How Long Does Memory Foam Pillow Last?

You can expect a perfect night’s sleep without perfect bedding. A pillow plays an important role to create perfect bedding for your sleep and relaxation. You can’t able to deserve a good sleep because a memory foam pillow comes to you with comfort and quality sleep. 

What Is a Memory Foam Pillow?

All product of memory foam is always safe for us and it gives superior comfort. A memory pillow is always different from the traditional pillow. It is specially designed for responding to pressure and heat. it can provide many health and other benefits than the normal one. It has great contouring and support and helps to distribute your weight evenly.

It is perfectly fit for one person and gives exact support to your head and neck. It prevents the snoring problem by keeping your head aligned with your neck and spine. It keeps your health good both mentally and physically by improving your sleep. If you want a pillow at an affordable price, you can go with a memory foam pillow because you can get a memory foam pillow at an affordable price which wasn’t in past years.

How Many Years a Memory Foam Pillow Last?

When your head and neck don’t get equal support, you may suffer from different health issues. We take medicine for our health issues but we don’t think that a pillow can be responsible for these problems.

If you lead a healthy life, you should change your pillow after six months but if you use a memory foam pillow, it will last from 18 to 36 months. The normal pillow can lose its shape after some months use but a memory foam pillow is more durable so you can use it around 3 years if you want.

The Reason Why a Memory Foam Pillow Losses Its Longevity

The longevity of a thing depends on how you use it or maintains it. Without proper care, anything cannot be last for a long time. A memory foam pillow also can be last for many years by proper maintaining. You should clean the pillow after use and protect it from moisture so that you can use it for a long time.

4 Simple Tips to Make A Memory Foam Pillow Last Long

Though a Memory foam pillow is durable there are many reasons for which it loses its longevity. Here are some tips that are helping to make the pillow lasting: 

1. Use Pillow Cover

A pillow cover gives proper protection to your pillow. It can save your pillow from regular wear and tear. It can also protect your pillow from moisture because it soaked the water quickly and your pillow gets wet. Bacteria and molds grow from moisture. So, to protect your pillow and lead a healthy life you should use a pillow cover. 

2. Maintain with Care

Your memory pillow foam can be last if you maintain it with care. Everything will be all right if you maintain it with care and use it properly. All using instruction will get when you buy this pillow. You should follow that manufacturer’s instructions if you want to last your pillow longer.

3. Daily Cleaning

You should clean your pillow after daily use. It is very important to spend healthy sleep because without a pillow you can think of proper sleep. When you don’t clean your pillow in due time, it will make dust mite and dead skin. And dust mite creates health issues like sneezing and coughing. So you should keep clean your pillow. Sometimes you can keep it in the sunlight that makes the pillow firm, bacteria-free and fresh. 

4. Maintain Room Temperature

A moderate temperature of the room makes the memory foam pillow durable. Too much hot or too much cold is not suitable for memory foam pillow. You should sometimes keep the pillow in a cool place with good airflow for its betterment.  


A memory foam pillow is durable than any other traditional pillow. It gives you a fresh and healthy sleep during the night and solves many health issues. So you need to take care of it properly because some reason can damage its longevity. so you should always concern about the good maintenance of the pillow and the above tips will help you to create longevity of your pillow.


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