Nest Bedding Launching Amazon Exclusive Mattress

A 6-year old direct-to-costumer mattress company, Nest Bedding recently announced that it has collaborated with Amazon and will be selling Amazon-exclusive Queen-sized mattress named FLIP from the next month i.e. February 2019. The mattress is priced at $399 for the Amazon audience. Along with this announcement, the company also made two other announcements: it will be introducing nearly 15 Nest-exclusive brick-mortar stores by the end of 2019 and an addition of dozens of new products.

Nest Bedding

The mattress will be available online from on the Amazon store only and not even on its own website or any of the retail outlets. Nest Bedding’s decision to collaborate with the Amazon is to target the audience who is looking for a mattress within their budget. College students looking for a cheap starter mattress and price-conscious shoppers are the main targets who look for a mattress priced genuinely. These are the potential customers who are expected to eventually stick to the brand and then, look for the high-end mattresses in the future that fall under the range $899- $1799.

Potential Reasons for the Launch of Amazon-exclusive Mattress

The company’s move can also be considered a result of the strategy to stand unique among all its competitors in the market. The marketing strategy its competitors like Casper, Tuft and Needle, Leesa and Purple have been following is that either they are sticking to their respective website for selling or are collaborating with various retailers for selling their products in stores like Casper with Target. The companies are also selling their merchandise on Amazon and Walmart. In November, Tuft and Needle also launched an Amazon-exclusive mattress called the Nod. And, therefore Nest Bedding’s decision to launch their Amazon-exclusive mattress can be considered as a wise decision to stay in league with the competitors.

The company has decided to spend around $200,000 on Amazon display and search Ads and expects to sell around 4,000 – 6,000 mattresses within a year. This move is expected to increase the company’s current profit of 60% from online selling. The move is expected to get a scale for the company but it has to face tough competition from different vendors that are already selling mattresses on Amazon and are a hit among the buyers. Amazon itself will be a tough competitor for the company as it too has recently begun the selling of AmazonBasics Foam Mattress priced at just $130.

About Nest Bedding

Established in the year 2012, Nest Bedding has been successful in catching the attention of the audience when it comes to purchasing comfortable mattresses. Nest Bedding is known for its organic and natural mattress manufactured in the U.S that guarantees a peaceful and comfortable sleep to its customer. The company ended the fiscal year 2018 at $28 million and its sales recorded a hike of 20% in the previous year showing its popularity among the audience.

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Nest Bedding’s newest mattress will only be sold on Amazon
Nest Bedding to launch Amazon-exclusive mattress


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