5 Bed Frame Alternatives Ideas

bed frame is a part of the bed that used to position the foundation and mattress. It is also known as a bedstead. Usually, bed frames are made of metal or wood. Bed frames are designed to the intended support and hold a bed. They also added extra support to the mattress.

Bed Frame Alternatives Ideas

Using the bed frame is a usual method for supporting the box spring and mattresses. They also create space for keeping storage. Bed frame added additional height to place your bed above from the mattress. As a result, you can sleep on the bed comfortably and also protect you from the attack of floor dust and insects.

But when you running into an insufficient budget then buying the cheapest bed frame seems to be an unnecessary expense. In those circumstances, you can easily get along with the alternatives of it because they are not so costly. Alternatives are also effective to cope within a small space room.

You should also use those alternatives instead of bed frames if you want to try something out of common practice. Those alternative presents your bedroom uniquely and gives a modern look into it rather than the traditional bed frame.

5 Bed Frame Alternatives Ideas

In this article, we will give you the list of some bed frame alternatives in briefly. Let’s have a short discussion about them below:

Simplest Alternative

You need to just put box spring and mattress directly on the floor to make an alternative to the bed frame. It is the easiest method for making an alternative to a bed frame.

mattress on floor ideas

Many people like to do that because they want to enjoy the aesthetic of having a bed without any underneath storage space. It gives you chilled feel during the hot temperature and also saves your space.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are mostly used as alternative to the bed frame. They are low to the floor and provides you nice back support. These types of beds are very popular in Europe and now they start to gain popularity in the US.

Platform Bed

The platform bed has no storage option in underneath it. So, it is not ideal for those who badly need storage space with their beds.

Cinder Blocks

It is a very good option for them who have not sufficient budget to afford a bed frame or its other alternatives. You need to manage a minimum of five blocks to get the best support from it. Then place one cinder block at each corner of the mattress. Finally, put the fifth block in the center to support the middle part of the bed.

Cinder blocks

For getting extra support from cinder blocks you require to lay wood planks across them to lift up your mattress. You can use some kind of non-slip material in the beneath of cinder blocks to protect them from the scratching of floors.

Milk Crates

Several milk crates stringing jointly work as a mattress support. If you’re on a budget then you can follow this method. According to the size of the bed, you require to connect the several crates together. For doing this you need to make sure enough crates to support the center of your bed.

Milk Crate

Captain’s Beds

These types of beds are well known for their additional storage spaces. Captain’s Beds are placed higher off the ground to create storage space. Beneath they have storage space instead of a frame. They have also drawers and storage bins for giving the storage facilities to its users. You can effortlessly store there home appliances, clothes, books, or other accessories.

Captain’s Bed

They are the most used alternatives to the bed frame. You can use any of them according to your necessity and wish. Those alternatives are so much capable to give you the almost same facilities as bed frames. All of the alternatives are both space and cost saver.

In our point of view, using any alternatives to bed frames are not a bad deal for you. But first, you need to find out which is suitable for your use. Is it bed frames or its alternative? You need to understand it properly and then you can make the purchase decision. We always suggest you consider all of the variables of an item before making a buy.


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