Brooklyn Bedding Reviews

Many of us (myself included) become frustrated with bedding that’s completely focused on one feature.

Some mattresses are all about being cool, yet the support is lacking.

Others highlight their comfortable memory foam, yet when you sleep on it, you end up feeling hot and ultimately uncomfortable.

Brooklyn Bedding Reviews

Are you looking for mattresses and pillows that are cool, comfortable, yet highly supportive too?

If so, Brooklyn Bedding may be a perfect choice.

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They’ve have worked out how to combine breathability, support, and comfort into all their mattresses. Furthermore, their pillows are designed with some unique features that we, and others, love.

We’ve carried out extensive research to compile review on some of Brooklyn Beddings most popular mattresses and pillows. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make the best choice!

Brooklyn Bedding Reviews

Brooklyn Bedding is a trusted brand who has been developing high-quality bedding items since 1995. So, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing!

Over the years, the company has expanded their reach and is now among one of the top mattress brands online right now.

Brooklyn Bedding Reviews

They also offer more than just mattresses. Whatever you need, concerning getting a good night’s sleep, they sell it.

This includes mattresses, sheets, pillows, and even foundations. Overall, their aim is to provide people with comfortable, supportive, and breathable items. So, if you think you prefer a much softer-feeling material while you sleep, this brand may not be the best option for you.

Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Mattress

This Brooklyn Bedding mattress is constructed using various layers to form an incredible 10” thick mattress! These layers are made up of the following:

  • 3” Energex foam
  • 5” base support foam
  • 2” transitional comfort foam

As a result, you get a mattress of medium firmness that lets you sleep comfortably in all positions. It seems to be the perfect combination of support and contouring.

The memory foam is unique in the sense that it’s extremely responsive. Therefore, you won’t get the sinking feeling that’s usually associated with conventional memory foam.

The weave over the top is also made of high-grade materials. It ensures the entire mattress is given more breathability to help you feel cool while you sleep.

We love how confident this company is in their ability to provide great mattresses. With this Brooklyn Bedding Memory Foam Mattress, you get a 120-day free trial. This gives you plenty of time to test the mattress out and see if it’s right for you.

If it is, you’ll also receive a 10-year warranty!


  • High-grade, layered memory foam for ultra-comfort and support
  • Breathable top weave for a cool sleep
  • Free trial period and decade-long warranty included


  • May feel too firm for some

Brooklyn Signature Mattress

This Signature Mattress by Brooklyn is made with extremely breathable materials. However, they’ve taken things to the next level and also incorporated some fantastic cooling technology too. You can also experience up to 1024 encased coil springs that also work towards giving you a cool night’s sleep.

TitanFlex materials have been used which boost breathability and responsiveness. This material is superelastic which is why it’s able to adjust to each new position you put your body into. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night to no avail, the elastic tech with this mattress could prove useful for helping you get comfy.

Titanium gel is combined into the foam layers. This is another aspect that ensures you stay cool.

The layered foam provides you with the utmost support. Reinforced high-density foam, along with the encased coils, work to relieve pressure points and help you experience restful sleep.

Regardless of what position you like to sleep in, this mattress will help you drift off in no time. It’s got the balance of support and comfort in one for an overall firm mattress.

The company designed this mattress to be able to fit into most bed frames. No matter whether they be adjustable bases, box springs, or slats.

You may also be glad to hear it comes with a 10-year warranty and 120-day free trial period for peace of mind!


  • Incredible cooling tech to aid restful sleep
  • Multiple layers of foam for contouring and comfort
  • Encased coil springs for pressure relief and support


  • Some may prefer softer mattresses

Brooklyn Auruoa Queen Mattress

Brooklyn’s Aurora Queen Mattress is an excellent mixture of luxurious and cooling technology. It uses a TitanCool material to provide you with the ultimate cooling effects. TitaniumGel is infused into the memory foam to take the cooling effects up to a notch.

The foam materials use the superelastic TitanFlex to respond to each move. These advantages are heightened ever further in combination with the individually encased coil springs.

We love how well the responsive coil springs and TitanFlex work to adjust to your each and every move. So, no matter how much you or your partner move around while sleeping, it will cause minimal disturbance.

This, combined with the already breathable materials, means you’ll never be struggling with overheating while sleeping again.

Since the mattress has an overall medium-firm feel to it, we found it was awesome for all kinds of sleepers. Regardless of what position you like to sleep in, you can feel assured this mattress will keep you comfortable, cool, and supported to wake up feeling fresh.

Lastly, you receive A 10-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with the mattress later down the line.


  • TitanCool and TitaniumGel combination leads to ultra-cooling effects
  • TitanFlex and coils provide maximum support and respond to each movement
  • Layered memory foam for a comfortable sleep


  • In the more expensive range!
  • May feel too firm for some

Brooklyn Bedding Pillow ReviewsBrooklyn Bedding Pillow Reviews

Brooklyn Bedding also offers some excellent pillows. They are made using high-grade materials that make them extremely breathable, comfortable, and supportive.

You may find them to be the perfect combination with any of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses above.

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Queen Plush Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding’s Talalay Latex Queen Plush Pillow stands out from other standard pillows. It uses latex foam to ensure the material is hypoallergenic and can resist any growth of microbes.

We noticed this latex foam material is also a major contributor that makes the entire pillow feel breathable and cooling to sleep with.

Furthermore, the latex is a key component as to why this pillow is able to last so long. It can retain its shape, no matter how long you lay on it for. The pillow always manages to spring back, meaning once you purchase it, you can be sure it will last you for years to come.

Customers have been over the moon with how comfortable this pillow feels. It’s the ultimate combination of a spongey yet springy pillow that helps you fall into a deep sleep faster.

You get the balance of support for your head and neck, while also feeling comfortable at the same time.

The bamboo charcoal cover adds to the overall breathability of the pillow and can be easily removed, and machine washed.

Brooklyn’s Talalay latex pillow is also around 7” high and made up of incredibly luxurious foam.


  • Talalay latex material keeps the pillow cool
  • Extremely durable
  • Foam layers make for a comfortable and supportive sleep
  • The bamboo charcoal cover is machine washable with no hassle


  • Not as comfortable for side sleepers
  • Some notice an odd smell

Brooklyn Bedding Premium Shredded Foam Pillow

This premium shredded foam pillow by Brooklyn Bedding uses breathable and high-grade memory foam. As a result, you can experience a boost in airflow and more of a comfy bounce compared to the more conventional shredded pillows available.

The combination of memory foam and latex foam is what sets this pillow apart from the rest. Not only is it more breathable, it also has a more comfortable and contouring feel to it.

We were impressed by one simple feature: the adjustable loft.

This is a small pouch that lets you empty out or put more foam in until you have reached a comfort level that suits you best. Customers love this simple, yet the effective personalized option.

The charcoal bamboo cover can be removed, and machine washed easily. It also emphasizes the breathability benefits even further.


  • The combo of memory and shredded foam increase airflow and comfort
  • Adjustable loft to customize how your pillow feels
  • Charcoal bamboo cover for added breathability and easy machine washing


  • Too firm for some
  • May flatten quicker than expected


So, you’ve now learned a little more about the Brooklyn Bedding company and why so many customers are loving their sleeping items.

Hopefully, we’ve given you all the tools you need to pick out the best mattress and pillow for your needs.

All of them have incredible tech built-in for a good night’s sleep – all it comes down to is which one suits you the best.

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