Do I Need A Boxspring if I Have Slats?

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Lots of people like you have the question – “do I need a boxspring if I have slats“. When it comes to getting a peaceful night’s sleep, many of us will stop at nothing to get it. After all, humans are designed for sleep; we both crave and need it in order to function in our everyday lives. So, what happens when we decide to get a new bed and are tasked with the decision between a box spring and slats. Do we need a box spring if we have slats? What is a boxspring and what are slats? These are the questions we’re answering today.

What Is A Box Spring?

Box springs are, essentially, sturdy platforms for beds to rest on. They are generally made of wood and feature a collection of internal springs and coils. The entire boxspring is covered with a thin material or cushion to protect it. Box springs are larger than slats, elevating the bed that is set upon them. They come in all of the standard bed sizes and can be set side by side should the mattress going on top be too big.

Generally, there are two types of box spring – Standard Box Spring (you can also say – High Profile Box Spring) and Low Profile Box Spring.

What Are Slats?

Slats are planks of wood used to support a mattress. They are thinner than a box spring, but still sturdy enough to support the weight of both the mattress and its sleepers. Slats are laid across a bed frame to stop the mattress placed on top from moving and/or sagging in the middle. Check this article Understanding Bed Slats to know more about the slats.

Benefits of Using A Box Spring

Before getting the answer to your question, let’s know first what are the benefits of using a box spring.

They elevate the bed

With box springs boasting such a large size, it’s safe to say that one of the biggest benefits of their use is that they effectively elevate any bed. This can be good for stylistic purposes, as beds sitting on box springs tend to look more put together and “finished”. However, it’s also good for technical purposes. For example, a bed that is supported by a boxspring is less likely to be hit with cold drafts that often creep along the floor during the winter months. An elevated bed is also easier for those with back problems and/or mobility problems who may have a hard time getting in and out of a bed that is low to the ground.

They are durable

When used properly, box springs can easily outlive the mattress it supports. Box springs are made to withstand a great amount of weight and as such, as extremely durable. Most box springs can support upwards of 500 pounds. In addition, they’re made with solid wood frames and metal coils that are strong and stable.

Benefits of Using Slats

Hope you got the basic knowledge of benefits of using box spring, let’s know about the benefits of using slats.

They’re affordable

When it comes to price, slats are a very affordable bedding option. Since they’re so simple and don’t contain any fancy internal parts, they fall on the lower end of the price spectrum. This means that they’re easily accessible for those on a budget and won’t mean the difference between paying for vehicle insurance or buying groceries.

They’re lightweight

Slats are a lightweight bed support option. This makes them easy for a single person to move from room to room, carry up and down and stairs, and move to different locations. It also makes those moving the slats less likely to pull or strain their muscles.

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Let’s Make A Decision – Do I Need A Box Spring With Slats?

As a rule of thumb, No – you do not need a box spring when you have a bed with built in slats and vice versa. Adding a box spring to a bed with slats will only increase your bed’s overall weight and height, and will offer very little benefit.

Beds with slats are made to be used on their own, as they are perfectly capable of supporting a mattress. Box springs are also built to be used by themselves, so when pairing the two, there’s no real benefit because both do the same thing. In addition, the slats would be covered by the box spring, rendering them virtually useless.


Box springs and slats are both fantastic options. Box springs are traditional in style, durable, and can offer benefits for those with ailing physical health, while slats are lightweight and the most affordable of the two. Can’t decide? Well, before deciding on a slatted bed and box spring combination, keep in mind that both offer excellent support and one or the other will do just fine.


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