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What Is the Average Price for A…

What is the average cost of a twin mattress is a question that is asked often. The average price of a twin mattress is $200. What is the definition of “average”? What is it like to sleep on an inexpensive, quality twin mattress? What are the best brands for twins mattresses? How can you tell […]

Why does my back hurt when I first lay down?

Why does my back hurt when I…

Lots of people already have experienced back hurt. This pain is very common among people. A person has faced this type of pain during a lifetime for his/ her incognizance. To get the comfort you can sleep on a good quality floor mattress. In this article, we try to give you brief information about back […]

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Sleeping on the Floor Mattress : How…

The idea of sleeping on the floor is not so commendable. The floor is the dirtiest place of a room. In this perspective, it is not an ideal place for sleeping. If you asking your guests to sleep on the floor he/she might take it as an insult. But if there is not enough space […]

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How To Make Mattress More Comfortable?

Sound sleep is very important for our health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult person need to sleep more than seven hours. They also categorized person sleep hours under the age range. People mostly use the bed or floor to sleep. But they require a mattress no matter where they sleep. The mattress […]

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Tuft And Needle Unboxing Guideline

Tuft and Needle mattress comes straight to your hands through a shipping process. Your new mattress is nicely wrapped into a pretty box. Before using this you need to unbox the new mattress. Though it is not a difficult task, you still need to do it in a systematic manner. 8 Simple Steps For Tuft And […]

Standard Mattress Sizes in US

Understanding The Average Cost Of A Mattress?

The cost of a mattress depends on several factors including size, height, materials composition, types, and durability Before purchasing a mattress you need to consider all of these factors. In this article, we will give you an idea about the average cost of a mattress by explaining cost- deciding factors. Let’s start our discussion […]

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What Is A Firm Mattress?

Firmness is a terminology used to explain the amount of resistance that pushes against the body while lying on a mattress. A firm mattress has a crusted surface than the soft or medium-firm mattress. When you sleep on a firm mattress you can feel that it has a strong surface rather than others. They can tolerate […]

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How To Shorten A Box Spring?

Box spring is very much useful for your mattress. It provides extra support to your mattress. Box spring also protects your mattress and reduces wear and tear on it. It is called that a good box spring can increase the durability of your mattress. But you need to fit your box spring with the mattress […]

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Can you put a box spring on…

Box spring gives additional support to the mattress to keep it free from sagging. It also positing your mattress in a suitable height. As a result, you can able to sleep or rest on it more comfortably. Using box spring with mattresses is a common practice around the world. But when you use slats with your […]

How To Get A Free Tuft And Needle Mattress?

How To Get A Free Tuft And…

Sleeping is one of the necessary parts of our life. We cannot live without it. But to get a sound sleep we need to manage good beddings. The mattress is one of the necessary elements for bedding. A good mattress can ensure sound sleep which is needed for human health. Tuft & Needles are one […]