Why Do Japanese Sleep with Lights on?

why do japanese sleep with lights on?

Japanese people are worldwide famous for their hard-working ability. They are very industrious and very committed to their works. They are very careful and rational about their daily activities.

Japanese have a different view of their sleep. Some Japanese people sleep on the floor with just a floor mattress. They are like to sleep fewer hours than the rest of others in the world. Japanese people’s bedroom decoration and sleeping arrangements system is different from others.

Most of the Japanese people like to sleep with their lights on. They do that for various reasons. We all know that the Japanese are prefer a quick nap rather than sleep during work. So that sleeping with the lights on helps them to avoid a deep sleep. After some time, they woke up and again join their work comfortably.

There also some other reasons behind Japanese people’s lights on sleep. Sleep with lights on is a very workable method for the children and older. Some children have fear of the dark. If they find the whole room dark after waking up in the night then they start crying. It can be traumatized for them. Generally, older people have weak night visions. For that reason, in a dark bedroom, they have fairs of falling when they get up during the night and face troubles to go to the bathroom. Sleeping with the lights on more beneficial for the children and older people. It is clear that children and older people suffer a lot while sleeping in a dark bedroom with the lights off. To avoid these problems Japanese people, prefer to sleep with lights instead of lights off.

Though Japanese people sleep with lights on it has many negative impacts on your body and minds. You cannot get proper sleep with the bedroom’s lights on. As a result, you face some general problems such as stay awake till the late night, get less sleep, nightmares during sleep, wake up later, feel sleepy during the day, and more importantly, you don’t satisfy with the quality and duration of your sleep.

Besides these, there are also some other dangerous issues you may face if you sleep with lights on. Below we describe those other issues with a short description:

  • Depression: Sleeping with the lights on can decreases depression. Many studies find that there is a connection between sleeping with the lights on and depression. The electronic light has negative effects on your mental health. If you sleeping with light then it also affects your cortisol, stress hormone. As a result, you don’t feel good and day by day your mode becomes tetchy. These things can fall you into serious depression.
  • Obesity: A study from The National Institutes of Health (NIH) on women proves that those who slept with the lights on they are the more prone to face obesity This study found that among 17 percent of the participants averagely gain their weight 11 pounds in a year. Those percentage of people sleep with light om in their room. This study also found that the obesity increasing rate is higher for those people who sleep with the light on in their bedroom rather than the who sleep with their light off. According to the National Institutes of Health study, one thing is clear that sleep with lights on or off is a larger factor in the case of obesity.

Another research which is conducted by the International Journal of Obesity and later reported in Reuters too. This study upholds that artificial light makes people gain weight. In their finding sleep with the lights on effect is quite similar to eating junk food. In theirs thinking the reason behind that lights are disrupting your sleep and lack of sleep affect your eating habits. This abrupt change in eating habits is one of the main reasons behind obesity.

  • Connection to cancer: You will be a little bit surprised to hear that sleep with lights on can fall you into a higher risk of affected by cancer. Research from The National Center for Biology Information (NCBI) confirms it. In their finding sleeping with the light can shorten a hormone name melatonin which controls sleep and wakefulness. The interrupt of this melatonin hormone cycle increases the risk of affected by cancer. Another study by Gizmodo shows that those women are sleeping in their bedroom with lights on they are more likely to affected by breast cancer.
  • Affected in your next day’s activities: Due to the interrupts of life, you don’t ger sound sleep at night. As a result, it is not possible for you to carry out the whole following day quite comfortably. You feel sleepy throughout the day. It decreases your regular performance and productivity. That can be very dangerous for those who work in the driving profession.
  • Increased risk of affected in various diseases: Sleep with lights on cannot give you proper sleep. If you continue to sleep with lights on for a long period that has a negative impact on your overall health. It can increase the risk of certain chronic illnesses. This interrupt of light on your sleep also increases the risk of affected by heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

We hope now you are clear why Japanese people like to sleep with lights on. At the same time, we also discuss the side effects of sleeping with lights on. We hope our article will be helpful for you to enrich your knowledge.



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