How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress?

Mattress rotation means moving the mattress 180 degrees. In simple, you just need to reverse the side of your mattress. Just change the foot of the mattress is now the head or vice versa. Modern mattresses are allowing rotating instead of flipping.

It is ideal to follow the instructions of the manufacturer’s for rotating a mattress because different made mattresses require different periods for rotating. Usually, most of the mattress requires rotating every three to six months. In general, memory foam and innerspring mattresses should be rotated every three months while latex and hybrids mattresses need to rotate every six months.

It is very important to rotate your mattress regularly. Regular rotation will be effective for your mattress to increase its lifespan. When you rotated your mattress then it allows one area to recover from regular use. As a result, your mattress faces less pressure on one individual side that keeps it useable for long periods.

At the same time, regular rotation of your mattress protects it from the wear and tear and other stains that make your mattress maintenance task very simple. When you use only one side of your mattress that can break the firmness of your mattress very quickly. After a few days, it creates sagging problems for the sleepers.

Regular rotation of the mattress also ensures the balance support and proper alignment of your spine that provides you a comfortable night’s sleep. This regular rotation of the mattress remains you safe from different types of back, neck, and muscle pains. So, you should rotate your mattress regularly because it is beneficial for both the mattress and your health.

Below we share some steps with you by following these you can comfortably and easily rotate your mattress without facing any issues:

Prepare Ahead of Time

Most of the mattress needs rotation regularly so you need to be prepared for doing that. Earlier preparation helps you to complete the entire mattress process smoothly and easily. You should prepare your bedroom ahead of the mattress rotation date to avoid a lot of hassles. During the preparation, you need to take off the bedding like pillows, blanket, etc. for making the mattress empty. You also need to remove the furniture which is around your mattress because during rotation they can create obstacles for you. If you can complete all these preparations before the rotating date then it will make your mattress rotation task so simple. It is ideal to take bits of help from a friend, cousin, or siblings for completing the whole mattress rotation process quite nicely and comfortably.

Set a Schedule for Regular Mattress Rotation

You need to set a schedule for the regular rotating of your mattress. You can ask your mattress’ manufacturer for knowing the standard period of rotating. They can give you the answer after how many days their brand’s made mattress needs rotating. Then you can follow this schedule for regular rotating of your mattress. For remembering this schedule easily, you can mark it on your calendar and set reminders in mobile, tabloid, or computer about that. This reminder helps you to rotate your mattress on time regularly. The earlier preparation for the rotating mattress will help you to do it comfortably on the exact date. Always try to maintain the schedule for rotating your mattress and make preparations ahead of that time.

Think About Your Bed Type

You need to consider your bed type before rotating the mattress on it. Because different types of beds require different treatments. So, it is very important to know which mattress rotation methods will be more suitable for your bed. As an example, footboards and headboards are required to move the mattress fully away from the beds to complete the rotation process smoothly. You should follow the instructions that are given by the manufacturers of your beds. Carefully follow all the instructions step by step to avoid any types of mattress damage during the rotation process.

Gently Rotate the Mattress

It is the final stage of the mattress rotation process. Now all are sets for your mattress rotating. Just simply change the side of your mattress. The feet side should now be on the head side and vice-versa. If you are a user of headboard and footboard or use any box spring with your mattress then you should need to more careful during the rotation. You also can clean your mattress and box spring by pausing the rotation. We recommended this vacuuming because it will remove all the bacteria and other microbes from your mattress.

Generally, most of the mattresses require rotating. Though the rotation periods of mattress varying from its types and quality. To get better performance from memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses we should rotate them in a timely. But those mattresses which offer special features may not require rotating usually. So, before rotating a mattress it is wise to follow the instructions of manufacturing companies.




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