Best Hybrid Mattress 2021

Do you crave a more countering bed that still has the amazing support of coiled springs?

Maybe you need a mattress that keeps you cool, yet completely comfortable too?

If any of this sounds familiar, the best hybrid mattress could be your perfect option. They are the ultimate combination of comfort, support, and breathability.

Best Hybrid Mattress

However, trying to find the one that suits you best can be tricky. There are tons of mattresses available that claim to support your spine and keep you comfortable as you sleep.

But how can you trust they will work?

That’s why we’ve compiled a top-five list of some of the highest-quality hybrid mattresses for you.

List of Top Hybrid Mattresses

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Best Hybrid Mattresses Review

Are you feeling confused about what features the best hybrid mattresses should include?

If so, we’re about to make your life a lot easier by detailing the top features of the top-rated hybrid mattress available right now!

Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

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LinenSpa’s hybrid mattress uses a combination of innerspring and memory foam to provide you with a supportive, firm, yet comfy sleeping experience.

The memory foam layer is covered with a knit fabric that’s super soft to the touch.

In total, the thickness of the mattress is eight inches. The memory foam takes up 1.5 inches and works to reduce painful pressure points while sleeping.

There are steel coil springs within the mattress that work incredibly well to support your spine, shoulders, and neck.

They also provide a great natural bounce to the bed that feels very comforting. We were also impressed to find the springs are extremely quiet too!

A variety of materials are used to construct this mattress. They include:

  • 53% polyester fiber
  • 39% rayon fiber
  • 6% polyurethane foam
  • 2% polypropylene fiber

This results in the ultimate mixture of soft materials that you’ll notice the second you lay on this mattress.

There’s also a total of six sizes to choose from, including:

  • Queen
  • King
  • California king
  • Twin/Twin XL
  • Full

So, regardless of the size of your bed, this mattress is made to fit!


  • Innerspring and memory foam combo creates a comfy, firm, and supportive mattress
  • Steel coil springs are ultra-supportive
  • Many soft materials used
  • Multiple sizes available to fit your needs best


  • Takes a while to fully expand after opening out of the box
  • The bounce is a little too much for some
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Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

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The Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid mattress is assembled out of an exceptional five layers!

The standout layer is gel memory foam. It’s awesome for molding to your body and ensuring you fit perfectly while you lay on it.

Inside the mattress, there are spring coils encased in steel which work with the gel memory foam to give you the ultimate back support. The coil and memory foam combo ensure your weight is evenly distributed.

As a result, any pressure points on your back, hips, neck, or shoulders that you experience on regular mattresses are alleviated.

This gel memory foam goes a step further by regulating your body temperature. When your body is at the perfect temperature, you feel more comfortable and can get a restful sleep.

The coils are encased individually, which works to reduce the disturbance caused by motion during sleep.

This is a fantastic feature for people who sleep together. If your partner is always fidgeting, the coils will ensure that you never notice it!

In order to last, the coils even have multi HD layers to protect them from becoming damaged.

We also love how there’s polyester fabric on the top. It’s extremely soft and easily washable too.


  • Gel memory foam molds to your body for superior comfort
  • Body temperature is regulated by the gel memory foam too!
  • Spring coils for even weight distribution
  • Movement disturbance is reduced drastically


  • Some notice their mattress becomes slightly indented after months of use
  • The firmness is too hard for some people’s preference
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TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Supreme Medium Mattress

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This hybrid mattress comes in two sizes which only very slightly. The Prima model is 10 inches thick, whereas the Supreme version is an incredible 11.5 inches thick.

Among both models, there are also a variety of sizes. These include:

  • Twin/Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king
  • Split California king

All sizes are very soft and innovatively designed with tons of amazing features.

The numerous sizes available mean that you can select the one that fits your bed frame.

There’s a dynamic support layer that uses spring coils. These have been made specifically to contour with how your body moves. Therefore, you’ll feel completely supported and have pressure points relieved while you sleep.

A SmartClimate system has been integrated into this thick TEMPUR mattress, and it blew us away.

The top layer is composed of fabric that expels excess moisture. The layer on the inside works to keep your body cool enough to feel as comfortable as possible.

There’s an easily removable cover that comes off by using a zip. This makes for simple washing!


  • SmartClimate tech expels moisture and keeps you cool for a better night’s sleep
  • Spring coils to ultimate support and pressure point relief
  • Huge variety of sizes available to fit your needs
  • Very thick and soft


  • Some feel the mattress begin to sag with prolonged use
  • Fairly heavy
  • On the pricey side!
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SR Red Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Hybrid Independently Encased Coils Innerspring Mattress

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Sunrise Bedding has constructed an exceptional mattress that uses unique Talalay technology latex. This latex layer reacts to your every move and works effectively to reduce pressure throughout your entire body.

Furthermore, this latex tech is awesome for resisting mold and dust mites. Not to mention that it regulates your body temperature too. The latex is made using liquid taken from rubber trees in Thailand!

Tempered coils that are 2mm in diameter are individually encased in steel. This gives you the ultimate support and is extremely durable to prevent the mattress from sinking or sagging.

There is a total of 825 encased, sturdy coils inside this hybrid mattress! They all work to provide a natural bounce and disperse any excessive movement.

We noticed this was a great feature for couples as it allows them to toss and turn as much as they like without disturbing each other.

The Sunrise Mattress is a perfect hybrid combination of comfort, breathability, elasticity, and longevity. It can fit with bunk beds, box springs, platforms, trundle beds, slats, or even you can use that mattress on the floor!

In other words, it’s super versatile.

All heavy metals, allergens, and toxins have been carefully removed from this mattress for peace of mind.


  • Talalay latex tech reacts to your movements to reduce pressure points
  • Strong steel tempered coils that reduce movement waves across the mattress
  • Extremely elastic, breathable, and built to last
  • Free from harmful toxins and heavy metals


  • Little on the firm side for some
  • Maybe a strong smell upon opening
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LCH Memory Foam Latex Hybrid Mattress – Independently Encased Coil – Comfortable Firm – Multi Layers

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The firmness of this mattress is considered to be medium. It works to alleviate painful pressure points throughout your body and has an orthopedic design to help with back and shoulder issues.

There are an amazing 900 total coils within this mattress. They are each encased in steel pockets that prevent the mattress from sinking or sagging.

They also ensure that any movement doesn’t spread across the entire mattress. This makes it an awesome choice for people who sleep together and want to stop disturbing each other by fidgeting while sleeping.

LCH’s hybrid mattress is nine inches thick in total. Its thickness is made up of the following:

  • 1.5 inches natural latex to keep you cool as you sleep
  • 3 inches of comforting memory foam to relieve pressure points
  • 4 inches of individually encased pocket springs for efficient weight distribution
  • 0.5 inches of high-density foam for added support and comfort

So, there are four different layers that give you the best blend of comfort, heat regulation, and remarkable support.

The latex material is also fantastic for resisting mold and dust mites. This proves that LCH takes their customer’s health very seriously.

Their innovative construction means that air can circulate properly via the knitted breathable fabrics.


  • 900 steel coils that boost durability and prevent the mattress from sagging
  • 9 inches thick – made using four layers of comforting and supportive materials
  • Extremely breathable with air circulating fabrics


  • Stiffer than some were expecting
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What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses include a minimum of two layers to provide you with superior support and comfort. The most common layers include coil springs inside and memory foam above it.

However, as you’ve just seen with the hybrid mattresses above, many of them contain more than just two layers.

As a result, they’re incredibly beneficial for relieving pressure in your back, neck, and shoulders.

There seems to be an increased interest in memory foam, gel memory foam, and latex mattresses. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that people tend to feel stuck on which one to pick.

Well, hybrid mattresses bring you the best of all worlds – along with even more features than you probably even knew about before reading this!

Hybrid Mattress Comparisons

Now that you’re more confident in what some of the top hybrid mattresses on the market are like, we can take a look at what sets them apart from the rest.


Latex mattresses are pretty awesome if you want a cooler and reactionary sleeping experience. With latex material, you get a ton of breathability, meaning that overheated feeling in the middle of the night is non-existent.

On the other hand, latex doesn’t do anything to mold to your body.

Going with a hybrid mattress would let you experience the latex benefits, as well as the contouring effects of memory foam.
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Sleeping on a bed with solid springs ensures you receive solid support that’s firm. This is fantastic for people who feel like they need some extra support. However, if you’re after support AND comfort, these mattresses won’t hit the spot.

However, hybrid mattresses do. They always have an additional layer of memory or gel foam to help you benefit from the supportive springs, yet still, manage to sleep comfortably.

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A common complaint with foam mattresses is they don’t provide you with enough support. People also find that they tend to hold on to a lot of heat. They are excellent for your body to perfectly mold to and relieve pressure points.

But when it’s combined with sturdy coils for unprecedented support and latex materials for superior heat regulation… you end up with the perfect mix of features for an incredible night’s sleep, every night.

And that’s what hybrid mattresses offer.

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Is Hybrid Right for Me?

We urge you to really think about your decision to buy a hybrid mattress. We want to help give you all the pointers to ensure you make the best choice possible. And you can do that by being absolutely certain of the benefits these mattresses have to offer YOU.

If you’ve been buying and using mattresses that are great in one area but completely lacking in the other, then a hybrid mattress is your answer. No doubt.

For example, if you’ve used a memory foam mattress before, you probably loved how it contoured to your body for comfort, right? However, I bet it wasn’t anywhere near as firm as you would prefer.

A good hybrid mattress (like any of the ones discussed above) takes the best features of the different types of mattresses and puts them into one.

You get the firmness and support from the springs inside. But it’s never too firm because of the comfort and contouring you experience from the gel or memory foam.

Lastly, you get the incredible breathability and body temperature regulating effects of the latex materials.

Does all that sound like the perfect mixture for a proper night’s sleep? If so, then a hybrid mattress is 100% right for you.

Buyers Guide – What Do You Need To Check Before Buying?

There are some crucial things you need to look out for prior to purchasing your chosen hybrid mattress. This quick buyers guide will give you all the info you need!


Hybrid mattresses are specifically built to be more durable than standard mattresses. One major problem with regular mattresses is that after some time, you begin to feel the coils poking through.

Quality hybrid mattresses ensure there’s a thick layer of either gel, memory foam, or latex to prevent you from ever feeling the springs. The thickness also means there’s a smaller chance of the mattress sagging as fast as regular ones.


Consider how firm you want your mattress to be. Most people prefer medium-firmness, however, it all comes down to the individual.

For example, those who are heavier would be best picking a firmer mattress over a soft option. This ensures the mattress won’t sink as easily as the softer ones. It also means you won’t feel any coils digging into your back anytime soon.

Heat Regulation

Despite their contouring benefits, standard memory foam mattresses often leave you feeling overheated and uncomfortable.

Hybrid mattresses are exceptionally breathable and will keep you cool as you sleep. Best of all, the good ones let you experience the cooling features, while also laying on a memory or gel foam mattress.


I’ve tried out many memory foam mattresses over the years. Some of them have done the job, others not so much…

However, I was feeling like something was always lacking.

If one was made out of soft fabrics, it wasn’t very supportive. If another was breathable and regulated my body temperature, it would be too firm.

This is where hybrid mattresses really come into their own. As you’ve seen from reading our top five list, they are packed with tons of features that provide you with the perfect combination of consistent restful sleep.

We hope we’ve given you a greater insight into hybrid mattresses. Now that you know more details, you can begin picking the one that’s best for you!

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