10 Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Reviews & Buying Guide

In our life, we need a lot of things to lead a smooth life such as our cars have insurance and our mobile phone has a case to protect it. In that sense, we need a best waterproof mattress protector that protects our mattress for giving us a beautiful sleep environment.

Various waterproof protectors have which materials help to protect your bedding from any accidental spills and wear. So you can’t choose the mattress protector without any research because everyone has a different budget and likeness about mattress protector.

We have some experience and knowledge to help you the right choice about buying the waterproof mattress protector as well as introducing you to some main thing to look out for when you choose your new waterproof mattress protector or replace your existing one.

10 Best Waterproof Mattress Protector List

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10 Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Reviews

We are discussing the review on the 10 best products below.

Saferest Queen Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector 

Saferest premium mattress protector is a breathable fitted sheet style mattress protector that provides premium protection against dust mite, fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens, and bacteria. It is hypoallergenic which offers you and your family peach of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment.

Features of products:

  • it offers the finest high-quality component for the mattress protector.
  • It is a hypoallergenic soft cotton terry surface that is cool, breathable, and noiseless to ensure your quality sleep experiences.
  • It provides a waterproof membrane is free of vinyl, phthalates, or fire retardant chemical treatment.

Design and color:

This mattress protector not only designed for a specific mattress but also all types of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and innerspring. It is not designed to interfere with the current feel of the mattress.

Size & Dimensions:

There are multiple sizes of this queen-sized product such as twin, twin XL, full, king, and cal king mattress protector.

This queen-sized mattress protector’s dimension is 60 inches× 80 inches and fits up to 18 inches deep. And total dimensions are 11.5×3.6×11.1 inches.

Materials & comfort:

The high-quality soft cotton terry surface which naturally moisture and keeps protector cool and noiseless. The terry back coated with a breathable polyurethane membrane.

It is such a mattress which will not change the feel of the mattress.

Durability & Warranty:

it is very strong and flexible to protect the mattress.

They are always demonstrating their commitment to quality.

They offer a full replacement 10-year product warranty about this premium waterproof mattress protector.


  • It prevents heat and keeps cool the mattress which controls sleep environment resulting in a reduction in allergy triggers and better air quality.
  • It is easy to remove and machine washable and provide a more sanitary sleep environment.


  • Some customers commented that it makes crinkling noise in every move but they marked as it is noiseless.

LINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric Mattress Protector

LINENSPA mattress protector is an unbelievably good protector that offers complete top-up-mattress protection that will keep your mattress looking new.

It helps to protect your mattress from allergens, dust mite, and liquids to maintain a clean and fresh environment.

Features of products:

  • It has a soft, quiet, and waterproof top surface that helps to stop spills and accidents from getting to your mattress.
  • The ultra-thin hypoallergenic fabric with noiseless polyurethane backing prevents dust mite from nestling in an making a home where you sleep.

Design and color:

It comprised of ultra-thin design that won’t disturb the feel of your mattress. And the waterproof design help to protect your mattress from being spoil.

This protector is available in white color which makes your room luxurious.

Size & Dimensions:

There are multiple sizes in this product such as twin, twin xl, full, full xl, standard pillow protector, queen, queen pillow protector, king, king pillow protector, and California king. Choose your protector according to the size of your mattress.

The twin-sized product measures are 39× 75 inches and depths from 5 to 18 inches.

Materials & comfort:

this smooth top mattress protector’s materials are polyester which is soft and quiet. And the breathable fabric keeps sleeping temperature comfortable.

This protector is easily fitted and won’t rustle or make noise while you sleep.

Durability & Warranty:

Fully-elasticize fitted sheet style protector that is very durable and gives good service longer.

You can get a 10-year warranty for this product.


  • It is water-resistant and very easy to clean. You can do machine wash and tumble dry on low heat to keep clean and safe your sleep environment.


  • Some customers claim that extra cleaning effort needs for this because sometimes the mattress socked the liquids and the mattress protector can’t stop it. 

Utopia bedding premium zipper waterproof mattress encasement

It is high-quality seam construction which is a luxurious and waterproof mattress protector cover.

It is stretchable and secure 360 degrees by a mini-zipper with a zip guard to warp the mattress completely and give a great resting period without any discomfort.

Features of products:

  • Its impermeable TUP backing protects all 6 sides of the mattress which is not only waterproof but also breathable.
  • The zippered encasement completely encloses the mattress so that nothing will be entered the mattress.
  • The zip guard ensures the zipper tight and completely sealed.

Design and color:

It designed with modern micro-zippers that keep the mattress protected from any disturbance which spoils the mattress.

These products can be available in white color only which gives you a luxurious feel to your room.

Size & Dimensions:

This waterproof mattress is available only six sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, and Full, Queen, King, and California king.

This protector perfectly fits with king-sized mattress. And its dimension is 78 by 80 inches. It features deep fitted pockets to adjust to 15-inch mattress depth.

Materials & comfort:

Thick knitted polyester fabric is very soft which is breathable.

Its materials create no sound when in use and it secures a sound sleep during the night. Its materials help to absorb moisture naturally.

When you move during the night, its soft-top will provides you with unparalleled comfort.

Durability & Warranty:

Its materials are highly durable and Oeko-tex standard 100 factory certification ensures its fabric safety and its environmental standard.


  • It is bedbug proof and escapes proof so that you can easily utilize it for protection.


  • Some customers commented that sometimes it is very loud and a little slippery.  

Utopia bedding bamboo mattress protector

Utopia bedding bamboo mattress protector is a great product that creates a luxurious look to your room and it comprises to help you to protect your mattress from perspiration stains or other bodily fluids and incontinence.

It has a smooth grip system that ensures to fit with mattress perfectly.

Features of products:

  • It has impermeable TUP backing that protects the top of the mattress. It is not only waterproof but also breathable and helps to allows heat and moisture to breathe through while blocking off stains and liquids from the bed mattress.
  • Its smooth grip skirt system ensures to fit a mattress up to 17 inches deep.
  • You can wash it in a machine with cold or warm water on a gentle cycle.

Design and color:

It comprised of fitted cover style design with elastic all around. It works like a fitted sheet and warping right around your mattress.

This king-size product is available in white color only.

Size & Dimensions:

This product available is in multiple sizes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

This king size mattress protector measures 78×80 inches and fits up to 17 inches. And the product dimensions are 13.31×11.61×6.61 inches.

Materials & comfort:

Its materials are ultra-tech polyester and bamboo which keeps you comfortable throughout the night.

TUP backing ensures that you won’t hear a plastic noise during the night and the soft top provides you with unparalleled comfort.

It maintains comfortable sleep of you and your family with a smooth finish constantly.

Durability & Warranty:

It provides comfort with durable construction and protects the mattress from dust-mite and liquids. Also keeps your mattress dry.

Oeko-tex standard 100 factory certification ensures its fabric safety and its environmental standard.


  • The materials absorbed moisture naturally and safeguards the mattress against dust mites and fluids.
  • Completely waterproof and machine washable.


  • You can’t apply heavy pressure on the protectors as it may damage the materials.

Sureguard mattress protectors

Sureguard mattress protectors provide superior protection your mattress and ensure your bed remains clean, comfy and quiet.

Its hypoallergenic backing helps to block allergens, mildew, liquids, and mold from entering your bed and your bed also become dry.

Features of products:

  • It is waterproof and hypoallergenic which help to protect your mattress from being wet and allergenic.
  • It is breathable and cool which keep your bed cool and dry throughout the night.
  • It can cover any types of mattress such as, pillow top, innerspring, memory foam, latex, inflatable beds, sleeper sofa, foldable, and portable mattress.

Design and color:

It design with unique base and create an impermeable barrier against common disturbance like, dust mite, pollen and pet danger etc. and it also designed with flexi- skirt technology.

This safeguard protector is available in white color only.

Size & Dimensions:

There are around 9 size have in this product like, Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Full Xl, Queen, King, California King, Crib, and Mini Crib.

This queen sized protector can be fit any depth mattress and size are 60 inches× 80 inches.

Total dimensions are 60×80×17 inches.

Materials & comfort:

Its materials are soft and noiseless and 100% cotton terry surface which wicks away moisture. It is free from the vinyl, PVC, phthalates, fire,  other toxic chemicals.

Its materials help you and your family safer sleep surface.

The finest materials ensure its comfy and softness.

Durability & warranty:

The finest materials and put through rigorous quality checks to ensure it remain durable and protect your mattress.

The company gives opportunity of every customer to 30 days to risk-free try and if the product can’t fulfill the expectation, you can return the product.

In addition, it gives 10 year full replacement warranty.


  • The superior quality based product ensures their ultimate protection and it creates its comfort zone for you.


  • Some customers claimed that this product can’t suitable for children.

ZAMAT mattress protectors 

ZAMAT is a breathable mattress protector that allows you and your family to enjoy the deepest and healthiest sleep.

It is a water-resistant mattress protector that is very important for your every need.

Features of products:

  • It is a waterproof and breathable fabric that helps to wicks away moisture and keeping your mattress dry.
  • It comprised of high-quality hypoallergenic fabric and provides extended life of your mattress.
  • The tight fitted elastic fitting band ensures the cover stays in place.

Design and color:

It is mainly designed for ultimate protection and stress-free cleaning of your mattress. This mattress also designed to safeguard from dust, fluids, and allergens.

This twin size product can be available in white color.

Size & Dimensions:

This product is available in multiple sizes like Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

The king-size mattress protector dimension is 76×80 inches and fits up to 18 inches deep.

Materials & comfort:

Chemically tested material materials and fire retardant materials such as PVC and phthalates are made this product. The mattress pad covers in vinyl-free.

The protector is comfortable which is machine washable and dryable.

Durability & Warranty:

Its construction is chemically tested and its materials are ideal for children with allergies and asthma. It is durable for its high elastic rubber band.

ZAMAT knows well customer service. They offer 24-hour stand-by professional customer service which is always ready for your every question about the mattress protector because your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • It is easily fitted on the mattress and simply removes the protector from your bed and toss.
  • Its premium backing protects you and your family from any disturbance and the waterproof mattress protectors are very soft, quiet, and breathable.


  • You can wash is normal household detergents but you do not contain bleach. 

Utopia bedding

Utopia bedding mattress protector is a great addition to a new or existing bed which is a zippered cover features high-quality seam construction and waterproof fabric.

It brings you luxury mattress encasement covers at an affordable price.

Features of products:

  • It comprised of zippered cover with zip guard secures the mattress against dust mite, bedbugs, and prevent liquids but allows proper airflow.
  • Its impermeable TUP backing protects all 6 sides of the mattress and it is not only waterproof but also breathable.
  • The zip guard of the mattress protector helps to ensure the zipper is tightly and completely sealed.

Design and color:

This mattress protector seems designed for children having bed-wetting problems and protect against spills and stains.

It specially designed and prologs the life of your mattress.

This product can be available now in white color.

Size & Dimensions:

This product has multiple sizes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

it fitted twin size mattresses perfectly with the dimension of 39 inches by 75 inches and 13 inches deep pocket.

The total dimension of this twin size is 10×3×8 inches.

Materials & comfort:

The stretchable knitted polyester fabric easily fitted to the mattress and gives a comfortable feel while you sleep.

It provides the soft top with unparalleled comfort during the night because you won’t hear any noise from the plastic fabric.

Durability & Warranty:

It provides The 6 sides protection of the mattress from perspiration stains and incontinence which make mattress durable for long time use.

Oeko- tex standard 100 factory certification ensures its fabric safety and environmental standard.


  • It is bedbug-proof, dust-mite proof, and escapes proof also.
  • Completely waterproof and create no sound when used.


  • You can’t use any bleach by-products in this product 

PlushDeluxe mattress protector

PlushDeluxe mattress protector is a luxurious mattress protector that keeps your expensive mattress in pristine condition.

This mattress effectively protects your mattress from any disturbance which spoils your mattress and keeps to stay clean and comfortable for a long time.

Features of products:

  • This mattress made from the finest quality natural bamboo fabric which frees from PVC, phthalate, and vinyl.
  • It has a fitted style and a deep pocket with an extra-long skirt.
  • It is waterproof and hypoallergenic so it effectively repels all liquids or dealing with people with asthma, eczema, or allergies.
  • The elastic band ensures the mattress protector stays in place and doesn’t bounce and slip.

Design and color:

It made from the finest high-quality materials and designed to fit perfectly for all types of mattresses including memory foam, latex, or innerspring. It is noiseless and doesn’t produce crinkling sound when moving during the night.

This king-sized mattress is available in white color only.

Size & Dimensions:

Around 8 types of sizes have in this product such as Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, California King, Crib, and Mini-Crib.

This king-size protector’s measure 76×80 inches and fit up to 18 inches and total package dimension is 11.6×11.4×5.5 inches.

Materials & comfort:

The natural bamboo fabric ensures the ultimate comfort so you and your family can enjoy a fresh and cool sleeping environment.

The material is the finest quality which gives ultra-soft and breathable membrane to wick away the moisture and your mattress becomes dry.

Durability & Warranty:

It is very much durable and its supreme quality makes your life easy and comfortable.

They are very much concerned about their customer satisfaction and they do everything to make you 100% satisfied with your purchase.

The 10-year comprehensive warranty they give for their product.


  • This ultra-soft jacquard bamboo material gives you to hassle-free cleanup.


  • It is machine washable but you can’t contain bleach. 

Handy Laundry

It is a breathable mattress protector with premium protection. It creates protection against fluids and dust mite utilizing advanced breathable waterproof technology.

It is a great product for who is suffering from allergy, asthma, and eczema.

Features of products:

  • It has a breathable membrane that allows air to circulate and repel liquids.
  • It helps to shield your mattress from stains, liquids, and allergens in a natural way.
  • Their hypoallergenic membranes naturally absorb moisture so your mattress becomes dry all time.

Design and color:

This product has easily removed and of fit design, so it can be washed and tumble dried low heat which is vinyl-free.

This product can available in white color.

Size & Dimensions:

This Handy Laundry product can be available in 4 sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, and king. And the package dimensions are 11.7× 10.9×2.4 inches.

Materials & comfort:

The Handy Laundry premium mattress protector’s miracle membrane topper is made of ultra-thin, soft cotton terry and the barrier of polyurethane is smooth and soundless.

It will help to increase the life of your mattress and it can’t change the feel of your mattress so you can get a fresh, clean, and healthy sleep.

Durability & Warranty:

Its materials are machine washable and very much durable. it is very strong to support your mattress.

They are very conscious about their customer’s satisfaction. They give a 10-year warranty for this twin mattress so that your mattress will last along.


  • It naturally absorbed moisture through a revolutionary waterproof membrane for this you and your family get a fresh and clean environment for sleep.
  • It is just like fitted sheets and makes virtually no sound when you move.


  • Some customers reviewed that this protector not waterproof and mattress soaked the moisture and the bed wet little.

Abakan Queen Mattress protector

Abakan mattress protector is a highly elastic mattress pad that uses a new upgrade thicker waterproof membrane with high-tech compound technology to maintain its regular flow of breathing.

Children can be protected against pet danger and say goodbye to a runny nose and red eyes which makes life a little easier for parents. 

Features of products:

  • It is a fitted sheet style with a strong elastic band to ensure a stretchy secure fit.
  • Super soft, hypoallergenic and stay in place better.
  • Its high-tech compound technology allows air permitted and blocks liquids, dander, and hair dust.
  • The breathable coral fleece allows air and heat to pass through and it’s free of PVC, phthalates, and fire retardant. 

Design and color:

This mattress protector is designed not to interfere with the actual feel of your mattress. It will still give the same feel after the protector applies.

This queen size mattress protector can be available only white color. 

Size & Dimensions:

There are 6 sizes available in this product such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

All sizes fit in this protector up to 8 inches to 21 inches. And the package dimension is 11.5× 11.8×4.37 inches and 18 inches thick. 

Materials & comfort:

Its materials are the highest quality coral fleece which is so soft and comfortable than an ordinary one.

Its softness and great breathability wicks away moisture and dry the pad for this you can get the most comfortable and relaxed sleep. 

Durability & Warranty:

It is very much durable and customer satisfaction is their priority. If the product is not for you that thought comes to arise for any reason, send a simple email and they give you a 100% money-back refund.


  • Easy to remove, easy to wash, and easy to install also. 


  • The one problem is that lack of ties on the inside to secure the comforter is complaining from customers.

The basic things which should have in a waterproof mattress protector 


Protection is the main purpose of the waterproof mattress protector. And the protector’s main task is to protect your bedding. There are many protection quality have to available in this protector such as,

  • Waterproofing: in waterproof mattress protector’s first concern have to be protected the bedding from moisture. Seller sometimes sells their protector by saying that protector is waterproof but in reality, this is not. So before buying the waterproof mattress please check the instruction and money change or warranty facilities. Because if any problem occurs after buying the product, you will return this.
  • Anti-Allergy protection: this type of protector specially treated to help discourage allergens such as dust mite. It is the most common household allergen which is present in most home textile. You can buy box spring cover to prevent dust mite or other allergens such as; asthma and triggers include pet dander, mold, and mildew.
  • Temperature control: The mattress protectors which regulate body temperature while sleeping then choose a protector which made from breathable cotton normally.
  • Bed bug-proof mattress: it is a small insect that lives inside the mattress, pillows, and near their food source. So for the best protection, make sure to look for a mattress protector that is entomology lab certified.

Thickness and materials:

The thickness of your mattress protector mostly helps to determine exactly how protective the mattress protector is. You should be aware of buying a protector that allows the mattress to breathe such as a mattress protector with polyurethane waterproofing allows more airflow and cooling. So Before buying the mattress protector make sure about their thickness and materials. Some popular mattress protector’s materials are,

  • Cotton mattress protector.
  • Polyurethane waterproof mattress pads.
  • Vinyl or plastic mattress protector.
  • Polyester mattress protector.
  • Lyocell mattress protector.
  • Plush velour mattress protector.
  • Bamboo mattress protector.
  • Cooling mattress cover.

This mattress protects easily sock the moisture and helps to make your bedding dry.


Size is a very big thing for a mattress protector because without perfect size protector the mattress can’t be secured. So before buying the mattress protector you should carefully size your mattress protector to cover your mattress because it helps to prevent annoying slippage while you sleep.

Secure fit and comfort:

A fully elasticated skirt helps to ensure a secure fit to your mattress protector. It offers the maximum coverage and protection to your bedding.

 A quilted range of protectors offers an extra layer of softness which gives you a comfortable space for you and your family.

A hypoallergenic microfiber is a super option for restful night’s sleep and it is very comfy and quilted structure. Its available size is from single to the king and queen size. 

Types of a mattress protector:

Different types of mattress protector have different design and also have a different type of fitting for your choosing such as,

  • Zippered: this type of mattress protector completely sealed the mattress so that there no moisture can spoil your mattress or bedding. it helps to contain your mattress and closes it up with a zip. You can be zipped and unzipped the protector to provide a protective casing that keeps the mattress secure and safe by covering.
  • Elastic strap: it helps to secure your mattress to enclose the mattresses over all four corners of your bed with an elastic strap and it added security to your mattress as well as easy removal.
  • Fitted: for this, the mattress protector is easily removed for washing or changing bedding. It acts like a fitted sheet.

You can search for the best waterproof mattress protector’s quality for buying the mattress protector. 


The final thought is that always go to buy a product which has a good warranty because a warranty based product ensures you that your mattress protector lasts for years.

You should choose all-in-one with waterproof protection that handles your allergies or simply stay cool. And our experience and knowledge will help you to do just that.


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