The Danger of Urine in Mattress

The Danger of Urine in Mattress

Mattresses are the most important part of a household. We spend hours on researching and then, invest in the best mattress based on our comfort. But, what if the mattress gets spoiled due to urine? Many times our kids or pets ruin the mattress by peeing on the bed.

The List of Danger of Urine in Mattress

This urine stains the mattress along with leaving a foul smell. Although, there is no solution to it but should be aware of the dangers of urine embedded in the mattresses. Based on our research, we have found a few common effects of urine on the mattresses:

Prone to Allergies

Dust mites get trapped inside the mattress due to the settling of urine in it. The dust particles already present can cause bacteria and germs to breed on the surface thereby resulting in certain allergies, which can cause health issues to the entire family.

Sleep Issues

Due to the bad odor coming from the mattress, the sleep gets hampered to a large extent. The fungus can also spread in the mattress and cause itching to the skin of the person sleeping on the mattress. Disturbed sleep can again give rise to certain diseases and worsen health further.

The Danger of Urine in Mattress

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are known to be blood-sucking parasites, which can live and breed within your mattress very easily. Once they enter inside the mattress, it is almost impossible to get rid of them. If the mattress is wet due to urine on it, it becomes a favorable site for the bed bugs to grow and breed. The only way to eliminate them from the mattress is to replace it with a new one.

Warranty of the Mattress

Almost all the mattresses come with a long warranty period. But, most of the time the warranty does not include staining of the mattress due to any liquid material like urine, etc. One can get rid of this issue by protecting the mattress with a sheet so that if there is urine on the sheet, it does not penetrate the mattress and warranty of the mattress remains intact.

Product Suggestion to Remove Urine

We have an article where we shared how you can do the clean up your mattress with urine. Check that article from this link. The following products also may help to remove the urine from your mattress.

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Mattresses play a major role in having a peaceful sleep. The article discusses the dangers associated with urine in the mattresses. Certain precautions taken well on time can prevent the damage to mattresses. Using waterproof covers for the mattress to avoid any type of spillage on the mattress can protect the mattress from the damage. Remember, it is still better to take precautions than to be sorry about the consequences later on.

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