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5 Best Folding Bed Reviews for 2018

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Have you been on the lookout for the top folding bed and overwhelmed by the number of choices which are available? That’s a common problem that first-time buyers run into, and it can lead to frustration.

I have years of experience using and sleeping on these beds, so I know what it’s like. I have used that knowledge and experience to select the top 5 that you can buy today.

And if you want to learn more about these types of beds, I have divided this guided into several sections so it will be easier to find other information.

Comparison Table of 5 Best Folding Bed (The reviews are available below on this page)

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Guest Bed Featuring a Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75" X 31.5"
Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Guest Bed Featuring a Super Strong Sturdy Frame - (No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels and Go) - 75" X 31.5"
Price: $224.99
Was: $325.99
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What is a Folding / Rollaway Beds?

These are, as the name suggests, beds which can be folded up. Think of them as something similar to a folding mattress except this the mattress has a frame. They’re available in different sizes so you can find the right one for your requirements.

These beds are usually pre-assembled so there’s no need for any complicated setup. This is what makes the beds ideal if you frequently have guests that sleepover. These beds are also perfect if your guest room has limited space.

These beds come with several features that make them comfortable to sleep on. The folding mechanisms vary from product to product, but they are all designed with the same purpose, to make sleeping comfortable.

These beds use high-quality foam so your back doesn’t hurt. Given these features, it’s no surprise some people use these as their main beds.

The Benefits of Folding Beds

These beds provide a lot of benefits and advantages. If you’re still not convinced, here are the major ones listed below.

Save Space

The most practical benefit of these beds is they don’t take up a lot of space. As pointed out above, you’ll be able to fold the bed once you’re done using it. If you live in a small house, this is going to make a huge difference.


These beds are far more comfortable than you may think. The mattresses are made of quality foam, contour to your body and ease back discomfort and pain. These beds also provide relief if you feel neck pain.

Quality Components

The frame and the bed are both made of durable components, meaning they are going to last for years. These are beds meant to be used for long stretches and on a regular basis.


As the following reviews will show, a foldable bed can also double up as a sofa. So not only do you get a comfortable bed but once you’ve folded the mattress it can serve as your sofa too.

Different Options

These beds come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, so you won’t have any problems getting one that is appropriate for you or your guests.

The bottom line is these beds are convenient, don’t take up a lot of space and easy to set up, so it’s ideal in many ways.

Types of Folding Beds

These beds may have the same purpose and all fold, but there are different types available. The following are the most common.

Cabinet Bed

A cabinet bed or wall bed is the most common type of foldable bed. You fold the bed, though technically it doesn’t go into the wall. It does end up looking like a cabinet, however. With a desk bed, the furniture resembles a writing desk.

These are very popular right now owing to their practicality and comfort. The price has also gone down to these beds.

Sofa Beds

These are beds that double up as a couch. They look like a regular sofa but with the mattress, you can sleep on it. This is an ideal option if you’ve got limited space and don’t have a guest room. By unfolding the sofa bed you get a mattress right in the living room.

Because sofa beds serve two purposes, sitting and sleeping, it’s popular in homes with limited space available.

Wheeled Foldable Beds

These look like your typical sofa bed but have wheels so you can move it around. This allows you to move them from one place to another with ease. Not all foldable beds have this feature so read the product description first.


The futon is a mainstay in collegiate dorms and apartments, they’re similar to sofa beds in a way. The biggest difference is the surface you sit on is also the one you’re going to sleep on.  Like other foldable beds, these vary in style, size and fills.

Standalone Foldaway Cot

This is the most basic of all foldable beds. The mattress is set on a metal frame that you fold up like a clamshell. In terms of design, this is the simplest and saves a lot of space. This is also one of the most affordable today.

Travel Cot

A travel cot is a type of foldable bed designed for use in camping or when you’re on the road. This is lighter and more portable than other foldable beds since you have to take it on the road.

Folding Guest Bed

This is a generic term that you can use for any foldable bed used in a guest room. Any of the beds discussed above can be referred to as a guest foldable bed. Any type of foldable bed will do as long as it is easy to fold and unfold.

Foldable Bed Mattress

this is another term used for any type of foldable bed. A bed technically refers to both the mattress and the frame, but the two are used interchangeably. Even the different types of foldable beds mentioned above are called mattresses.

Which Type of Foldable Bed is Ideal?

The best type is the one that corresponds to your current needs. As mentioned earlier, not all foldable beds are built the same, with some better than others. In the following section, we will take a look at the factors that come into play.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Folding Bed

Buying a foldable bed is easier now, as they’re just a few clicks away. But that doesn’t mean you just pick the first foldable bed you see.

The Size of the Bed

Is the bed big enough for you? I am not just talking about the physical dimensions but also the weight capacity. Can it hold up your weight? A bigger bed is nice, but it will also take up more space.

The Quality of Mattress

If you’re going to use the bed every night, it must be made from high-quality materials. This is also the case if you’re going to use this in your guest room. The point is simple enough: the quality of the mattress determines how comfortable the person will be sleeping on it.

The Setup and Folding System

There is nothing more frustrating than a bed that takes forever to fold and unfold. This cannot be emphasized enough: the folding mechanism must be intuitive and easy to use.

The Weight

A heavy bed provides support, but you’ll need one that’s a bit lighter if you’ll move it around.  If the bed will be stationary, the weight won’t be much of an issue. In that case, a heavier bed is actually more ideal as it provides stability.

But if you’re always on the road and want to bring the bed with you, portability will be an issue.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity ranges from 150 lbs to more than 500 lbs, so you have to find one that matches your weight or whoever is going to sleep on it. And it’s a good idea to have some allowance for the weight limit, i.e. the support must be more than your weight.

The Durability

Buy only from a reputable brand, and a long warranty helps too. Brand and warranty aside,  you also need to look at the frame being used and the locking mechanism. These have to be in good condition and designed for extensive use

Durability also extends to the mattress. We often put emphasis on the softness and comfort, but the mattress also needs to be strong enough to withstand everyday use. This is where a lot of beds fail, so it is something you need to look into carefully.

5 Best Folding Beds Review

The following are the foldable beds that I’ve reviewed. In writing these reviews I’ve included as much pertinent information as possible.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed

By clicking on the image you can check that product details on Amazon

The Milliard folding bed is made from high-quality memory foam to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. You can also remove the cover for easy cleaning and there’s support from the bed base.

The frame is full metal and has fortified stabilizer bars for more convenient folding. It clamshell folding system is effective thanks to the trident buckle. With this feature, it’s easy to open and closes the bed.

The Milliard bed is assembled, so no need for you to spend hours putting the bed together. All you need to do is put the wheels on and the bed is ready for use. The casters have 360 degrees pivoting so you’ll have no problems with mobility.

Once you find a place the casters lock-in. The folded bed is only a foot thick, saving lots of space.  Unlike those on regular foldable beds, the mattress here is thick, with 2.5 lb memory foam. The frame also provides excellent support for your body.


  • Easy to fold up
  • Quality memory foam
  • No assembly needed
  • Durable frame
  • Smooth wheels


  • The springs could have been more durable
  • The bed is a bit heavy
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Linon Home Decor Luxor Folding Bed with Memory Foam

By clicking on the image you can check that product details on Amazon

The Linon Luxor twin mattress is made from polyurethane and a polyester finish, and this is complemented by the beige damask fabric cover. The steel tube frame is durable and keeps the foam bed in place.

The bed has casters so you can move it around easily, and the folding mechanism makes the bed easy to fold up and store away. The bed measures W: 31.5″ L: 13.5″ H: 35″ closed and when opened, measures W: 31.5″ L: 79″ H: 15.75″.  With its weight capacity at 275 lbs, you’ll be able to sleep knowing it will support your weight.

The bed is firm but comfortable, and with the frame and weight, support won’t pose any problems supporting adults. The bed’s folding mechanism is also intuitive so you’ll have trouble figuring out how it works.

In other words, the bed is exceptional. The reinforced frame complements the comfortable mattress so you’ll be able to focus on just relaxing. And once you’re done with the bed, it locks up quickly.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Easy to move around
  • Quick to fold
  • Compact when folded


  • The bed latch is plastic
  • The mattress is a bit low
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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed

By clicking on the image you can check that product details on Amazon

The Milliard Tri-Fold is a good example of what a sofa bed ought to be. This twin XL bed is larger than others in its range so you’ll be more comfortable sitting or lying down. Whether it’s a guest, sleepover or dorm, the Tri-Fold works just fine.

The sofa unfolds quickly, and it can also be used in an RV or for camping. The mattress is firm and thick so it won’t sag even if you or your guest sleep on it frequently. Aside from the twin XL, there’s also a queen size if you want it bigger.

This sofa bed can be folded easily so it won’t get in the way. The sofa bed is also around 9 inches off the floor so it won’t be as low to the ground.


  • Thick, comfortable mattress
  • Can be used as a floor mattress or guest bed
  • Built from quality materials
  • Can be used in small rooms
  • Built to last for years


  • Not as easy to move around as other foldable beds
  • Folding and unfolding takes a bit of getting used to due to size
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Zinus Folding Foam Guest Bed Frame with Wheels

By clicking on the image you can check that product details on Amazon

The Zinus bed is comprised of a 2.5 inches of comfort foam and .5 inches of fiber padding. With these two, you’ll feel the difference when you lie down and sleep on it. When you’re done with the bed, just fold up so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The Zinus also has CertiPUR-US certification, an indication that it meets the highest standards for performance, durability, and reliability. Apart from the bed, the Zinus also has a high-quality steel frame that supports the mattress.

The foam is made from high-quality materials and won’t break down under heavy weight. Compared to other foldable beds, the Zinus is more comfortable and simpler to move around. Its folding mechanism is also one of the most reliable and intuitive.

Aside from being comfortable, the Zinus is also just the right height, not too high and not too low either. This makes the bed ideal for sleeping or just relaxing.


  • Wheels move smoothly
  • The mattress is comfortable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Doesn’t sink easily
  • Alleviates back pain


  • Not suited for very large people
  • Could benefit from thicker fiber padding
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Alice Folding Bed Rollaway Guest Bed

By clicking on the image you can check that product details on Amazon

The Alice foldable bed is built with flexibility and comfort in mind. With a weight support of up to 500 lbs, the Alice folding bed is stronger than most other foldable beds. You can also adjust the back until you’re comfortable.

There are 6 adjustment levels, and by making incremental adjustments you’ll have no trouble finding the right one. The mattress is not only comfortable, however, as the frame is also durable.

The stabilizer bars are solidly built and enhance the metal frame. This is also applicable to the foam mattress which is both durable and comfortable.

The Alice foldable bed has a simplified locking system so you’ll have no trouble figuring out how it works. The wheels also lock securely so once you’ve got the ideal location, it’s just a matter of locking in the wheels. With the way the bed has been constructed, you’ll have an easier time setting up.


  • Back is easy to adjust
  • Wheels lock in easily
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Solidly made frame


  • A bit difficult to flatten when first used
  • Some assembly needed
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A foldable bed is a necessity in many situations, whether it is at home, the dorm or if you need a bed when you’re on the road. I am hoping the reviews in this guide was able to help you decide what to buy.

One of the problems with most foldable beds is they’re uncomfortable or hard to fold or unfold. That is where a good foldable bed comes into play so you’ll be able to relax.

The 5 products that I’ve chosen here are all of the exceptional quality, so if you’re looking for a quality folding bed, these five products will provide comfort and relaxation.

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