How Often To Replace Mattress Protector?

People use mattress protectors for many reasons. It helps to protect the mattress from stains, liquids, spills, and various barrier which cause harm to the mattress. Replacing mattress protector is depending on the different mattress because instructions for specific protectors are different.

To make a mattress protector perfect you should regularly properly take care of it. You should replace mattress protectors every one to two years until you see everyday wear and tear.

Important of replacing mattress protector

  • Help to prevent bugs, stains, dust mite, and other insects because old mattress protectors cannot give protection from these insects’ allergies.
  • Keep the mattress healthy and feeling in like-new condition for longer.
  • It maintains the mattress warranty valid.

Now discuss some tips to make a decision on how often you replace your mattress protector: 

Depend on its flexibility

The flexibility of the mattress protector is important to maintain the softness of the mattress. When you buy a mattress you should know how flexible the protector is. The flexibility of the mattress protector helps to keep your sleep environment clean and fresh.

Lightweight and flexibility are more important for this situation and it gives you comfort and helps to protect your mattress longer. To keep flexibility you should remove any odor or germs that it had come into contact with before you purchased it. 

Mattress protector’s durability

Mattress protectors are the best way to keep the mattress stronger and you can spend so much time on stays in like news mattresses. Buy mattress protector which is high-quality so that it can give warranty to stay strong longer. 

When you go to buy a mattress protector, you will do research and find one with an all-round rating. Also, wash carefully and protect your protector from the urine to ensure the durability of your mattress protector.

Some cost-effective protectors have which is especially useful in a hospitality environment where a single mattress will be used by hundreds of people a year. 

When it can’t able to protect the mattress

When it not able to protect your mattress then you will know that you should replace your mattress protector. Such as,

Bed bug

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are living in the mattress and feeding human blood as they sleep. Mattress protector’s main job to protect the mattress from them.

Dust mite

The dust mite is a tiny insect and causes all kinds of allergies all year-round. When mattress protectors can’t able to protect the mattress, dust mite will make their home in mattress and feed off of dead human skin.


A spill of liquid can damage your mattress easily. Most of the mattresses made from foam and it soaks moisture like a sponge. It can cause permanent damage to your mattress. When a mattress protector can’t protect the mattress from moisture, you will understand that the time arises to change your mattress.

Before spots become real holes

Sometimes the washing process of the protector destroys the protector. It can causes spots in the protector and it is a very uncomfortable feeling while lying on those spots. And it happens you should pick up another mattress protector.

The dry protector also causes to create spots become real holes for this you must use low heat otherwise you can’t continue to use it. 


You can replace your mattress protector once a year and if it is washing process can’t continue properly then you should replace it every 4 to 6 months. For long-lasting your mattress protector you should correctly take care of your mattress protector. Choosing the right mattress protector would be helpful for the longest use, for example, use a waterproof protector if it is afraid of getting wet. A mattress protector is more important because it extends your mattress’s life for five to ten years.



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