5 Best Cooling Blanket Reviews 2018 [3 Blankets Has Heating Feature Also]

Best Cooling Blanket Reviews

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Are you experiencing a poor night’s sleep on a regular basis? Do you need a cool summer blanket?

Do you feel too hot to sleep or need something to keep you cool while on the road?

If so, you probably need something to regulate your body temperature. When it comes to sleeping, many people look to change their pillows and mattresses.

While these are good options, you may still be missing something to help you get that deep night’s sleep that you’re craving.

What many people don’t realize is that bed sheets and blankets play a vital role in your sleep. How?

Well, regular sheets don’t do a whole lot for you, in fact, they often lead to overheating. But cooling blankets, on the other hand, ensure your body temperature remains cool for the best comfort.

You may also be glad to know that some of them come with secondary heating features. Therefore, they can be fantastic to use to your benefit in any climate!

To learn more about some of the best cooling blankets available, take a look below. We’ve also included some smaller blankets that are awesome for traveling go too!

Top 5 Best Cooling Blankets

Picking between the huge variety of cooling blankets available is a tough task. But that’s why we’ve created a top five list of the ones for you.

Simply take a look and see which one you like the best!

Queen Size Sheet Set - 6 Piece Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Extra Soft - Deep Pockets - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling Sheets - Wrinkle Free - Dark Gray - Grey Bed Sheets - Queens Sheets - 6 PC
Queen Size Sheet Set - 6 Piece Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Extra Soft - Deep Pockets - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling Sheets - Wrinkle Free - Dark Gray - Grey Bed Sheets - Queens Sheets - 6 PC
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CGK Unlimited Luxury Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Extra Soft – Deep Pockets – Easy Fit – Breathable & Cooling Sheets – Wrinkle Free – Comfy – Tan – Beige Bed Sheets – Queens Sheets – 6 PC

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CGK have created an amazing luxury sheet set that comes with four pillowcases, fitted sheets, and flat sheets.

There are four different sizes available. They include:

  • Queen
  • King
  • Full
  • California King

This sheet set is a good size for mattresses that are 16 inches deep. However, there’s no need to worry if your mattress is smaller as these sheets will still fit well.

The brand has made sure to make the universal sheets possible.

The sheets are breathable and cooler than regular ones. They’re also super soft and comfortable for you to sleep on.

High standard double-brushed microfiber is used in the material. Not only does this make the sheets softer, it also gives them a lighter feel too.

They have been carefully woven together to ensure they remain strong and will last you for a long time.


  • High-quality microfiber material for comfort and quality
  • Woven materials for durability
  • Great range of sizes available
  • Breathable and cool


  • Some experience cotton balls after washing sheets
  • The fabric is thinner than some may prefer
  • Elastic may not hold well onto edges of the mattress
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BedJet AirComforter Cooling & Heat Sheet – Electric Cooling Blanket with Heating Feature

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BedJet has designed incredible sheets that have the cooling technology. We also appreciated the heat features too. This is what makes this sheet one of the best choices for couples.

If one of you prefers cooler sheets, and the other wants a warmer bed, guess what? With these sheets, you can both be happy as you sleep in the temperatures that fit YOU best!

This technological sheet is an accessory to the BedJet Climate Comfort system. They connect easily to the BedJet.

A lot of time has been put into engineering these sheets. They use 100% cotton fibers which lets you experience soft sheets that really impressed us.

Furthermore, there are dual fabric layers and air flow pockets inside the sheets! This makes it unique to the standard electric cooling blanket.

King and queen size available at different prices to suit each person’s budget too.


  • Excellent cooling blanket for bed with addition heat settings
  • 100% cotton fibers for maximum comfort
  • Airflow pockets to increase breathability
  • King and queen sizes


  • Slightly noisier than some were expecting
  • 20 heat settings can be a little confusing to work
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Zone Tech Cooling Car Heated Travel Blanket – 2-Pack Classic Black Premium Quality 12V Automotive Comfortable Heating Car Seat Blanket for Cold Weather

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Looking for something to keep you cool on those long drives?

The Zone Tech Cooling Travel Blanket may be the perfect option. Often times, when on a long journey you begin to feel hot after concentrating on the road so much. But as soon as you go to open a window, your passengers start complaining…

Well, this is no longer an issue. You can simply lay this cooling blanket over your legs or sit on it to have a cooling sensation the regulates your body temperature as you drive – without affecting anyone else!

The blanket is made from highly technological fabric which activates cooling effects within minutes. All you have to do it connect your travel blanket to the 12-volt outlet in your car. This can be a lifesaver while on your travels.

Zone Tech have even included additional heat features to keep your back warm and increase circulation.

Far infrared heating features have been woven into the fabric. Surprisingly, you don’t even feel the wires!

High-grade polyester has been used to let you experience comfortable blankets that are strong and durable.

They’ve been specifically made to be taken on your travels, so you can easily fold them up for compact storage. Alternatively, you could even fold them and turn the blankets into small pillows for passengers.


  • Technological fabric that cools you down within minutes
  • Secondary heat features for colder weather
  • High-quality polyester for comfort
  • Perfect size for traveling


  • Some experience a smell of keeping the blanket on for a long time
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Luxury 350 TC Tommy Bahama Cooling Nights Blanket – White With Blue Trim – Aegean Wave Design (Oversized King)

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The Tommy Bahama cooling blanket has a cotton count thread of 350! As a result, this blanket is an absolute joy to sleep with. If you are looking for a blanket that keeps you cool, this one can perfect for you.

However, this company has taken things to the next level by combining the pure cotton material with nylon for an ultra-comforting experience.

The materials are hypoallergenic. So, if you’re very sensitive to allergens, you can rest comfortably in knowing that the Luxury Tommy Bahama Cooling Blanket will give you no problems.

You’ll appreciate how they’ve designed the blanket with an aesthetic wave pattern.

We believe this is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a blanket to keep you cool during the hotter months of the year. Let those days of overheating in bed trying to get comfortable be in the past!

That’s blanket can be your best helpful cold blanket for summer. There are different sizes available, which include oversized queen and king. You can easily machine wash and dry the blanket for cleanliness too.


  • Cotton count thread of 350 for comfort
  • Combination of cotton and nylon for ultimate softness
  • The perfect option to keep you cool during hot nights
  • Different sizes available


  • The blue flange trim detail may not fit well with the rest of your bedroom décor
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Pueri Car Heated Travel Blanket Electric Car Blanket 12V Heated and Cooling Travel Blanket for Cold Weather (Camel)

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The material used to construct the Pueri Car Cooling Travel Blanket is of a very high quality. Synthetic fiber is what this brand use and it’s amazingly soft and comfortable.

If you’re looking for something to keep you cool while on the road, this travel blanket may be the perfect solution.

The design is purposefully lightweight to ensure the blanket is a great accompaniment while traveling.

You could choose to put it over your legs or place it on the car seat to have the cooling effects on your bottom and back.

The blanket can also be folded up to make it compact and easier to store away when you don’t need to use it.

We found this blanket was very simple to use. All you have to do is plug it into the 12-volt power outlet in your car and it will begin to cool you down in no time.

You get a remote that lets you control the settings as there’s even a heat feature available. For those times driving in colder weather, you can switch to the heat setting and it works to keep you warm.

We love this feature because it means you can use the blanket in both colder and warmer climates.

You can pick between the various colors available –  these include cream, camel, and coffee.

Lots of detail has gone into the design of this cooling travel blanket. They take particular care with the process of sewing the edges to make it durable and comfortable.

The blanket can also be easily washed in the machine for your convenience.


  • Both cooling and heating settings for all climates
  • Compact to make it easy to use on the go
  • Cools you down faster than we were expecting!
  • Sewn edges ensure durability and comfort


  • Maybe smaller in size than some were hoping for
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Now that you know a little more about some of the top cooling blankets and the different features they offer, you can start looking to improve your sleep.

You may have also been surprised by the travel blankets and how they can cool you down, simply by plugging them into your car’s power outlet.

We also appreciate how they have secondary heating features for colder climates.

The cooling effects of the blankets above are amazing. They are also incredibly comfortable and have been made using high-standard materials.

We hope this list has helped to give you a good idea of the technological features that blankets and sheets have to offer nowadays. Pick the one that’s right for your cold blanket for bed, today!

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