13 Benefits Of Firm Mattress

It is called that good mattress is the foundation of a sound sleep. Mattresses have a great impact on your sleep and rest. It can make your sleep or resting period either comfortable or uncomfortable. So, it is important to find out a suitable mattress according to your demand and necessity.

Varieties mattresses are available in the market. It is a little bit confusing to select any one of them. But before buying a mattress it is wise to consider some factors like sleep position, age, history of body pain, weight, etc. Usually, people like to buy a soft or firm mattress for their everyday use.

Today we will discuss the firm mattress briefly. A firm mattress is one type of mattress that has a hard surface. When you lie down on a firm mattress you can feel that it is more rigid and doesn’t compress easily. The soft mattress has flabby surfaces and also compresses easily when you give pressure on it. It is the basic difference between firm and soft mattress.

Benefits Of Firm Mattress

There are a lot of benefits to using a firm mattress. Users think that it is better than the soft mattress for many reasons. Here we explained some benefits of a firm mattress:

1. Ensure proper alignment of the body

The firm mattress keeps your body parts in the right position. It ensures the natural curve of the spine. Like spine; back parts, shoulder even stomach also aligned appropriately through the firm mattress. Firm mattresses make sure the proper movements among different parts of your body. It remains you safe from the various kinds of back hurt or other pain that happens for a bad sleeping position.

2. Distributes weight on a level

Soft mattresses cannot distribute your weight evenly. When you lie down on a soft mattress it causes the sink problem. As a result, some of your body parts aching in the morning. A firm mattress gives enough support to the entire part of the body. You should be careful about slump when testing a mattress for buy. Chose them those doesn’t slump.

3. You cannot feel your partner movements

If your partner moves much into sleep then you can’t have a sound sleep beside him/her. Every moves creates jiggle on the mattress that you can easily feel while lying down on a soft mattress. But the low motion transfer rate of a firm mattress is very much effective in that case. By using a firm mattress you can sleep comfortably without feel any movements of your partner.

4. Give a sound sleep

A study of Better Sleep Council found that people sleep more comfortably in a firm mattress for its several advantages. It gives huge support to body parts when you lie down on it. People who use firm mattresses spend more quality sleeping time rather than soft mattresses.

5. Prevent mattress from sagging

When two different sizes people share the same mattress it creates an uncomfortable situation. If they share a soft mattress then it starts to sag on the side of a heavily weighted person. It hampers the sleeping period. No one can comfortably sleep in that situation. A firm mattress doesn’t have such a type of problem. The hard surface of the firm mattress restrains it from sagging.

6. Comfortable for back sleepers

As a back sleeper, you don’t like to sleep on a soft mattress. When you sleep with the back of your body it creates pressure on the mattress. A soft mattress cannot bear it easily. As a result, soft mattresses start to shaky movements. It is very much annoying during sleep time. Firm mattresses are strong enough to tolerate your body’s pressure.

7. Helps to prevent bedsores

The firm mattress is very helpful for a disabled person who needs to lie down all the time in bed. It saves them from bedsores. The firm mattress ensures the distribution of body weights evenly which is good for decrease the stress. Firm mattresses may also irritate bony growths during sleep.

8. Gives better edge support

The strong surface of the firm mattress provides you more edge support rather than a soft mattress. You can sit, bend or lie down comfortably here without facing any kind of tumble. If you use the mattress only for resting, sitting or sleeping then you should use a firm mattress rather than soft because it will be both durable and comfortable in that situation.

9. Lessen Back problem

The firm mattress helps you to recover the back hurt problem. The hard surface of the firm mattress ensures a good position among different parts of the body. It gives strong support to your back and spine. Many people get benefit from back problems such as scoliosis and low back pain by sleeping on a firm mattress.

10. Effective in hot weather

Firm mattresses are so much effective in those countries which have warm climates. Less heat resonates, less dipping capacity makes firm mattresses more comfortable for sleep in heated countries.

11. Decrease stress

A study which is conduct by Better Sleep Council found that the majority of respondents feel a great reduction of stress by sleeping on a firm mattress. If you take so much stress on your body then we suggest you use a firm mattress. It will be very effective for you to decrease the stress alongside give you a comfortable sleep at night.

12. Keep neck in positing

A firm mattress keeps all of your body parts in the right alignment. It helps your neck and spine to get the right position while you lie down. The firm mattress ensures the right balance of support among different body parts and cushioning.

13. More versatile

The firm mattress is more versatile than the soft or other mattresses. You easily can customize it. As an example, if you feel too rigid to sleep on it, you can simply adjust it by just adding a mattress topper.

In the above, we tried to mention some of the important benefits of a firm mattress. Remember it is ideal if you test a firm mattress before buying by sleep or sit on it. 

How to make a softer mattress into the firm

After using some days you feel that mattress starts to lose the firmness of it. The pressure and rub of your body make it droop. In below we give you some tips that may help you to get back the firmness of it again:

Mattress topper

Mattress topper is used on the top of a mattress to make the mattress firmer. It is made of various materials and also known as a mattress pad. By using mattress topper anyone can easily transform his/ her soft mattress into the firm. Toppers are generally 2-6 inches thick that is makes your mattress firmer than before. But do this you need to use those mattress toppers which are made by compact wool or Dunlop latex. You should avoid foam because it has the opposite effect.

Make it cooler

Damp temperature makes your mattress droop. To make it firm you need to do the reverse task. Make your room cool or use the rough sunshine. It will help you to get back the firmness of your mattress again.

Check your foundation

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable on the mattress due to shaky foundation. It creates a problem like sagging. It is wise to always check the foundation first whenever you get anything wrong. If you use box spring or platform make sure that all are rightly placed without any broken or sagging. In that case, you can use stiff boards like plywood, wooden, etc. to give support to your mattress.

Replace cover

If your mattress has removable then it is wise to change whenever you feel droop in your mattress. Covers are pass through with all of the body’s pressure and rub. It also saves your mattress from dust and lolls. So, it is good if you change it regularly that might help you to keep the firmness of a mattress. Before replacing the cover try to remember is there any warranty with it.

Rotate and flip it

After sleeping on a mattress in a few days you find that it is not so firmer like before. Usually, your body pressure and rub make it droop quickly. If you rotate sleeping position regularly on the mattress that helps it to keep the firmness for more time.


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