How to Clean a Mattress with Urine?

If you have a child or pet’s then it’s regular work for you to clean your mattress with urine. There are some dangerous sides, therefore you cannot wait to do the cleanup. In this article, we will discuss briefly a few methods that will make your cleaning process easier.

How to Clean a Mattress with Urine?

If you are asking yourself regularly that – How to clean a mattress with urine? You can follow two ways to cleanup your mattress with urine. It’s depends if you are cleaning up before the urine dries or after. We have the both solution, please continue reading to know them.

8 Methods to Clean a Mattress with Urine Before It Dries

First, we will focus on cleaning a mattress with urine when it is wet. Here we discuss briefly 8 methods. By using these 8 methods, you can easily clean a mattress which is wet due to urine:

Soak with Vinegar

Vinegar is the best option to remove urine smells from your mattress. We recommend white vinegar for cleaning a mattress with urine. You can use them both when your mattress is wet or dry due to urine. If your mattress is still wet, then you need to soak up it with the help of towels or cloth and then sprinkle the vinegar onto this wet area. When your mattress becomes dry after the urine then you can directly use vinegar onto it.

Apply the Solution

You need to apply this solution to the affected area and wait for a few minutes to clean your mattress properly. First, you need to soak this urine affected area of your mattress for at least 5-10 minutes, then wait until it’s dry completely. Generally, a mattress takes around 20 minutes to dry completely. During this time continues the blot solution on your mattress with the help of a towel or cloth.

Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

An enzymatic cleaner is very effective especially to lift a pet’s urine stain from your mattress. Generally, pets have a common trend that they like to keep urinating in the same spot again and again if the smell doesn’t out completely from there. So, you need to clean the urines’ affected are property. In that case, the enzymatic cleaner can be a good option for you. When all the regular formulas will be failed then you should try it in the final stage. An enzymatic cleaner is strong enough to remove the odor of urine properly from your mattress in a short time.

Sprinkle with Baking Soda

Barking soda is one of the most commonly used materials to remove urines’ odors from the mattresses. You just need to sprinkle the baking soda into the affected area of your mattress. They are capable of removing urines’ odor and strains property from your mattress. If you have children or pets then your mattress is a frequent victim of urine cases. So, in that particular case, baking soda is the best option for you. You can sprinkle it simply at any time to stop the spread of urines’ odor.

Reapply as Needed

Sometimes the stain of urine doesn’t away properly in a short time. Don’t worry if that happens to you. Just reapply the same process continues for a few longer periods. In this stage, you need to be careful about the use of the towel. You require a white paper or light color towels to lift the stain properly from your mattress.

Vacuum Up

Vacuuming the mattress is also an excellent solution for cleaning a mattress with urine. You require a powerful and high-quality vacuum to complete the entire cleaning process smoothly. Before vacuuming you can wash the upholstery attachment of your mattress with the mixture of baking soda and warm water. Though this wash is optional but effective to killed dust and germs of your mattress. After that, you can start vacuuming all the surfaces of your mattress properly to remove urine from it.

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Smear Borax Paste on the Urine Affected Area

Borax is the other chemical that is also commonly used to clean a mattress with urine. Borax is also widely available in the market. At first sprinkle, the borax whole the urine affected area properly then rub it with the help of a cloth or brush. By doing that you can easily clean your mattress from the odor of urine. But always be careful when using borax because they are toxic too.

Let It Dry

After applying above mentioned every solution you need to wait for patience until the affected areas of your mattress dry completely. In that time, you need to remove blankets, pillows, sheets, covers, and other bedding items to make it completely naked. Make sure the proper airflow in your room during that time. After, 4- 5 hours you get your fresh mattress back again.

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3 Methods to Clean a Mattress After Urine Has Dried

Now, we will discuss some methods that can be effective to clean a mattress when urine is completely dried. Generally, after half an hour the urine has dried but the odor and strain of urine not gone away from the mattress. Below we discuss such three methods that you can use when your mattress has gone dry after urine:

Make a Hydrogen Peroxide

This method is very effective to remove old urine stains. Sometimes it may very difficult to remove older urine stains from the bed. But hydrogen peroxide is one of the best options to remove older urine stains and odor from the mattress. In this method, you require to make a mixture of 8 FL oz 3% hydrogen peroxide, 3 US tbsp of baking soda, and 2 drops of liquid dish detergent in a bowl and then mix the ingredients with the help of a small spoon or stick. The effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide remains only 1-2 hours. Use them within this period otherwise, you need to make another mixture of hydrogen peroxide.

Dab the Stain with the Hydrogen Peroxide

You also can remove urine stains and odor with the help of hydrogen peroxide. In this method, you don’t require to make any mixture like the previous one. You just need to dab the urine affected area gently with hydrogen peroxide. It is ideal to choose a wet white cleaning cloth for dabbing your mattress. Though it will take a few more extra minutes to remove urine stains and odors but still the entire process is very much easier to do.

Use a Dry Foam to Remove a Persists Urines’ Stain

This method is almost the same as the first one. In this method, you need to make a mixture of 3 US tbsp (50 g) of dry laundry powder with 1 US tbsp (15 ml) of water in a bowl and like the previous one uses a spoon or stick to mix it properly. It is wise to avoid these laundry powder which contains oxygenated bleach. It can do permanent damage to your mattress.


We hope all of these above describes methods should work for you to clean a mattress with urine. But when you cannot able to properly clean your mattress with urine then consult with a professional cleaner or purchase a new one. But before replacing your mattress don’t forget to apply all of our methods to clean a mattress with urine.


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