The Side Sleeper Personality

There are so many things with which the personality of individuals can be assumed. The things we do consciously and unconsciously tell to a very reasonable extent, the kind of personality we have. There are a few common behaviors of side sleeper personality, we are discussing here that.

Side Sleeper Personality

Interestingly, a person’s sleeping posture is one of the ways a person’s personality can be determined. The kinds of side sleeping positions that people adopt which include: the fetal position, the log position, and the yearner position.

From an analysis by Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, he found that about 41 percent of 1000 people chose to sleep in the Foetus Position. A position in which a person curls up their knee towards the chest. Women that use this position are said to be two times more than the men that use it. These people tend to be shy when you first meet them, but the shyness fades away as soon as you get closer. They are also very meek and sensitive. They are usually described as “tough on the outside but gentle on the inside.”

The Log Side Sleeping position is another kind of side sleeping position. In this position, the two hands are by the sides of the sleeper. People who use this position tend to be very carefree. They have so much trust in people, and this results in them being gullible at times. They are usually loved by many because of their easy going attitude. They love to mingle a lot. Such people are those who meet new people in occasions and want to tell everybody about their newfound friend.

The Yearner Side Sleeping Position is another. It really looks funny with the two arms stretched out as though the sleeper is holding a ball or struggling to push a chair. Such people are very strong, slow and firm in decision making. No wonder they don’t go back on their decisions, the time spent during this period of decision making is always worth it after all. They are cynical and suspicious; and are thus very careful in their dealings with people.

Most Common Behaviors of Side Sleeper Personality

Below are some other behaviors that could be traced to side sleepers.

They are Worry-free

A side sleeper is one who tends to be calm and really reliable. They do not seem to be worried about unpleasant situations even when they are really obvious. Their calmness helps them to come out positively and strong, although some get weighed down later as the unpleasant situations persist over time. They however still remain calm and actively engage their thoughts in finding a solution.

They Avoid Offences

One other notable thing about them is that it’s not easy to get them offended because of their calm way of responding to people. In the same manner, they do not like to offend others. This makes them appear quite hypocritical at times as they are willing to even admit to wrongs just to avoid getting others offended.

They are Fearless concerning the Future

They have a strong hope for the future. They are very confident that the future holds good for them. Hence, their approach to things about the future is visionary, resilient and calm. You might have met some guys like this, they probably side sleepers. They just seem to have put all under control. Their smile and gleamy look say, “man, I’ve got it all worked out.” They are able to adapt to any kind of situation — both pleasant and unpleasant — and they blend well in it.

Imagine how much about a person can be known by studying the sleeping position. These are facts that aren’t just based on mere conjectures, but on carefully derived experimental results. Only about 5 percent of people, according to Professor Chris Idzikowski, were found to not use any particular sleeping position. Thus, it is fair and safe to conclude that a man’s behavior can be determined by the posture he assumes when he sleeps.

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