Englander Mattress – Respected Brand With Various Options

Englander is a company that has been focusing on providing high-quality mattresses since 1894. Englander Mattress can survive for so long in the industry because it has the ability to adapt to new technologies and changes in the market. But on top of it, the brand itself has been a guarantee for excellent quality for more than a century.

Englander Mattress LogoEnglander is best known for providing a wide variety of high-end mattresses, from a traditional innerspring, memory foam, latex, as well as a combination of memory foam and innerspring. Not many manufacturers can provide such a diverse range of mattresses.

Their most popular innerspring collection is called, “Tension Ease” with 3 levels of comfort that you can choose from. The Tension Ease mattresses are equipped with Duo-Flex coils that have a barrel shape design. This unique design can provide full coil compression without losing shape. These coils are made of tempered steel and each of them is wrapped individually.

Englander has also embraced the memory foam technology not long after it was introduced in the market. It didn’t take too much time until they came up with their own version that combines memory foam with latex. It gave birth to the seven-zoned Englander mattress that provides exceptional support and durability.

They also have many options for latex mattresses. Latex is actually a good alternative to memory foam, it also confirms the shape of the sleeper, and the difference is that it’s not temperature sensitive. Englander is using natural latex from sustainable resources, and it’s also very hypoallergenic.

For those who enjoy the firm support of a traditional mattress but also want to feel the comfort of memory foam, Englander has just the perfect product that combines innerspring and memory foam. This Englander mattress is actually quite cheap compared to similar products from other manufacturers.


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