How To Wash Tuft And Needle Mattress Protector

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A quality mattress protector adds cleanliness and comfort to your sleep. Tuft and Needle mattress protector work as a strong cover to protect your mattress from dust, microbe or accidents, spills, and uh-ohs. The users of T&N mattress are looking for the way of how to wash Tuft and Needle mattress protector. In this article, we will discuss that.

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Tuft and Needle mattress protector provides water or other liquids proof advantages at a reasonable price. You can buy their mattress protector effortlessly from the official website or other online shops. You need to take proper care to use a mattress protector for a long time. In this article, we share with you some tips about the washing of Tuft and Needle mattress protector.

We think at first you should know the benefits of Tuft and Needle mattress protector. Here we mention some of them: 

  • Keep your mattress free of stain.
  • Keeps the mattress clean.
  • It helps protect the warranty.
  • Increase the durability of the mattress.
  • It helps prevent dust mite allergic from acting up.
  • Give protection against bed bugs.
  • Enhance the comfort of the mattress.
  • Give you a healthy sleeping pattern.

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However, Tuft and Needle mattress protector is machine washable. You can comfortably use their mattress protector up to 14 inches mattress. It is also easily removable when you want to wash the mattress protector. 

Tuft And Needle Mattress Protector Washing Instructions

Remove the protector: At first, you need to remove the Tuft and Needle mattress protector from the bed. Start removing the process from the corners and take off the cover using its elastic sides. This is very simple but if you using an encasement style protector then it takes more time to remove the protector. You need to unzip it before removing the protector.

Check for open seams: Now you need to check for open seams in your Tuft and Needle mattress protector. Because open seams can create a jam with feathers and other things that are used to make the protector. Those open seams can hamper your washing process. So, if you find any open seam in your mattress protector you need to repair it before washing.

Pretreat stains: You also require to place the detergent you are using on the stains that are on the protector. Let it soak into the stains for 10-15 minutes will do. Then place them into the washing machine. Doing so will make your cleaning easy.

Use a front load washing machine: Front-load washing machines are the best option for cleaning up a mattress protector. It spilling the content into the washing machine. The front line washing machine has a center alligator that tears into a mattress protector.

Wash on a delicate cycle: For washing mattress protector, the delicate cycle using is not a bad deal. We often this setting for washing delicate clothes. You require to set the water temperature cool and also add a little detergent.

Rinse the mattress protector twice: You need to rinse the mattress protector twice for getting all the detergent out. For doing that you require to leave the Tuft and Needle mattress protector in the washing machine and run it once again without detergent.

Dry your mattress protector: For drying mattress protector you need to stop the dryer every twenty minutes and break up its content. It is ideal to remove Tuft and Needle mattress protector soon when drying is finished.

By following these steps you can easily wash your Tuft and Needle mattress protector. You can also follow the instructions that are provided by the company when you buy a mattress protector from them. The washing period of the mattress protector depends on your use. We recommend you wash Tuft and Needle mattress protector at least every two months.



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