What Is A Small Sofa Called?

Various sizes designs and shapes sofas are usually used in our houses. We often used them to decorated our living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms. You can comfortably seat on a sofa for close interactions with others. But most people think that they require a larger space to adjust a sofa set.

This thinking is not completely right. Small sofas are also available for those people who suffer from fewer surface issues. In this article, we will discuss briefly the small sofa and also show you the differences between typical sofas and small sofas. Let’s starts our discussions step by steps:

Small sofas are also known as mini- sofas, courting chairs, or loveseats. They are a small upholstered sofa specifically designed for only two persons use. They are designed almost similar to the typical sofas. Like typical sofas, small sofas also have upholstery, arms, and backs. Generally, small sofas are around 60 inches in length. 

Small sofas are invented during the late 17th century. The design of it developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. It becomes more popular during the Industrial Revolution. After that in the late 19th century, small sofas started to affordable for the middle and lower range income people. Before that, only the rich and wealthy people used sofas in their houses.

Nowadays the demands of small sofas increase day by day. You don’t require large spaces to set up a small sofa. Small sofas are nicely fitted in a small spaces room. So, it is very much useful for those people who live in a small space room. Two people can comfortably seat on it. A small sofa can be a nice gift for newly married couples.

Small sofas are slightly different from the typical sofas. They are larger than the small sofas. Usually, typical sofas are known to couches or settees. Two or more people can comfortably seat on a typical sofa. The usual length of a typical sofa is around 84 inches. People can also use them for sleeping purposes with comfort.

Differences Between Typical Sofas and Small Sofas

Sofas and small sofas are commonly found in the living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms of the houses. They are one of the most uses household furniture. Though sofas and smalls sofas are almost nearest in designs and using purposes but still they have some differences between them. It is clear in our earlier discussion that the main difference between sofas and small sofas is their size. In this part of the article we make a table below to clear you all the differences between sofas and small sofas at a glance:

DifferencesSofasSmall Sofas
DefinitionUpholstered seating furniture with back and armrests designed for more than one person.Upholstered seating furniture specifically designed to accommodate two persons only.
Also Known AsCouch, settee.Courting chair, mini- sofa, loveseats.
Seating Capacity and LengthCan seat up to three or more persons and averagely eighty-four inches in length.Can seat up to two persons only and around sixty inches in length.
Main PurposeMainly for comfortable sitting.Mainly to seat a courting couple to have an intimate conversation.
Original PurposeOriginally for sitting.Originally as a small sofa for women in the era when their dresses were bulky.
Secondary UsesDoubles for sleeping.Can serve as a small sofa in small spaces or to complement full-sized sofas.
VariantsSofa bed, day bed, futon, chaise longue, chesterfield, divan, fainting couch, loveseat.Tete- a- tete, British two-seater.

Now the use of sofas not limited to the people’s houses. The use of sofas also increasing in offices, reception areas, bars, and lobbies. You need to find out which sofa is perfect for you according to the room sizes. If you live in a shortage space room then go for small sofas.


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