Why does my air mattress keep deflating?

The most major irritation is that when an air mattress losing its air. The inflatable air mattress is the most comfortable option of your relaxation but its deflation during use is most uncomfortable. There are several reasons that are why this may be happing to you even if you have the best quality air mattress. Sometimes it deflates because of its design, temperature, and also its weight capacity. 

4 Reason Why Does Air Mattress Deflate Overnight?

Now try to show exactly why does my air mattress keep deflating:

  • Improper use of the air mattress.
  • Physical damage.Temperature problems of the room.
  • Overinflation.
  • Weigh capacity of the air mattress.

Improper Use

An Air mattress should be needed for proper use. An entire manual instruction is given of every air mattress. The deflation problem arises when you disregard the steps that are outlined in the manual.

When an air mattress doesn’t pack carefully, the opening will lose its rigidity over time and a small hole develops by which the air loss through the hole more easily. Always try to follow the instruction because it helps you to maintain air pressure in your inflatable bed and also increase a longer life for the mattress. Do extra care during camping and choose the right air mattress.

Physical Damage

Most of the air mattresses made from thin materials for this after continual use you can face some physical damage from them. Your air mattress is not the sturdiest product so that it can puncture and rupture for regular use.

Most of the cheap air mattresses are not intended for daily and long term use. You can’t place it directly on rocky ground or sharp gravel without worries and it leaks within a few months and deflate easily. Finding a leak of the mattress also a very difficult process so always try to be aware of the physical damage of the air mattress. 


The temperature of the room plays a major role in the deflation of your air mattress. The firmness of the air mattress will be changed when there is a significant change in temperature in the room. During hot weather, the mattress shall normally increase in size and decrease when cold because it expands when heated and contract when cooled. So you should keep the moderate temperature of your room to save your mattress from deflation. Normal Temperature of a room helps to prevent your mattress from deflation so that you can keep a heater in the room but make sure it’s not close to your bed. 


Overinflation of the mattress is aking future damage of your mattress so don’t over-inflate it. Keep it inflated when in use, and deflate it for storage. Always be aware when you inflating the bed because overpressure of the pump can stress the connection and potentially lead to a small puncture.

The pump can create a stressful connection between the pump and the air mattress and even a small air loss can grow into a sizeable leak for this reason the air mattress started to losing air. 

Weight Capacity

Every air mattress has a specific weight capacity according to its size. Because of its weight limits, it will lose its air. 

Every air mattress comes with labeled maximum weight capacity for this reason if the weight capacity is exceeded, the mattress will lose the air at a first-rate. 

Weight capacity always has written in front of the air mattress. If you have any doubts about its weight capacity, you will contact the manufacturer. The limit of weight not only for sleep but also for setting such as if the air mattress designed to support 225 Ib weight starts leaking with two people of 210 Ib sitting on it. 

Short Solution: Way to Avoid Deflation

Air mattress deflated because it is not used properly. You should follow some tips to avoid deflation such as,

  • Fold it with care.
  • Maintain room temperature.
  • Utilize the mattress moderately.
  • Lay flat.
  • Seal the nozzle tightly all the time.
  • Avoiding physical damage.
  • Maintain weight capacity.
  • Deflate it while not in use.
  • Tidy your room and keep off prickly objects.
  • Applying high pressure on a small area can speed up deflating so jumping on the bed is never recommended.
  • Sometimes as minor as turning on a space heater which may prevent your mattress from running flat.

These above tips will help your mattress from deflation.


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