhance comfort only chip in to add to the quality of sleep you get.

Quality aside, the Beautyrest black mattress guarantees durability. It won’t fluff falsely and will offer consistent comfort. The material and technology used on the mattress is of top quality. And it is sure to last longer while offering the same quality of sleep and comfort throughout its life span.


Q: Is this mattress cold to sleep on? I have a few concerns about the cool-gel foam?
A: No it’s not any cold. It only feels cool and comfortable.

Q: What is the maximum weight it can comfortably hold?
A: Manufacturers say it can comfortably hold up to 2,000lbs of pressure.

Q: Is this a spring mattress?
A: It is essentially a spring mattress but it has some foam for a nice and cozy sleep.

Q: Will I roll off to the floor when i sleep closer to the edges?
A: No, this mattress is firm to the edges. You should feel well supported. chances of rolling off are slim but I would advise against sleeping at the edges.

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Finally verdict

For one who truly values their sleep, a good comfortable mattress would be a good way to show. While the bedroom environment and the other features around will also show, it is the mattress you sleep on that tells it all. The Beautyrest Black mattress is one of the most comfortable and cool mattresses available in the market. And it comes affordable too. I value my sleep. I have a Beautyrest Black mattress. You should consider getting yourself one too.


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