Understanding Lightweight and Heaviest Mattress

What is a lightweight mattress?

A lightweight mattress, as its name suggests, is a mattress that is lightweight. It is easy to move and manage and is good for homes with stairs, as its minimal weight makes it easy to get up and down.

What is a heavyweight mattress?

On the other hand, heavyweight mattresses are substantially heavier than lightweight mattresses. They are bigger, bulkier, and often require multiple people to move. They are known for their large size, as well as their stability. 

The Weight Comparison By Mattress Type (Avg Queen)

Each type of mattress comes with its own weight or range of common weights.


Futons are generally the lightest kind of mattress. They are a lot smaller than most traditional mattresses and as such, weigh less when compared to other types of mattresses.


Despite being composed of air, air mattresses can get heavy. However, they are still lighter than most mattresses of the same size, seeing as they are filled with air instead of solid materials. Their lightweight size often causes buyers to regard them as being cheap and/or overpriced.

Memory foam

When you hear the word “foam” you probably think of light and soft. While this isn’t too far from the truth, it doesn’t exactly hit the nail on the head, either.

Memory foam models range from 30-150 pounds, with the deciding factor being the type of foam used and the manufacturing brand. Memory foam that is thicker and higher in density will be heavier than thinner, lower-density mattresses. The average weight is just below 100 pounds.


Innerspring mattresses tend to weigh in at around 115 pounds, making them lighter than some memory foam models but still pretty heavy. They are tough to move alone.


Waterbeds are the hardest type of bed to move. They are heavy and awkward, and most owners will drain them before they attempt to move them. Without draining, they are nearly impossible to maneuver.


Latex mattresses are heavy. Like waterbeds and innerspring mattresses, they are hard to move. A helping hand is often required for moving these mattresses.


Hybrid mattresses use both memory foam and coils. Hybrid mattresses sit around the same range as innerspring mattresses do in terms of weight.


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