How To Put A Toddler To Sleep Fast? [9 Effective Way]

It’s quite natural for toddlers to refuse to sleep and many countless parents are struggling with toddlers sleep issues over the years continuously. Toddlers’ test the boundaries with their parents to refuse sleep is a main way to do that.  Except this there are huge reasons such as overexcited, bright light, loud noises and discomfort has that’s why toddles don’t want to sleep. So it is not so easy to get your toddlers to sleep.

9 Way To Put A Toddler To Sleep Fast

No matter what the reasons have, there are huge ways how to put a toddler to sleep fast which every parent should follow because a perfect sleep is essential for keeping your little one healthy.

Stick to use a visual routine

Toddler’s brain and body to get ready to sleep if their parents will be doing the same thing in the same order night after night. This night routine trains toddlers mind and help to sleep in right time faster.

In a large study, the researchers found that having consistent routine for sleeping is helping to better sleep. Toddler who have a visualize bedtime routine fall asleep faster and slept longer than the toddler who haven’t a regular bedtime routine.

Toddler’s routine for sleep helps to give quality of sleep for them. Parents should make sure that your toddler has the same wake up and sleep time each day. And keep in mind that toddler’s nap time is not too late in the day which is interfere their sleeping time.

Create a clam bedroom environment

Dark room shades, soft sheets and relative quiet can help them to sleep fast because this situation can help your toddlers differentiate between day and night and it easy to fall asleep. At least 30 minutes before to sleep, you should create a clam room for your toddle. Don’t allow them to use electronics device in their bed (ipads, iphone etc).

Minimal lighting, optimum temperature and reduce noise level can help to create a good sleep environment for toddler.

Melatonin is an important for sleep and wake cycle and highest melatonin levels help people for more sleep. A research from 11 found that blue light from electronics device such as television, phone or computer can interfere production of this hormone melatonin. 

Fill the basic needs

Most of kids have three basic needs that are power, experience and connection. When they meet with the basic need, they feel good and stay calm and fall asleep quickly.

Kids always follow everything which happens in front of them. If they want to Experience of sleeping in their bed, they will continue it until they see another alternative.

Always help your child to meet their need for connection and use ‘say what you see’. This technique explain where you describe what the child is doing, saying, feeling and thinking. 

Set a biological clock

Toddlers need an exact routine time to sleep every night. And this make their body to expert sleeps in time to time. Toddlers should sleep early in night because when they stay up, they get over- tried and feel stress.

Clam environment of the bedroom and dim light in the hour before sleep time help to grow realization child’s body that’s it is sleep time.

If you take him up to bath at 6:30 and bed at 7:00 for story with lights out he or she likely fall asleep. The better early bed time is for toddler at 6:30 and 8 p.m. 

Maintained cozy bed and cradle position for toddler

For better and easy sleep toddlers have to need comfortable and child supportive mattress. Pillow, sheets and bed also should cozy that ensure their normal sleep and they can back to the sleep again if they wake just slightly. But the discomfort doesn’t wake your child during that time of slight waking.

With cozy bed and pillow Childs can cuddle with so filling the room with a cozy bed, mattress, and pillow. You can also use a non-toxic crib mattress to make a comfortable bed which is available at affordable price.

You can help with cradling because you’ll able to reach your Childs ear with lips and put your cheek next to them. This can warp your toddler up with your arm, chest and face.

Sway rhythmically

Sway rhythmically will help toddler for easily fall asleep. But different Childs may like different move such as one like strong bounce and another may prefer gentle sway. 

Eliminate distractions

Noise, seeing toys, notching other people distract their mind and they can’t able to sleep.

And this attention makes it harder to sleep faster. If possible, take him to a clam dark room with no noise or use while noise or soft music that can help to sleep faster.

If your toddler has a nightmare and run into your bed, try surrounding him with various items of comfort to make him safe and with this he fall asleep on his own. 

Make sure they are doing exercise while not sleeping and getting natural air and sunlight

Fresh air, laughter and sunshine is very essential because it transfer body chemistry and also help to reduce the hormones. When kids play outdoor more, they really do sleep more soundly.

Exercise is very helpful for getting good sleep. Playing outside, laughing is good form of exercise. Make sure that your kids so some exercise during the day because exercise is not limited to stay fit.

Treat sleep as a gift not punishment

Its is very well known trick that parents can often fall into the trap of using sleep as a punishment like if you can’t finish this food , you are going to bed now. And this is very bad for them because they accept it as a punishment.

But it is not right process for Childs. You have to understand them that sleep is gift and give a feeling that bedtime is very special time with parents.

Then talk them about sleep benefit like

  • If you sleep more, you will able to more run and play.
  • You need more sleep than mommy and daddy because your body and brain are grown up.


Now a day it is huge challenge for everyone to learn how to put a toddler to sleep fast. If your kids can’t sleep properly, you will not able to sleep properly.

Try to make their bed time fun and make a mandatory time for sleeping. This will motivating factor to go bed early and sleep faster.


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