Vital Pointers to Consider: How Often Should You Change your Mattress?

Get the best suggestion and information about how often should you change your mattress which reviewed by our writer. Expert suggestions and tips have relied on how often you should change your mattress. An exhaustive analysis has been made on how often you should change your mattress.

clean-and-modern-bedroom-with-fun-canvas-on-the-PWRBRRDThe realization that sleep is indeed crucial for one’s well-being dawns quite late among many. Have you ever felt getting back to your bed even after 7-8 hours of sleep? Or mornings are no longer fresh and energetic? If your health seems to be perfect, then perhaps the bed or precisely, the mattress needs to be given another thought. With everything having a basic shelf life, it must be known how often should you change a mattress. However, proper upkeep and maintenance can work wonders to quite a considerable point. So if you wish to have a good night’s sleep, check for the warning signs at the earliest and act accordingly.

How often should you change your mattress?

Putting up with an old mattress for years is no task that deserves accolades! In fact, you are only doing wrong to your health, precisely your back, shoulders and joints. Worse, the embarrassment that you experience when your boss hauls you up before others in the office for arriving late or failing to perform is beyond explanation. Basically, bed mattresses are subjected to ‘nightly wear and tear’ and you need to look for signals if it’s time for mattress replacement. Delaying or denying the obvious signs will only fetch you problems that keep accumulating with time.

Here are some pointers that can help you understand when and how often you should change your mattress.

Wear and tear

Mattresses must be rotated timely so that both sides are used uniformly and chances of finding visible dips in the middle are reduced. Often the springs pierce through it or the foam comes off, making sleeping time extremely uncomfortable. Also, if your bed starts creaking or groaning throughout the night, it’s time you evaluate the mattress.

Older than the specified period

Usually, bed have a shelf life of about 7-10 years if you are not using a cheap mattress. While some homemakers manage to make it to a decade or so, but the mattress industry and even the Sleep Council are dead against it. According to their recommendations, replacing a mattress every 8 years is helpful for restoring one’s health.

Coping with bodily changes

A lot of time has passed since you bought your mattress. Or maybe you bought a cheap twin mattress due to your budget or room space. With the growing demands of the body and age, the existing mattresses need to be changed as well. This applies to all family members. After all, adapting to age-old stuff can cost heavily in the long run.

Breeding ground for ‘unwanted guests’

Mattresses that have become old and worn can pose superb breeding grounds for insects, termites, bugs, germs, dust, and dirt. Despite washing your bed covers and sheets on a regular basis, it might get you thinking what exactly is lacking in your maintenance. The wise decision would be to alter your mattress and not allow others to intrude in your territory.

Thankfully, a number of high-quality mattresses are trending big. Made of the finest materials and offering extra comfort, users are generally in praise of these products. You can take a look at a few notable ones after assessing how often are you supposed to change your mattress.

Video of How Often Should You Change a Mattress

Here we are sharing a video from Youtube which published in Mattress Discounters youtube channel. By watching this video, you can get more idea about how often should you change a mattress.


Buying mattresses from reputed brands will only add to the advantage of the users, especially when seen from the standpoint of offering complete service at cost-effective rates. But before zeroing on some brand, it’s vital to learn how often should you change your mattress. Once that is assessed, you can consider other vital factors and opt for a suitable pick. With the market throwing in a wide array of choices, it might pose a problem to pick the most appropriate one for your need. But once you have researched well, the decision making will be a cakewalk.

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