Tuft And Needle Return After 100 Days

Tuft and Needle LogoThis 100 days return policy is very popular among the buyers. It helps Tuft and Needle to achieve the trust of buyers. Some terms and conditions apply to this offer. To get this opportunity you need to fill all of their official terms and conditions.

If you buying your mattress directly from Tuft and Needle or its authorized distributor Huckberry then you will be eligible for this 100-night sleep trial offer. This 100 days trial offer does not apply to other retailers like Amazon or Lowe’s. For other retailers, they have different or additional terms. Tuft and Needle offered this trial period only to the original buyers.

You can able to return your Tuft and Needle mattress for any reason if you are not satisfied by using it during this trial period. Then they will refund you by completing some procedures. There is no charge to return the mattress and also don’t require to keep the packaging.

Tuft and Needle staffs come to your doorsteps for collecting the mattress. Later they will donate it into a local charity. But if you are a resident of Hawaii or Alaska and paid an optional shipping fee at the time of buying then Tuft and Needle will not repay you. You also can donate your Tuft and Needle products to any organization or charity. But in that case, you will need to upload a scanned or photographed copy of your donation receipt in their provided link. To avoid any hassle it would be good to do some study on Tuft & Needle mattress review before purchase.

After receiving the donation receipt they will start your refund processes. Tuft and Needle also will ask for your purchase receipt to complete the procedures. They may also try to repair or replace your products. When this process is failed then they go for a refund. Hopefully, within 10 business days, you will receive your refund.

This 100-night trial policy does not apply to all of Tuft and Needle products. It is only applicable for the mattress, topper, box foundation, bed frame, pillow, percale products, metal-based products, etc.

How can you start this Tuft and Needle return procedures?

When you find anything wrong with your Tuft and Needle products then inform them about the issues that you faced. They requested you to email them in (support@tn.com) this address. After receiving your email Tuft and Needle take proper steps to solve your issues. We hope you don’t need to return Tuft and Needle after using it because their products are well known for good quality.


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