Can I Put a Pillow Under My Baby’s Sheet?

Can I put a pillow under my baby’s sheetImagine, you are very tired, lie down on the bed, closing both eyes and eagerly waiting for falling into a deep sleep. Now tell me if there is no pillow on the bed, how much time you need to go for sleeping in that situation? To be honest most of the people including me can’t think about sleeping without a pillow. It is one of the part and parcel for sleeping. But when you have a baby you need to think differently about the pillow.

Today we will discuss the baby’s sleep and pillow. Can I put a pillow under my baby’s sheet? – is a very common question and in that particular issue, our answer you don’t need a pillow under the baby sheet. Are you surprised by reading that answer? Read this article with full attention to understand the exact fact of our answer. Don’t forget it is important for you to know the proper answer to this matter because it is concerned with your baby’s health.

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Sound sleep is the pre-condition for maintaining good health. Sleep gives your body rest and also refresh your mind. It freezing your energy and prepare your body’s organism with a good rhythm for upcoming works. A person can’t able to lead his/ her life without sleeping. A baby needs more hours of sleeping time than an adult person. To ensure a sound sleep for the baby you need to keep watch on many things. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “A grown-up person needs to sleep 7-9 hours per day while infant and baby need to sleep more than 10 hours”.

Why not I put a pillow under my baby’s sheet?

While lying on a soft and comfortable pillow you always want to give the same comfort feeling to your baby with a flabby pillow. There is no doubt that the pillow improves sleeping poses, gives a lot of comforts and helps to sleep better. However, it may not be wise to use a pillow for your little prince or princess. Using a pillow can be dangerous for your juniors.

As a parent, you can wonder why the pillow is not recommended for babies. In the first few months after childbirth, there is a lack of proper control over the neck and head by the infant. In that period, if your baby’s nose or mouth covered by a pillow or any other soft bed elements he/ she may not able to move the head. Baby cannot able to continue his/ her normal breathing process in that situation. It gives suffocation feeling to your baby. It can cause a disaster also in their digest process by creating choking consuming problems. Using a pillow also blames for frame the bad shape of your baby’s head.

What should I do?

The NICHD suggests avoiding pillows for babies under one year of age. According to their opinion, don’t place the baby on a pillow or add a pillow to the baby’s sheet. If you do that then it decreases the risk of SIDS. So, it is clear that you not need to give a pillow to your baby for sleeping.

Now you can ask me, which is the right time to use the pillow for your baby’s sleeping. My suggestion is that you can start using pillows for your little one any time after two years. If you feel after that age your baby can sleep comfortably without pillow than don’t use it.

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