How To Wash Mattress Protector [7 Important Way]

A mattress protector is the most important part of every household which doing a very good job of protecting your mattress. It is the only barrier between you and your mattress that bears the general wear and tear of daily use like sweet or liquids absorption, stains, and dust mite, or other damage to your mattress.

It is a crucial duty for you to wash a mattress protector in a proper way; in this article, you will know the best ways.

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The Reason Why You Need to Wash Mattress Protector

  • Helps to keep the mattress clean. Clean the mattress very hard job but you will able to remove the protector easily and wash it.
  • By using a mattress protector you will able to keep the warranty intact of the mattress.
  • If you clean the mattress protector regularly with the property way, it will keep the mattress to have a new feel for a long time and you can get a long time to replace your mattress protector.
  • Help to prevent dust mite allergies.

So for the sake of the mattress, we have to wash our mattress protector. The following are the steps for washing a mattress protector:

Most important things you’ll need to safely clean your protector,

  1. Washing machine.
  2. Tumble dryer.
  3. Bleach-free laundry detergent.

Step by Step Instructions to Wash Mattress Protector

There are a few steps you need to follow to wash a mattress protector, check them below:

Firstly Remove the Mattress from The Mattress

For washing mattress protectors you should cover out the mattress. You should start from the corner using its elastic side. If you use an encasement style protector, it will take longer to cover out and you’ll need to unzip it. For frequent laundering always fitted sheet covers are preferred.

Check for Open Seams

Before put the protector in the washing machine, you will need to at first if there are any open seams. You should immediately repair it and repairing from the tailor before put in the washing machine. Because the washing machine is jammed in case there are any open seams in the protector.

Pretreat Stains

For small stain on your mattress protector can ruin your warranty and make it worthless.

Always try to purchase machine washable mattress protector because washing mattress protector is much convenient than washing mattress. You can use detergent on the stains on the protector. Keep it 10 to 15 minutes to soak it. Then it will easy to come out stain fro the protector before put them in the washing machine.

Put It in The Washing Machine

If the protector made from tough materials such as wool, it will wash on a normal cycle. And use a delicate cycle with low and mild heat if it made from thin materials like bamboo rayon and polyester. You should use an only non-bleach, mild detergent to ensure no damage occurs to the materials.

For cleaning the mattress protector a front load washing machine is best.

Wash on A Delicate Cycle

Always try to use the delicate cycle to wash your mattress protector. You can use a small amount of gentle detergent with the cool water. Because the temperature of the water is very important for protector wash.

Rinse the Mattress Protector Twice

Rinse is a very important part of washing to out the detergent. You can do this twice or you can also leave your mattress protector in the washing machine and run it once again without detergent. It will help you to remove all detergent and clean your mattress protector properly.

Dry Your Mattress Protector

Tumble dry helps to dry your mattress as well as maintain smoothness. If you don’t do this it will ruin its initial smoothness. You will stop the dryer after 20 minutes when you are going to dry your mattress protector.


The mattress protector has a marvelous benefit to staying healthy. So cleaning mattress protectors is a must. And the washing process is different according to their types. Most of the mattress protector gives specific instruction for washing them so this is very easy for us. And also keep your warranty intact. A mattress protector is not as frequently washed as the rest of the bedding. But if you suffer from allergy problems, you will be required to wash it more often.


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