What Sizes Do Sofas Come In? 

What sizes do sofas come in?

Sofas are one of the most commonly used furniture. They are often used in bedrooms, guestrooms, living rooms, seating rooms, waiting rooms, reception, and other places. In modern days various designs, sizes, and types sofas are sold in the market. 

For using a sofa more comfortably and the customized way you need a brief knowledge about sofas types, sizes, and others of it. In this article, we will discuss in detail about most common sofa sizes and also give you some tips to measure space for a sofa. Let’s start our discussion: 

Different Types of Sofa Sizes: 

  • Sectional Sofas: This type of sofa is commonly used by the people in their houses. Different types of sectional sofas are available in the market. The sizes of this sofa also vary according to the types. The average dimensions of an equal side five seats sectional sofa are 95 inches by 95 inches or 98 inches by 98 inches with depths varying from 37 inches to 40 inches. A three-seater sectional sofa is 78 inches to 88 inches length and 37 inches to 40 inches depth. 7-seater sectional with a chaise has the same depth as 3- seater but it is around 195 inches to 215 inches in length. 
  • Sleeper Sofas: You can use this type of sofa for multifunctional purposes. Besides seating, they are also used as a good option for sleeping. Generally, they are bigger than the other sizes sofas. Different sizes like queen, full, 2-seater, etc. sleeper sofas are found in the market. Averagely sleeper sofas are 92 inches wide, 39inches height, and 40 inches depth. The arm height of this type of sofas is 25 inches and the space between the arms is around 78 inches. Check that Are sleeper sofas worth it or not?
  • Sofa Futons: Futons are the smart choice for those people who live in small spaces’ rooms. You don’t require much space and money to afford a futon. They are compact and shorter than the typical sofas. Futons are available in queen, full, loveseat, single, and chair sofa sizes. Standard sofa futons are 35 inches deep and 84 inches wide with 6 to 8 feet length. 
  • Loveseat Sofas: Love Seat Sofas are specifically designed for the two persons only. As usual, they are used in small-sized rooms and apartments. Loveseat sofas are averagely 28 to 30 inches deep and 58 inches to 64 inches wide. Though loveseat sofas are divided int full, small and average sizes. You can purchase any of these sizes according to your choice. 
  • Oversized sofas: This type of sofa is suited well on an open floor. They are also effective in paired up with sofas and loveseats. In general, oversized sofas are 90 inches wide while the width of an oversized loveseat is 71 inches. But the depth of oversized sofas and loveseats are almost the same. 40 inches depth is mostly used for both oversized sofas. 

3 steps to Measure Space for a Sofa 

It is very important to adjust the sofa according to your available room spaces. You may face a lot of difficulties if your new sofa set doesn’t adjust properly in your bedrooms, guestrooms, living rooms, or other space where you want to set up it. So, for fitting a newly purchase sofa set comfortably in your room at first you should know the exact measurements of your available spaces. Below we share three easiest and quickest steps with you that might be helpful to measure the available room spaces for sofas: 

  • Measure Room Space: You should have a clear idea about the width and length of your room. Sofas’ sizes completely depend on your available room spaces. As examples, for larger spaces with high ceilings room’s sofas with higher backs with larger sides are best while small sofas or loveseats are perfect for a lower ceiling with minimum space room. Like the room spaces, you also require to measure the height and widths of all entry hallways and doorways because you need to carry your sofa set into those points. Any mistakes on room spaces or entry points measurements can make your entire sofa set up process harder and toilsome.
  • Mark the Total Area: Decide the spot first where you want to place the sofa then tape the total spot. You can use masking tape to make a rough rectangle on the floor for placing your newly purchase sofa sets. With the help of a marker, you can easily highlight this particular area where you’d like to place the sofa. This simple task helps you to complete the entire sofa set up process more simply and comfortably. You need to just put the sofa into the marked area. It is ideal to keep 30 inches of walking room in front of the sofa and also ensure minimum 12″ – 18″ between when you go for pairing your sofa with a coffee table.
  • Purchase the Proper Size Sofa According to Your Measurements: You are now only one step away to complete a sofa set up process. In this step, you need to find a proper sofa size according to the room spaces. On the base of accurate widths and lengths of your room, you can buy a perfect size of sofa for you. If your purchasing sofa size bigger or smaller than you room space then it can be difficult to fit nicely. Buy a taller seat height and a longer seat depth sofa for a larger space room and do the opposite if your room has a small space.

We hope our article will be fruitful for you. You can easily purchase a proper size sofa for your use by following our providing information.


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