Is Tuft and Needle Memory Foam?

Memory foam is most popular, therefore sometimes customers want to know if tuft and needle use memory foam in their mattress. We have discussed T&N products in our review article as much as possible. Here we will give a detailed answer to that question.

Memory foam is made with the polyurethane which added some additional chemicals to increase the density and viscosity. It is also known as temper foam was first developed by NASA in the mid of 1960s. It becomes popular in the decade of the ’80s.

Memory foam uses the heat from the body to slowly melt around you. It can break down with body heat, creating pressure relief but also creating indentations and body impressions. The structure of the foam makes it quickly hot. For this reason, most companies start to use gel and other cooing ingredients.

As a result, Tuft and Needle developed adaptive foam. It is one of the competitors of memory foam. Tuft and Needle make the medium-firm mattress. The top layer of this mattress is very soft and also significantly responsive. Tuft and Needle mattress is made with adaptive foam.

Tuft and Needle use adaptive foam rather than soft or memory foam. This foam added pressure relief ability and durability to the mattress. It keeps cool while you sleeping on Tuft and Needle mattress. Adaptive foam away heat and moisture from the mattress.

In this article, we will provide you some chart and then explain to you what type of foam Tuft and Needle mattress has.

Average of Thickness and firmness differences among mattresses

This bar shows us the average thickness and firmness level of different forms. In this bar, we try to give marking all foams out of 15 and then sum it. So, the total number of thickness and firmness is 30.

If we explain the bar then we found the score of:

PlaceNameThickness + Firmness ScoreOut of
1stMemory Foam2430
2ndTuft and Needle2030
3rdSoft Foam1230

Memory foam has more firmness and thickness rather than soft and Tuft and Needle. Tuft and Needle have scored a balanced number. It is not very rigid or not too soft. Tuft and Needle has a good balance of both soft and firmness. The medium level of firmness and thickness ensures more comforts rather than a memory foam mattress.

What Users think about Tuft Needle firmness?

Now we discuss users’ evaluation of the firmness of Tuft and Needle. We collect some feedback from the user and present them in a pie chart below:

This pie chart shows us, that 65% of users think that Tuft and Needle have the right firmness. The majority feels that the firmness level of it is not so firm or soft. They fells it has nice balanced level firmness.

What Tuft and Needle is?

By evaluating earlier data we can come into a decision that Tuft and Needle is not memory foam or nor a soft foam mattress. It is a medium-firm mattress. The firmness level of Tuft and Needle mattress also proved that. Their mattresses are not so rigid like memory foam.

Tuft and needle give you a balanced foam fill. While you sleeping on that you feel it has not hard surfaces. It also not creates sinking problems. A good weighted man comfortably sleeps on a Tuft and Needle mattress. It is so effective for side and back sleepers.

Tuft and Needle mattress firm enough that your spine is getting proper support but still soft enough to be pressure reliving in places like help and shoulders. In our point of view, Tuft and Needle is a medium-firm mattress. So, we suggest heavy people should avoid it. But it is more comfortable rather than memory foam in our findings.



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