Best Place To Buy A Cheap Mattress

Best Place To Buy A Cheap Mattress

A mattress is more of an investment than an expenditure. We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, and a decent mattress lasts for several years. Brick and mortar stores give you the opportunity to try out their product before taking it home. Online stores will compensate for that by offering a money back guarantee.

As per our research, Amazon is the best place to buy a cheap mattress. There you can get lots of cheap mattress from different brands and various sizes. After that, some Facebook groups/pages and buy-sell marketplace Craigslist is the best place.

What is the Best Place to Buy A Cheap Mattress

Here are a few options if you want to buy a mattress at a reasonable price:


At, mattresses sell for as low as $100. So you cannot afford to overlook this retailer if you are looking for the best place to buy a cheap mattress. The mattress will be delivered within a day and for free. Very convenient when you are in a rush. Customers shopping on the Wayfare portal can shop for mattresses based on the type, brand name, and size of the bed. Even when shopping for a queen sized mattress, the prices are still below $300, which is reasonable.

Wayfair stocks everything that is related to the home – not just mattresses, and so you can buy linens and accessories for the mattress. Their online portal makes searching for and selecting them easier.


Walmart just had to make the list, because they stock plenty of mattresses that cost less than $300. Their light memory foam mattress collection is extensive and affordable enough for someone who is possibly moving into their first home. They sell bed and mattress combinations at a discount, too. The combinations are called ‘bundle and save’.


Amazon has to make the list of places to buy a cheap mattress because of the variety of vendors on it and the reviews that make it easier to decide what vendors to trust. Amazon has memory foam mattresses for under $100, which should fit well into your budget.

Many of the cheap mattresses available on Amazon come with free shipping for each purchase. Just like many other online retailers, Amazon has a good return policy. On Amazon, you can also shop for everything else that goes with a mattress. Bedsheets, pillows, protectors, and toppers are all available on Amazon.


Starting at $350, Casper has plenty of affordable mattress options. To sweeten the deal, they offer three different types of foam mattresses. The options are dubbed Essential, Casper, and Wave mattress. Besides mattresses, Casper sells bed frames, pillows, sheets, and even dog beds.

The sweetest part of the deal is that you do not have to keep a mattress that is not working for you. Customers have a 100-day window for returning the mattress to Casper without undertaking any risk. Shipping takes two working days at least and five working days at most. The company provides same-day delivery in a few locations.

In some cities, Casper offers what it calls a ‘white glove’ delivery. They set up your mattress and take away the one you are done using. When a customer returns a mattress during the ‘free returns’ period, Casper will donate the mattress to charity.

The tricky part about online shopping is that you can’t try out the mattress before bringing it home. In lieu of that, look carefully at the specifications. Foam mattresses, with softer surfaces, are better for older people who have thinner skin. Look out for a CertiPUR seal, which indicates that the mattress is free from things like mercury and formaldehyde. Ask about the density of the material. If it is less than three pounds per cubic foot, the mattress will not last as long as you need it to. Where possible, try to buy a mattress locally. Otherwise, the warranty will not be useful as you have to physically return the mattress to the vendor.


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