Why a Weighted Blanket Is the Latest Must-Have Accessory for The Bedroom?

Weighted blankets are also known as calming blankets. The use of these types of blankets began in the 1980s. Weighted blankets are very effective to provide proper comforts for the sleepers. A study in 2015 name effects of deep pressure stimulation from weighted blankets found that among the participants 63 percent indicated reduces anxiety, 78 percent reported that increases their calmness level, and 33 percent got relive from the stresses.

Why a Weighted Blanket Is the Latest Must-Have Accessory for The Bedroom

Why Weighted Blanket Is the Latest Must-Have Accessory

Below we discuss briefly some of the points that might be helpful for you to understand why weighted blanket is the latest must-have accessory for the bedroom:

Perfect for Floor Sleeping

It is very difficult to adjust a bed for those people who live in a small size’ bedrooms. So, they have generally no option left without floor sleeping. At the same time, many peoples love to sleep on the floors of their bedrooms. Floor sleepers believe that it has a positive impact on their health. For floor sleeping, you require a standard quality floor mattress or blanket to protect yourself from the risk of catching a cold. A weighted blanket can be a good option for you to sleep quite comfortably on your floor bedroom. The thickness of a weighted blanket easily remains you free from the risk of catching cold and body pain-related issues.

Upgrade Your Bedding

A weighted blanket can be a catchy and effective addition to your bedding accessories. An investment in weight blanket undoubtedly will be beneficial for you. It brings long term improvement in your sleep, health, and ongoing comfort. At the same time, weight blankets bring a change in the looks of your bedroom by adding luxuriousness to it. The maintenance process of weight blankets is also simple. You don’t need to face any extra hassles for maintaining it. Without any hesitation, you can add it to the purchasing list of your bedroom accessories.

Decrease Cortisol

You might be surprised by hearing this but weighted blankets indeed can decrease cortisol. When the level of cortisol increases then we suffer in various mental health issues. The increase of cortisol hampers our regular sleeping and resting time. As a result, we feel so much tensed and lose our self-confidence. A weighted blanket can give you release from this issue because they can remain calm in the night. Sleeping with calmness is used as the treatment of cortisol increases.

Reduce Stress

When you don’t get proper sleep at night then you may feel so many stresses. At the same time, your anxiety levels also rise high. But a weighted blanket can help you by reducing your stresses and anxieties. They make your bedrooms perfect for sleeping and ensure sound sleep whole the night on it. This proper sleep gives you alleviating from the mental stresses and anxieties.

Added Extra Comfortability

Weighted blankets are not only good for your health but at the same time, they also added extra comfortability in your sleeping. The balance support providing capability makes it more comfortable than the other blankets. Weight blankets are generally made with bamboo, cotton, faux fur, polyester, and other fabrics. All of these fabrics are well known for their comforts providing abilities. So, to sleep more comfortably you should choose a weighted blanket over the others.

Stop Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning create so much disturbance for the sleepers. Due to tossing and turning issues, most of the people don’t get sound sleep and starts to suffer in insomnia. Usually, tossing and turning issues are facing by those people who sleep on a too-soft mattress or blanket which has a high motion transfer rate. You can feel every movement of your partner’s when sleeping too soft mattresses or blankets. But a weighted blanket has enough firmness to tolerate your body’s pressure. We always recommend a heavyweight blanket for a couple of sleepers. So, in our opinion, heavyweight blankets are one of them as required bedding accessories for those people who share their blankets with others.

Relieve Symptoms of ADHD

The amplification of ADHD is ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’. There many reasons behinds for affecting it. Low-quality bedding accessories cannot avoid the liability of this disease. School-aged children are the main victim of ADHD. It affects their mental health and the way they act and focus. A lot of parents find that weight blankets are effective to protect child from ADHD. The balance support of the weighted blanket helps to align all of the body parts properly and it also has the calming effects that make sure the mental relaxation of the sleepers. So, a weighted blanket can be the perfect choice to relieve the symptoms of ADHD.

Make Sure that Sleepers Are Wake Up Relaxed

A weighted blanket provides you a sound sleep and also wakes you up with full tranquility. As a result, you feel more relaxed and calmer while getting up in the morning. It helps you to start your day full of confidence and increases your productivity too. You should need to sleep on the weighted blanket to get proper night sleep and then waking up with a joyful mind. It stimulates your oxytocin hormone and driven it to happiness.

The Place to Get the Best Weighted Blanket

Whilst still a very new consumer product, one startup which is taking the industry by storm is Calming Blankets. The Australian-based startup tested the appetite for the market in their country, generating interest through social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. After securing 50,000 sales over the course of a year, the company has expanded to Europe and is contemplating a move to the US too.

The company cites recent studies into the effectiveness of weighted blankets which not only shows they can be beneficial for those struggling with sleep and anxiety, they are also great for more general use, many using them to achieve deep REM faster.

Blankets are available from £149 ($195) are available in different weights, ranging from 4.5kg to 9kg, recommended at 10% to 15% of your body weight, and children’s weighted blankets available too for those over the age of 4 years old.


Different sizes and weight blankets are available in the market. Among all of these, you need to purchase the perfect one according to your bodyweight. We are very sure that our article will be fruitful for you to understand why a weighted blanket is the latest must-have accessory for the bedroom.


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