What is a bed frame and what need to consider before buying?

The bed frame can be considered fundamental when getting a good rest. Although it is an element that is not valued by many, it is the basis for good support of weight and mattress. Many people don’t have an idea about the bed frame. In this article, we will give you an idea about the bed frame and the things that need to consider purchasing the perfect bed frame for you.

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The bed frame is what holds the mattress and it is a frame that can be made of different materials but is usually made of metal, rectangular, and with the corresponding feet. The bed frame is responsible for providing balance to the bed; therefore, if you have a problem with instability, your bed frame may be failing.

Bed frames can be made in different types of materials. This will vary according to the objective you have when buying it. In addition to metal frames, there are also steel frames that are more resistant and ideal for higher density mattresses and also to support greater weight. Fabric and leather frames are those that are used with less weight and have a more aesthetic purpose.

Depending on the weight, some bed sizes such as the King and Queen can count on additional support to reinforce the mattress support.

What factors should we keep in mind when are buying a bed frame?

There are a few factors we need to consider before buying a bed frame, check them below:

Space available:

One of the most important points is to determine what space will be available. It should be noted that the bed frame is usually the most occupying element in a room so it can be estimated. It should also be noted that many bed frames include a backrest and a footrest. The latter two are optional in small rooms. On the other hand, some bed frames include drawers that can help make the best use of available space.


Iron and wooden frames are usually the most economical. Fabric and leather frames are used in more sophisticated room designs with finer aesthetics. Depending on the style of your room and your budget, you can choose one or the other.


Wooden frames are the most classic and are made of pine, oak, and other types. They are ecological and durable. Metal or iron frames have been in vogue for a long time. They are resistant, although they can oxidize with time. Finally, the fabric and leather frames are the most aesthetic.

Weight and support:

The most resistant frames are those of solid wood and are constructed with solid slats. On the other hand, if the frame is going to support less weight or will be of a square, it can be made with curved or arched slats, which are more flexible. In this regard also should be taken into account if the user of the bed suffers from any medical condition or condition related to the spine. In this sense, a firm bed frame is recommended. Many bed frames have wheels that allow them to be moved, while others are fixed. This is also a point to keep in mind when looking to move the bed to other spaces in the house.

As a conclusion, a bed frame is not an element of the room but has very important functions and several factors must be taken into account before making an accurate or improvised purchase.


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