How To Get A Free Tuft And Needle Mattress?

Sleeping is one of the necessary parts of our life. We cannot live without it. But to get a sound sleep we need to manage good beddings. The mattress is one of the necessary elements for bedding. A good mattress can ensure sound sleep which is needed for human health.

How To Get A Free Tuft And Needle Mattress?

Tuft & Needles are one of the popular mattresses company who believes that everyone has the right of a good night’s sleep. For this purpose, they work tirelessly to make sure of the fairest and honest prices to the customers. But everyone can’t afford a new mattress when they need it. You can check the T&N mattress review and prices in this article.

Do Tuft & Needle Provide Free Mattress?

Tuft and Needle continuing help people according to their abilities. For helping people, they have chosen partner with charities who hold a 501 (c) (3) status instead of directly donating to individuals. They want to continue this helping process in the long term. They always work for increasing the number of donating mattresses. Tuft and Needle ensure that every returned mattress gets donated whenever possible instead of turning a profit by selling it at a discounted rate.

How To Get A Free Tuft And Needle Mattress?

In these circumstances, Tuft and Needle always keen to help the poor people of the community. Still, at the end of the day, they are a business company. They need to make the best decisions for the health of their company. They need to maintain the interest of their stockholders, staff, or other involved parties.  So, they can’t serve the mattress freely among people or non-profits organizations such as United for Veterans and Salvation Army.

While Tuft and Needle aren’t set up in any way to provide a free mattress then they offer to Affirm as a financing option for those buyers who would prefer to make monthly payments rather than making large payment upfront. They also offer a mattress exclusively on Amazon at a lower price than the original Tuft and Needle.

This mattress is called Nod which is also made by the Tuft and Needle. It is an eight inches thick medium-firm mattress that uses a responsive foam to ensure a low motion transfer rate. Nod includes open-celled to maintain breathability and it has a soft grey knit cover. Tuft and Needle assure customers that Nod is a qualitatively good mattress at a low price.

To get a free mattress from Tuft and Needle you need to keep in contact with some charities where they donate their mattresses. Tuft and Needle donate mattresses in Habitat for Humanity, Salvation ArmySt. Vincent De Paul, etc. charities. So, you need to ask those charities for receiving a free Tuft and Needle mattress.


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