Firm Mattress Topper for Lower Back Pain

A lot of people suffer from lower back pain issues. Lack of support from the mattress is one of the common reasons for lower back pain. Though you can improve your mattress supporting ability by using a firm topper with that. A firm mattress topper also lessening the risk of lower back pain and at the same time give relief to them who suffer in lower back pain problem.

Firm Mattress Topper for Lower Back Pain

In this article, we will discuss the firm mattress toppers for lower back pain. Let’s start our discussion: 

Key Features of Firm Mattress Toppers for Lower Back Pain

Before starting the discussion I would like to inform you that, you can check this article if you want to know which topper is best for back pain.

A soft mattress cannot able to provide proper support to all of your body parts and also creates sagging while sleeping on it. Generally, those too soft mattresses are largely responsible for creating lower back pain. In that situation, using a firm mattress topper with your mattress is the best solution for you to prevent lower back pain.

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Firm mattress toppers added a structure to that mattress which feels too soft. It makes those mattresses capable of providing the most support to all of your body parts. It also improves your sleeping position and blood circulation. So, for those suffering from lower back pain a firm mattress topper can be a savior for them. You need to select a suitable firm topper for back pain. Below we discuss some key features of firm mattress toppers for lower back pain: 

Used Materials

Most of the best firm mattress toppers are made from latex or memory foam. Usually, lower back pain issues are started from improper alignments of body parts and lack of support. Both latex and memory foam materials made of mattress toppers can conform to your body’s shape and also supportive enough to relieves pressure points. They also keep your neck and spine in proper alignment in every sleeping position. The details of these materials which are used for making firm mattress toppers: 


Latex has a springy sensation, in general, that is completely responsive. The density of latex manufactured mattress toppers can vary from one to another. But most of them have a very high density. For their exceptionally firm ability, they can make your topper more supportive to prevent lower back pain. Dunlop and Talalay these two types of latex are generally used to make firm mattress toppers. The providing feel of Dunlop and Talalay latex made mattress toppers are entirely dependent on their manufacturing process. Check this article for the latex mattress toppers reviews and buying guide.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is also known as temper-material or viscoelastic foam. They are used as an alternative to latex. Memory foam made mattress toppers are also very firm and supportive. As a result, memory foam mattress toppers are more effective to alleviate lower back pain issues. They can add a layer of comfort and accommodate your specific body contours. Memory foam mattress toppers are much lighter and thicker than latex mattress toppers. Nowadays, memory foam mattress toppers are commonly used by people who suffer in lower back pain. 

Other Materials

Some other materials like polyfoam, down, bamboo, feather, etc. are also used to make firm mattress toppers. These materials can provide you different feel. As an example, among these materials’ bamboo made mattress toppers can give you so much firmer feel than the other material made mattress toppers.


Firm mattress toppers for lower back pain generally come from two inches to four inches thickness range. A thicker mattress topper provides you more support and cushioning. It is ideal to choose a thicker mattress topper who is suffering in lower back pain. Good thickness toppers are also lessening the risk of affected in lower back pain. A thicker mattress topper can be useful for those who suffer in mild lower back pain because it can provide them moderate levels of support. So, for comfortable sleep and avoid the risk of lower back pain we recommended you use a thicker firm topper with your mattress. 

Cooling Features

A high-quality firm mattress topper for lower back pain is designed to offer so many facilities including cooling to the sleepers. Those firm mattress toppers have cooling features that can keep you chilled in a hot temperature. They ensure the proper airflow throughout the mattress and helps you to breathe comfortably. Besides this, these toppers also have layers that are infused with cooling gel to prevent sweating during sleep. Firm mattress toppers with cooling features disperse and absorb your body heat. As a result, you can sleep quite comfortably the whole night. These cooling features can protect you from those lower back pain issues which are created from sudden sleep breaks. You need to spend some extra money to get a cooling feature with your firm mattress toppers. 

Additional Features

Firm mattress toppers for lower back pain have some additional features too that make them easier to maintenance and use. As an example, some have washable and removable covers that help you to clean it easily and properly. You also can customize it according to your comfort level. All of these features make your firm mattress topper more user-friendly and capable to protect you from lower back pain. 

Those firm mattress toppers are more effective to prevent lower back pain that has more features. So, it is very important to consider all of the features described above before purchasing a firm mattress topper for lower back pain. The price of firm mattress toppers is related to their features. Try to find out the best firm mattress topper for lower back pain according to your budget.


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