Best Sleep Schedule for College Students

A recent study of 55,322 college students in Sleep Health found that most of the college students don’t get sufficient sleep at night. Because they need to maintain a busy academic schedule the whole day. Most of the students like the night period to entertain themselves by watching movies, series, dramas, etc. They also become more active in social media at night’s period.

So, they don’t get sufficient time to sleep. Lack of sleep affected both of their health and academic carrier. As a student, you need to sleep at least 7-9 hours. To get sufficient sleep you need to make and follow a good schedule regularly.

What is the Best Sleep Schedule for College Students

Here we make a possible best sleep schedule for the college students. Hope it will helpful for you if you’re a college student:

Plan Your Schedule According to the Natural Rhythm

According to the sleep schedule, Smarr categorized people into these three yclept:

Those who naturally stay up late and sleep late we can call them owls.

Those who take to an early schedule are known as larks.

Those who in the middle are finches.

Those students who are owls and larks suffer a lot to cope with their academic routine. Because owls are often missed their morning classes while larks are don’t able to study well at night. In Smarr’s opinion, it’s difficult for a person to change the body’s natural schedule or adopt a new one. We prefer you to adapt your schedule according to the sleep habits instead of adapting the sleep habits to your schedule. So, when you are in full rhythm try to complete your all academic tasks during that time.

Follow the Same Schedule Every Night

Sara Nowakowski who is a sleep expert thinks that it is extremely important for a person that he/ she gets out of bed at the same time every day. Though it is not an easy task for a person to maintain the schedule regularly. Generally, we break our schedule on weekends and holidays. But it is so difficult to back the regular schedule again. So, set a time to wake and sleep and follow it continuously to get success in your academic life.

Get Outside Quickly

When you wake up then not stay in the bed because it can fall you in sleep again. It will hamper your other task. It is not good to lounge around in bed for more than 30-45 minutes after getting up. Sleeping expert Nowakowski suggests that a person should do this even if he/ she feels poor. Because it will help you to use the day more aptly and effectively.

Try to Be More Active in the Morning

Always try to use the morning because it is the time when you feel refreshed and better than the other parts of the day. You can give more focused on your study during this period. So, don’t waste this period. Good use of morning always makes you gainer over the day.

Reward Yourself for Maintaining the Schedule

We need to motivate ourselves. When you able to maintain your sleep/ wake schedule regularly then it is the time to reward yourself. You can eat or drink something as a reward. To be honest it will motivate you a lot and bring continuity in your regular tasks.

Aim to Get to Bed Only for Sleeping

Generally, college students’ ages remain in the range between 18-25-year-old. To maintain good health, they require a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep. So, sorted your daily schedule in such a way that you can manage 7-9 hours for sleep. To fill this target, we recommended you to go the bed only at night. Because if you sleep at noon then you may suffer to sleep quickly at night.

Unplug Before Bed

Spend a minimum of half an hour to wind down your body. You can read a book, practicing meditation, journaling, drinking chamomile tea, or going for a short walk to unplug before bed. At this time, you need to away from your phone and do any of them from mentioning to refresh and relax. It will be helpful for you to fall into a deep sleep quickly.

Avoid Naps, Particularly Early and Late in the Day

You need to avoid long naps during the day to get a proper night’s sleep. Because napping removes tiredness from your body that’s you don’t feel tired enough to fall into a deep sleep during your bedtime. If you are feeling so tired then you can take a nap but during that time remain active and awake and keep it under half an hour.

Avoid Light at Night

Light is a cue to remain awake to your brain. If you can avoid light at night then it will be helpful for you to get sleep quickly. You can use lamps instead of overhead lights during the study. If you need to look at a screen then wear blue-light-blocking gasses.

If You’re Sleeping through a Lecture, It’s Time to Change Your Sleep Schedule

Falling asleep during class time is a surefire sign. It means that you’re not getting enough sleep at night. If you sleep during the lecture of a teacher then you miss many of the pars of your lesson. It also makes a negative impression of you to the teachers. So, to get riddance, you should carve out time to get to bed earlier or sleep later.

We hope by following our you can get sufficient sleep at night and proper sleep has always a positive impact on both of your health and academic life.


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