Are Tuft And Needle Mattresses Any Good?

In a very short time, Tuft and Needle gain the trust and popularity of customers. They take much brilliant policy to make a good image in the market. Direct-to-consumer is such kind of policy which is highly admirable and effective. 

Tuft and Needle fabricate three types of mattress

Original Mattress: Tuft and Needle original mattress has a 3- inch layer of comfort foam and a 7- inch layer of support foam. It is an all-foam mattress at a very low price. It is very appropriate for the stomach and back sleepers because of its pressure relief support. Tuft and Needle’s original mattress does not create a sinking problem when stomach and back sleepers sleep on it. 

Mint Mattress: Tuft and Needle mint mattress has an extra transitional layer of foam with strong edge support. The ceramic cooling gel of this mattress away heat, moisture and keeps you chill in the sleeping period. You also find Tuft and Needle mint mattresses at a reasonable price. 

Hybrid Mattress: Tuft and Needle also make innerspring hybrid foam mattress. It includes a pillow top filled with carbon fiber that increases the durability of the mattress. Tuft and Needle hybrid mattress is very effective for sleepers who prefer responsive support. This mattress prevents sagging during sleeping sleep. The price of Tuft and Needle Hybrid mattresses is higher rather than the previous two types. 

Below we mention them with the price and some other variables that might helpful for you:   

Mattress NameTypeWidth-Length-Height               (Inches)Weight (Pounds)Price
Original MattressFoam60-80-1072$595
Mint MattressFoam60-80-1280$995
Hybrid MattressHybrid60-80-12112$1,495

All types of mattresses are extremely acceptable to buyers. Most buyers are fully satisfied by using Tuft and Needle mattresses.  

‘Are Tuft and Needle mattresses any good?’is the headline of our article. The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’, there are lots of good in Tuft and Needle mattresses. In below we mention some of the good points of Tuft and Needle mattresses that might help you to understand why we say that: 

  • Tuft and Needle mattresses provide good quality at a reasonable price.
  • Tuft and Needle mattresses are designed to be universally comfortable. 
  • Uses ceramic gel to enhancement cooling. 
  • Good for stomach and back sleepers. 
  • Give you a comfortable breath while sleeping on it. 
  • Targeted support for comfort and spine alignment. 
  • Strong edge support. 
  • Uses adaptive foam to developed Tuft and Needle. 
  • Eco-friendly foam. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Free shipping (except to Hawaii and Alaska). 
  • 100-night sleeping trial. 
  • 10 years warranty. 
  • Free returned. 
  • Full refund if returned. 
  • You can easily buy Tuft and Needle mattresses on their website and Amazon. 
  • Retail stores through Arizona. 
  • They also have distributors. 
  • They get great reviews from the customers.

Above, we lay bare some of the good points of Tuft and Needle mattresses. Without these, there are also many good points of Tuft and Needle mattresses have available. In our point of view, Tuft and Needle mattresses offer a lot of advantages rather than its competitor companies. You can buy any of Tuft and Needle mattresses among their three fabricate types without hesitation. 

So, we think Tuft and Needle mattresses are very good for you. We hope their mattresses don’t disappoint you. But the purchase decision completely depends on you and we always respect that.


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