Can I Put A Blanket Under Crib Sheet?

Putting the crib sheet on a crib mattress is a good combination for babies. Sometimes we need a different solution and that’s a very common question for guardian especially the new parents that – can I put a blanket under crib shit? Our answer is you can put a blanket under crib shit but after a certain period from your baby’s birth. In this article, we will remove your all confusion in a nutshell but you need to read it.

There is a lot of question arise in parents mind about baby’s health. They are always a concern for their little prince or princess. As a parent, you always try to give those things which are best for him/her and also make sure that your junior feels comfort.

Why baby needs a crib sheet and blanket?

Cribsheet gives a space where your baby can both play and sleep. It is very much helpful to sleep with your baby. Babies can sleep comfortably on the crib sheet. Some babies cannot sleep without it when they are used to in crib sheet. Sleeping is very much important for a baby’s health. Generally, a baby needs to sleep more than an adult person. So, the crib sheet gives your junior a sound sleep. The little one also can play on it.

A blanket under the crib sheet gives your baby a warm feeling when he/ she sleeping in the night. A dry blanket always keeps your baby’s mind and mode chill. It also gives you relief from the pain of midnight or sudden sleep breaks of your baby’s.

But a wet blanket is very perilous for babies. When they sleep on it there is are an easy possibility to affected by multiple diseases like fever, cold coughs, etc. we all know that the immune system of a baby is not strong enough to protect themselves from such kind of disease so they are the cushy victim of it. The wet blanket also makes your baby’s mode tetchy.

Why you should not use a blanket before?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “If your child is under 12 months of age, blankets should stay out of the crib- whether your baby is playing or napping.” They suggest it because in this age blanket will be dangerous for your baby. The blanket can increase various dangerous problems for babies.

Your baby can face sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), smothering, suffocation, etc. problems when you used blanket under crib sheets. There is no compromise in the case of your baby’s safety. So, we suggest you don’t use a blanket under the crib sheet until your baby’s first birthday.

Which is the right age for babies to use a blanket under crib shit?

After celebrating the first or second birthday of your junior you can use the blanket. After that period your baby is strong enough to moves or roll over it from their face or body. This time the risk of SIDS also decreases. You can make blanket colorful or sorted with various toys and favorite dolls, teddy according to little prince/ princes like. But always discuss with your doctor if you have any queries on this issue.


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