What is EDGE support in a mattress?

When beds are used frequently, their edges tend to sag. They lost their shape and overall support, dropping as a result. This is why EDGE support exists in mattresses. A mattress with EDGE support has extra support on its edges, usually in the form of extra springs or heavier materials.

What is EDGE support in a mattress?

What Does Mean by EDGE support in a mattress?

Generally, edge support exists for two purposes: to resist sagging, and to provide a stable support system for sitting at the edge of the bed. Many users of edge support beds, however, simply note that these types of mattresses tend to be more comfortable.

Why is it important?

In addition to improving the appearance of your mattress, edge support is important for a number of other reasons. For one, it’s ideal for those who have problems getting in and out of bed, as its firm edges ensure that it is easy to sit up and lay down. It’s also important to people who have back or hip problems, as it keeps the body aligned and supported when seated on the mattress edge. 

What kind of mattresses provides the best edge support?

As a rule of thumb, edge support is most commonly found in mattresses that have side support systems and coils. It can also be found in foam mattresses that have been specifically made to have extra support on the sides. Foam mattresses that have this beneficial feature are crafted with coils that are close to the side of the mattress interior or by the addition of high-quality foam to the mattress core.

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Hybrid mattresses are popular for their great edge support. These kinds of mattresses usually feature “pocketed coils” which play an important role in how well the mattress holds its shape and maintains its sturdy edges.


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