What is Semi-Flex Foundation?

In short, a semi-flex foundation is a specialized type of mattress foundation that features a layer of added support and has been crafted to provide top-notch mattress support.

The semi-flex foundation is an answer with multiple parts. So, to start, let’s discuss what a foundation is. Foundations are often confused with box springs, as they have a similar appearance and shape. Like box springs, they feature wooden slats. However, they act very differently, as they are designed only to support the mattress, whereas box springs are designed to absorb shock and impact.

Semi-flex, the other component of this type of mattress support, differs from its competitors, as well. “Semi-flex” refers to the way the support is designed. A foundation with semi-flex technology is grid-like structures that are covered with a firm metal grid. This grid prevents the support from flexing and offers optimal support.


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